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This is the Online WorldHerbs« Formulary (and also my "thesis" for my doctoral work in Naturopathic Medicine). This has been an ongoing lesson herbal lore that has been in the works for over 10 years. This site is FREE for private/ commercial research. Contact us if you would like to use any content for use other than printing sections to show your physician. I´ve included herbs found in American, American Indian, Ayurvedic/ Indian, Asian, TCM, African, Australian / New Zealand native medicinals, Pan Asian, German Commission E recommendations & advisories; & all other countries´ /cultures´ formulae. If I´ve missed any, if there are other names that you know these herbs by; in ANY language; or you know of one or another that I should address. Please please email the herbalist.

Herbs are used to aid in the healing of wounds, illness; they serve as a preventative to sickness as well as to maintain human & animal well being. More herbs are added every few weeks. Come back & visit us. Definitions can also be found at ebay on our storefront to explain the various ingredients in the products.

Herbs tend to fall into categories which describe general attributes. I will try to keep these general attributes close to the front of each definition. Note The herbs themselves may treat something in exact opposite of their general category...such as a Stimulant that is also a Nervine due to its Diuretic nature.

Be advised that if an herb is normalized to Africa; the listing will mention that. If it is an herb found in certain "old fashioned" country names; I will put what I knew to be their names when I initially found the herb...However in today´s rapidly changing political scene; you may have to be somewhat forgiving about the place names.

Chinese Herbs (Asian): Will include the Chinese/Asian names plus our latin name plus where & what it benefits -No Asian Herbs should be taken without the advice of either a registered TCM or Asian Herbal Pharmacist´s advice. These herbs treat the whole body in a completely different medical mindset. See TCM for more details on this truely Alternate Therapy.

» There are many references to "TCM" which is an abreviation for "Traditional Chinese Medicine".


