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Astragalus (powder) no_photo.png THC-0036 Astragalus
Description: TCM herb, powdered & held in stasis for use as an Immune boost.
Ingredients: Active Ingredients: Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) (root)
Directions: Add to teas, put in capsules or add to null or water based hand creams for use on skin. If making tea, use 1 teaspoon per 8oz of boiling water, steep until cool to touch, sweeten to taste with Agave, Honey or Turbinado sugar. Ice or heat to drink, do NOT reboil.
1 oz ziploc bag (1) $2.75 B3G1F
Burdock Root (powder) no_photo.png THCAC011 Burdock Root
Description: Burdock- root, powdered. Reduces cancer symptoms, nausea from Chemo, pain from Radiation therapies. TCM root for gout, fevers, kidney stones, skin disease & fungal infections, detoxifies blood & eliminate waste. Used to make tea or as mix-in for cream, wash or ointment in wound care.
Ingredients: Ingredients: Burdock Root, dried, cut & sifted (Arctium lappa) (root) cut, dried, ground into powder
Directions: Mix 1 teaspoon in 3oz of null water based hand cream Thin with almond or olive oil and blend thoroughly. TEST on small patch of wound before using on all of it. Can be added to teas if simmered for at least 15 minutes.
1 oz ziploc bag (1) $3.25 B3G1F
Cardamom Seeds, Ground (powder) no_photo.png THCSSH023 Cardamom Seeds, Ground
Description: One of the most expensive flavoring spices out there. The Thai call it grawahn. Originally found in the Spice Caravans and used extensively by the Arabic countries as a flavoring for dairy products, an after dinner breath freshener added to teas, coffees and liquors. Excellent flavoring which is also good for treating dispepsia after over eating or over indulging the day before.
Ingredients: Cardamom seeds, dried, ground & sifted
Directions: In the ground form, can be added to coffee before perking or running through your "machine", May also be added to tea, before steeping and added to baked goods to add a new & exotic flavoring. Added to a hot toddy before simmering and adding the alcoholic ingredients will help to relax the stomach area.
1 oz ziploc bag (1) $3.25 B3G1F
Dinodent Pterodontic Tooth Powder 2 oz. (powder) Dinodent.sm.frnt.jpg THCDDP002 Dinodent Pterodontic Tooth Powder 2 oz.
Description: Dinodent Pterodontic is a Non Foaming Remineralizing Tooth Powder & Double Detox powder. It helps to utilize the calcium that you eat & it reduces gingivitis. For the teeth, it cleans, reduces plaque, remineralizes the enamel so that teeth can build enamel layers up like a pearl. Dinodent improves the whiteness of the teeth without all the gagging foam & chemicals of tooth pastes. DinoDent Pterodontic is an Anti Inflammatory, Anti gingivitis, Hair, Skin, Nails & Bone/Tooth strengthener. May be used 2x a day for best results. 2 oz bottle will last at least 2 months for 1 person. As a Detox powder it is used for two actions. 1. Facial DetoxL Dinodent works to dissolve all comedones & pimple materials as well as then reduces the size of the pores. Use as a face detox only 2x a month for best results. 2. Full Heavy Metal Body DetoxL to remove Heavy Metal Toxins. You may see a discoloration on the socks because Dinodent is specifically formulated to reduce swelling, pull heavy metal toxins from the body from the soles of the feet. Dinodent includes ingredients that will strengthen varicose veins & capillaries. Use as a detox only 2x a month for Best Results. You may feel subtle flu like effects the first few times that you detox this way. Those are the heavy metals leaving. Until we can get a payment button from Paypal for this, I'm going to ask that you either email us at admin@theherbalcupboard.com & we will bill you directly from Paypal or visit http://stores.ebay.com/Ambrosius822-TheHerbalHaven to buy this product.
