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Listing for oils products
Astragalus (extract) no_photo.png PO-07846 Astragalus
Description: Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herb. In an oil based Liquid extract.
Ingredients: Active Ingredients: Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) (root) 470 mg in a 50:1 extract in null oil
Directions: 3-10 drops into either sweet almond oil or a null waterbased cream like generic Cetaphyl. To be used ONLY topically, NOT for internal use, beverages or food uses.
1 foz bottle (1) $6.95 B3G1F
Cederwood Oil (oil) no_photo.png THCEO002 Cederwood Oil
Description: Used primarily as a deterrant to moths & other insects that like to nest & eat textiles such as wool. Can be used to deter spiders: which would have helped ME, your herbalist, since a brown recluse spider burrowed into my plastic defensive covers & made nests in my wool based U.S. Navy Uniforms. That's where I unfortunately met one, in my uniforms; & it bit me twice. That has led to over $400,000 in grafts, failed therapies & other aweful malpractice situations that we won't go into here. USE the product, 1-5 drops onto clothing, in plastic hanging devices & closets to help deter bitey insects from having their way. Ingredients: Cedar wood bark, cut & sifted then Steam extracted from the Cedar bark after tree has grown for at least 10 years. Added to null oil & left to modify & age for at least 3 months before bottling.
Ingredients: n/a
Directions: 1-5 drops onto textiles in a hidden location instead of a public one, just in case mottling or staining might happen due to the tints in cedar which are red to begin with. DO NOT USE other than TOPICALLY. NOT TO BE TAKEN orally or ingested in any way.
1 foz bottle (1) $6.00 B3G1F
Clove Oil, Tooth Pain (oil) CloveOil.JPG THCEO003 Clove Oil, Tooth Pain
Description: Clove Oil- An essential medicine cabinet inhabitant for every family. Used on a que-tip(R) & placed on a broken tooth or on the gum line and/or used on a toothbrush along with toothpaste, this antibiotic, antiseptic and antimicrobial helps to reduce and/or kill gingevitis along with germs associated with the buildup of placque and other bad ingredients that can get stuck between the dentin of teeth & the gums. Also good for abscesses that come up from the jaw bone & other locations like the saliva glands. Good for mouth sores and tongue bites & other mouth based wounds. Good for burns to the mouth, to keep area from infecting until your saliva can cleanse & keep the area from infecting. Ingredients: Steam extracted clove essence in a null oil
Ingredients: n/a
Directions: Taken 1-5 drops on a que tip, can be used on all teeth & mouth parts listed above. Bottle should last for over a year & potency remain for the same as long as bottle is kept from bright light, temperatures higher than 80 degrees & from being open for prolonged timeframes.
1 foz bottle (1) $6.00 B3G1F
Petitgrain Essential Oil, Anti-Anxiety (oil) no_photo.png TCHES0001 Petitgrain Essential Oil, Anti-Anxiety
Description: Petitgrain Essential Oil, {Citrus Aurantium} is an oil primarily used as an anti-anxiety aide. Placed on the cuffs of clothing, on the wrists, on pillows separate from bed pillow and headache pads, this oil can soothe the anxiety ridden and help one to relax enough to sleep. Sold in minute quantities because of the extreme potency, this product is for EXTERNAL USE only.
Ingredients: n/a
Directions: As an essential oil, use minute drops to scent cuffs, cloth and pillows. Use a small amount as a test area somewhere not usually seen to make sure that petitgrain oil will not stain cloth or item first.
1 foz bottle (1) $6.00 B3G1F
Rosemary Oil (oil) RosemaryOil.JPG THCEO004 Rosemary Oil
Description: Rosemary Oil, for EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Good antibiotic oil & aromatherapy product. Can be used in bath water but will MAKE TUB SLIPPERY. Good added to hair shampoo products to help strip hair of toxins, buildup of waxes & conditioners. Excellent exfoliating product helps reduce dandruff. Stimulates, & relaxes at the same time. Tonic scent. Helps focus the mind. Although clinical studies have backed this up, Rosemary is one of the original memory herbs as in the old folksong, Parsely Sage Rosemary & Thyme. I'm showing my age, the tech says...agggghhhhh!
Ingredients: n/a
Directions: DO NOT INGEST. NOT for internal use. Use 1-5 drops in foot soak, bath water, a little goes a LONG way. Do NOT use on broken skin unless you are mixing it less than 5 drops with OVER 3oz of null cream like generic water based Ceytaphil & then try it on UNBROKEN skin first.
1 foz bottle (1) $4.00 B3G1F

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