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Solomans Seal
Other Names: , Polygonatum biflorum Region: Amer_Indian
Description: Woodland native Root is used for upset stomach, excessive menstruation, general debility. It also helps to reduce lung problems, cough, Insomnia. It works as a Laxative. Historically has been used to reduce rheumatism, arthritis & skin irritations.
Uses: Tea, decoction, tincture, & losenge. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Soybean, Soya Bean
Other Names: Diazu/dÓd˛u, hußngd˛u, Soya, L, Glycinie Max Region: Ancient_EurAsian
Description: Soybeans- {Glycine max, var} [Alt. Names: Soya bean, Diazu/DÓd˛u hußngd˛u, Large bean, Golden Bean] Ancient Asian, now grown worldwide. Soybeans must be cooked in order to rid them of toxins that directly inhibit monogastric mammals such as humans. Soybeans contain an oil called choline that is the precourser to Acetycholine which is a building block of the memory receptors that fight against Alzheimer's. High in Postassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Calcium, as well as Niacin, Folate and Choline. Soybeans contain a peptide called Lunain that has been clinically studied in Europe for over 30 years - in relation to its ability to fight inflammation, cancer, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. A complete protein, soybeans contain a complete set of amino acids for digestion, essential for human consumption due to the body's inability to synthesis those acids. For this reason, soybeans are an excellent source of protein for both Vegans and Vegetarians. The Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score is the gold standard for measuring protein quality. By its criterion soy protein is the nutritional equivalent of meat, eggs, and casein. Soybean pretein isolate has a biological value of 74 whole soybeans 96, soybean milk 91 and eggs 93. Soybeans produce twice as much protein per acre in growth than any other major vegetable or grain crop besides hemp.{Wiki} Soybeans are a mild phytoestrogen.
Uses: Food, Oil, Amino Acids, High in Vitamins, Minerals, Protein. Products include Tempeh, Soy isolate, Tofu, Miso, etc. Herbal Actions
Warnings: Soybeans MUST be cooked or are toxic.
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Other Names: creeping & silver speedwell, Veronica officinalis Region: European
Description: Leaves & flowers used to reduce coughing. As a lotion it helps to speed slow healing wounds & reduce skin afflictions.
Uses: Infusion used to reduce coughs & bronchial complaints Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Star Anise
Other Names: PaChiaoHuiHsiang, Star Aniseed, Illicium verum Region: Asian
Description: Star Anise- {Illicium verum} (Alt.Names: Star Aniseed)obtained from the fruits of an Asian shrub. Its name derives from the seed pods which are star-shaped and contain a highly aromatic compound called anethole, which is responsible for the anise-like flavor of the spice. Star Anise is part of the Ancient 5 Spice Powder. The seed is used to manufacture the antiviral drug oseltamivir (Tamiflu).
Uses: Star Anise has been featured in Asian cooking for aeons. Whole pods can be infused into wine, brandy, gin or vodka. Originally found in Chai Tea blends, it is found in Traditional Medicinal Medical teas. Can take the heat & be used in baking cookies and cakes, Star Anise contributes a spicy note to perfumes, colognes and men's fragrances. Spice trade Asians and Arabians chew whole pods to freshen their breath after eating. Star Anise is a flavoring agent for Candy, Cough drops and chewing gums. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Other Names: Sweet leaf, Stevia rebaudiana Region: Amer_Indian
Description: Stevia is an herbal plant that helps to sweeten other products without leaving a strange or metallic aftertaste. A very small amount is needed to sweeten most products, USE SPARINGLY. Most effective for medicinally aiding in the repair of the Aisles of Langerhans in the Pancreas which is reponsible for the body's production & regulation of insulin. In many cases, corn syrup & other fructoses are being purposefully slipped into many foods & beverages not in need to sweetening, we think, to aid in the creation of more diabetics than any one country needs in order to boost sales for pharmaceutical companies. This isn't right, but its a difficult fight at the moment. What can we do about it? Fight back. READ LABELS.
Uses: Stevia can be found in many formulations. BE CAREFUL of those that read, Extract of or Chemically derived from, because a LOT of companies don't understand how wholeherb extracts can help buffer their own side effects without the addition of other ingredients. When buying Stevia for consumption, look for a WHOLEHERB EXTRACT, or at least it should say Extracted from the whole herb. Tinctures will contain alcohol which may affect the taste of your beverage. Oils have, oil, & can effect the texture of your product. Powders are suspect because you have NO IDEA what is IN or made up of, IN that powder. Freeze dried & ground Stevia might be an answer, although you can buy fresh or dried Stevia & using boiling water, steep the herb yourself to make a basic simple syrup to add to beverages AFTER they've been steeped or cooked or poured. IN ANY CASE: if you are making your own Stevia or using it, please ONLY add it at the END of the cooking or boiling or baking, so that its constituents can continue to work for you. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Strawberry, wild
Other Names: , Fragaria vesca Region: Mediterranean
Description: Medicinal fruit, root also used.
Uses: Tea made from the rootstock works to reduce diarrhea, dysentary & problems with the urinary tract in men, women & children & convalescents in particular. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Sumac, Sweet
Other Names: , Rhus armoatica Region: Asian
Description: Indian Ayurvedic medicinal used for colds, to reduce bleeding, allieviating the grippe & stomach aches.
Uses: seasoning, sweet tea, tincture, tonic Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Other Names: , Helianthus annuus Region: Mediterranean
Description: Oil producer. Works as a hormonal replacement for prostate operations.
Uses: Seeds used. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Other Names: Fern Clover, Sak, Waterclover, Marsilea minuta Region: Asian
Description: Brain food. Taken along with other adaptogens such as gotu kola, bacopa & siberian ginseng; can help to sharpen memory which also overcomes insomnia. Contains marsiline which has sedative & anti-convulsive properties. Also has Anti-cholesterol properties
Uses: Eaten as a salad green, ground into a paste & used in chutney or cooked like spinach Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Other Names: , Hierochloe odorata Region: Amer_Indian
Description: Traditional grass used in purification & healing ritual. Vanilla like scent.
Uses: Smoked & smudged. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Other Names: , Tamarindus indica Region: Asian
Description: Tart Fruits used.
Uses: Indian curries, chutneys, sauces & beverages. Cooling tea made from leaves useful for fevers, reducing the effects of dysentary as well as reducing nausea from chemo & morning sickness. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Other Names: Cha, Chai, Camilla sinensis Region: Asian
Description: Most important worldwide caffeinated beverage. Stimulates the central nervous system. Diuretic & astringent. Relaxes the smooth muscles which helps to increase the coronary flow. High in Flouride.
Uses: Anti-cancer, Antioxidant. Tea, decoction, wash Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Tea Tree
Other Names: , Melaleuca alternifolia Region: Australian
Description: Leaves used, oil or waxy substance which exudes from leaves & helps to reduce bacteria.
Uses: Reduces Skin infections, burns, bruises, cuts, herpes, warts, yeast infections, gigivitis & other infective conditions. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Thistle, Blessed
Other Names: , C\nicus benedictus Region: European
Description: Improves the circulation which strengthens the brain & memory. Used as a tonic for the digestive tract after the holidays to stimulate digestion & flush the system of rich foods.
Uses: Tea, Tincture, Salad dressings, Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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