Ingredients: Dinodent Pterodontic Active Ingredients: Finely ground & sifted: Cal Carb 12x, Bentonite, Fuller's Earth, Lemon Balm, Parsley, Peppermint, Oat Straw, Other ingredients: Organic Activated Charcoal from Coconut Husks, Alfalfa, Cramp Bark, Couch Grass/Horsetail Grass, Siberian Ginseng, Ginger, Lobelia, Turmeric, Orris Root, Cloves, Spirulina, Wheatgrass, Lemongrass, Bee Pollen
Directions: To use Dinodent Pterodontic as a tooth powder: Wet your toothbrush {manual or motorized} & tap it against the sink to reduce excess water on the brush. Then carefully open the Dinodent & place the bristles onto the powder & tap the brush against the lip of the jar gently to remove excess powder. Alternately, you can add an amount of toothpaste to your brush then dip your brush into the powder. Then carefully replace the top & close tightly. Use the powdered toothbrush to brush your teeth in your normal fashion. After thoroughly brushing your teeth, rinse with water until the water runs clear. You should be able to feel the difference in your teeth within 2 days. If you wish, you may also dip your brush into the Dinodent with your toothpaste on first, like sprinkles. Just make sure not to leave anything damp in the Dinodent as it will absorb any heavy metals out of anything left in the powder. As the Face Detox: A heaping teaspon mixed with either an oz of Noxema(R) or generic Cetaphyle water based moisturizer, can be applied to the face liberally & then left on for at least an hour. Rinse the face well with a rough washcloth until all cream is gone. You can use Dickenson's Witch Hazel as a finishing cotton ball rinse to return the face to its natural ph for best results. As the overall body Heavy Metal Detox: This requires some more equipment. Again an ounce & a half of Noxema(R) plus two teaspoons full of the Dinodent mixed well together, then a pair of no show socks. Apply the Dinodent to the soles of the feet, slathering between the toes in particular & the area between the heels & the ball of the foot. Carefully put on the pair of socks over the creamed feet & sleep with the socks on for most of the night if you can. In the morning, cleanse the feet with a rough washcloth & then towel dry especially between the toes & put the socks in the wash. You may complete your hygeine by adding superfine cornstarch between your toes or you can use a cornstarch baby powder instead.
2 oz bottle (1) $6.25 B3G1F
Dinodent Pterodontic Tooth Powder 4oz (powder) Dinodent.lg.brsh.jpg THCDDP004 Dinodent Pterodontic Tooth Powder 4oz
Description: DinoDent Pterodontic Tooth Cleanser LemonMint Remineralizer Double Detox, Anti Gingivitis, Anti Viral, Anti-biotic, Anti-bacterial & Anti-Inflammatory Sample 4 oz {a 3.50 month supply for 1 person} $12.00+s/h DindoDent provides: Excellent non foaming tooth cleanser that has both calcium & calcium uptake helpers to remineralize the teeth. Combats the pain, reduces the bleeding that some people find when brushing the teeth & tongue. Cloves contain eugenol, which is anti septic & anti Inflammatory & Cramp bark help to reduce any residual tenderness or pain. We also suggest that you use a medium bristle brush, as small a head as possible to be able to reach all areas of the mouth without inciting the gag reflex. DinoDent Pterodontic Powder for Teeth: Can help to Remineralize & strengthen the teeth without creating a gaggable foam. By helping calcium to uptake into the body to be utilized by the teeth & then adding natural calcium to help keep the body from stealing calcium from the hair, skin & nails. More than 99% of your body's calcium is stored in your Bones & your Teeth where it supports their structure & is ready to be called into action for many other critical functions. A few of these calcium functions are: muscle contraction, the secretion of hormones & enzymes, & sending messages through the nervous system. The amount of calcium in your body fluid & tissues is closely regulated so that these vital body processes function efficiently. May also help to strengthen the Hair, Skin & Bones by helping to utilize the calcium in what you eat during the day that is too much for the teeth to absorb. Couch grass/Horsetail grass, Parsely & Oatstraw provide the silica, calcium & chorophyll that help to make the enamel stronger. Reduces the germs & bacteria that collect in the mouth- with Cloves, Orris Root & Lemon Grass will help to reduce bacteria & germs. Kills any viral agents that can get into the mouth to protect you from the flum, colds & upper respiratory infections- Lemon Balm is a potent anti viral, Siberian ginseng, Turmeric, Spirulina & Peppermint help to reduce chances of viral & bacterial growth between brushings. May help to reduce hay fever & other upper respiratory conditions that don't help when fighting every day germs & infections from touching germ infested items like door knobs, telephones & computers. Whitens Teeth naturally & removes plaque without damaging the enamel while strengthening the enamel & reducing sensitivity. Contains Coconut bark charcoal, which is a natural sustainable product. A Detox agent for the Face:works to remove impurities from the face when combined with a water based cream or Noxema (R)& made into a masque. The minerals in bentonite clay, & other clays, have an impressive action against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Bentonite clay is naturally rich in minerals, & it can provide the minerals & trace minerals that you need for a healthy pH balance. An Overnight Heavy Metal Detox agent for the feet, when combined with water based cream or Noxema (R) , slathered on & topped with socks for an overnight Heavy Metal Detox. Due to its magnetic properties, bentonite clay has shown promise in attracting & removing health-damaging environmental toxins like VOCs which are a broad collection of toxic chemicals commonly found in paints, cleaning supplies, office equipment, permanent markers, & hundreds of other household products.
Ingredients: Active Ingredients: Cal. Carb 12x, Fuller's Earth, Bentonite, Lemon Balm, Cramp Bark, Parsley, Peppermint, Oat straw, Alfalfa Couch /Horsetail Grass, Siberian Ginseng. Other Ingredients: Ginger, Lobelia, Activated Charcoal from Organic Coconut Husks, Turmeric, Orris Root, Cloves, Spirulina, Wheatgrass, Lemongrass, Bee Pollen Until we can get a payment button from Paypal for this, I'm going to ask that you either email us at admin@theherbalcupboard.com or visit http://stores.ebay.com/Ambrosius822-TheHerbalHaven to buy this product.
Directions: Dinodent Pterodontic for the Teeth Directions: Wet a manual or motorized tooth brush head & tap it gently against the sink to remove any excess water. Carefully open the jar & dip your toothbrush bristles into the powder. Alternately you can add some toothpaste to your brush & then dip the brush into the powder. Tap it gently against the jar to remove any excess. Tightly close the jar. Then brush your teeth as you would normally. Use water to rinse & spit the product out or you can swallow it. It will not hurt you. You should see whitening within a day or two & teeth will feel stronger & less sensitive within a week. You may also put some of the powder onto your sensitive toothpaste & use it like sprinkles, to continue to do the good work while you get used to not having to use the toothpaste. Facial Detox Directions: Just add about 4oz of a water based hand cream like generic cetaphyl to about a teaspoon of the powder & mix well. Wash the face & pat it dry, then add a thin layer of the cream mix & let it stay on the face for at least a half hour if not a full hour. Then wash with a soft wash cloth until all of the cream is rinsed off of the face. Pat dry. You should be able to see a difference in the pores of the face. If you want, you can finish with Dickenson's or generic Witch Hazel which will bring your face back to its most natural PH. This will burn a bit! Heavy Metal Overnight Foot Detox Directions: You will need a clean pair of socks, preferably no show, about 4oz of a water based hand cream like generic cetaphyl into a bowl & then add about 2 teaspoons of the powder & mix well. At night about an hour before bed, use broad strokes, lay a thick layer of cream mix over the bottoms of your feet from the heels to the toes. Make sure to cover the "palm" of your foot between the heel & the ball of your foot on each foot, then cover with one of the socks. Sleep with the cream & the socks on all night long of while you are asleep & remove in the morning after at least 8 hours. Wash the feet off & dry them before getting dressed for the day. You may see that the cream & the sock have changed color a bit, those are the heavy metals that your body has picked up from the environment & the easiest way to remove them from the body is through the sweat of the foot. This is why you see discoloration on the foot beds of your shoes so often.
4 oz bottle (1) $12.00 B3G1F
Lemongrass Powder (powder) no_photo.png THCSSH007 Lemongrass Powder
Description: Asian Long grass with a Lemon Mint flavor that can be used as a flavoring as well as a Traditional Asian Medical product.
Ingredients: n/a
1 oz ziploc bag (1) $2.95 B3G1F
Pau D'Arco (powder) no_photo.png THCAC05 Pau D'Arco
Description: Powdered Bark. Anti-Fungal, Anti-Tumor, Anti-biotic, Anti-Inflammatory, Cleanse/Tonic. Immune Stimulant. South American bark powder to make creams, ointments and tea washes for Tumor, Leukemia reduction, wound healing as well as cystitis, viral & bacterial infections.
Ingredients: n/a
Directions: Pau D'Arco bark powder is BITTER. You can also add it to a null hand cream or almond oil to cover wounds, but TEST it first on a small area!You can add this powder to capsules or use it in tea, but you'll need to simmer 2 teaspoons of it to every 3 cups of water for up to an hour for best results. Add Agave Syrup, Honey, Stevia or Turbinado sugar to sweeten.
2 oz ziploc bag (1) $4.99 B3G1F

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