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This is the Online WorldHerbs® Formulary (and also my "thesis" for my doctoral work in Naturopathic Medicine). This has been an ongoing lesson herbal lore that has been in the works for over 10 years. This site is FREE for private/ commercial research. Contact us if you would like to use any content for use other than printing sections to show your physician. I´ve included herbs found in American, American Indian, Ayurvedic/ Indian, Asian, TCM, African, Australian / New Zealand native medicinals, Pan Asian, German Commission E recommendations & advisories; & all other countries´ /cultures´ formulae. If I´ve missed any, if there are other names that you know these herbs by; in ANY language; or you know of one or another that I should address. Please please email the herbalist.

Herbs are used to aid in the healing of wounds, illness; they serve as a preventative to sickness as well as to maintain human & animal well being. More herbs are added every few weeks. Come back & visit us. Definitions can also be found at ebay on our storefront to explain the various ingredients in the products.

Herbs tend to fall into categories which describe general attributes. I will try to keep these general attributes close to the front of each definition. Note The herbs themselves may treat something in exact opposite of their general category...such as a Stimulant that is also a Nervine due to its Diuretic nature.

Be advised that if an herb is normalized to Africa; the listing will mention that. If it is an herb found in certain "old fashioned" country names; I will put what I knew to be their names when I initially found the herb...However in today´s rapidly changing political scene; you may have to be somewhat forgiving about the place names.

Chinese Herbs (Asian): Will include the Chinese/Asian names plus our latin name plus where & what it benefits -No Asian Herbs should be taken without the advice of either a registered TCM or Asian Herbal Pharmacist´s advice. These herbs treat the whole body in a completely different medical mindset. See TCM for more details on this truely Alternate Therapy.

» There are many references to "TCM" which is an abreviation for "Traditional Chinese Medicine".


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Other Names: , Calosia cristata Region: Asian
Description: TCM medicinal herb. Stops hemorraghe & reduces diarrhea. Clears vision.
Uses: Usually made into soup or decoction {excuse my pun} Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Other Names: Bachelor's button, basket flow, Centaurea cyanus Region: Amer_Indian
Description: Leaves/flowers used. Other alternative names: Bachelor's button, bouttonniere flower. Active compounds: anthocyanins (anthocyanidin glycosides), sesquiterpene lactone: cnicin, as well as polyacetylenes and flavonoids. Its Latin name, Cyanus, comes from mythology for a youthful devotee of the goddess Flora (Cyanus), whose favorite flower it was. Tte name of the genus is derived from the Centaur, Chiron, who taught humankind the healing virtue of herbs. Magical properties:"A decoction of the petals, filtered through three layers of linen and ritually consecrated beneath a full moon with a moonstone, were used as an eye bath for increasing clairvoyance : enabling one to see aspects of the universal creative forces." Listed in the French Pharmacopoeia since 1884.
Uses: Infusion or decoction or tea. Used as a Calmnative for stress/nervous disorders. Eyewash for weak eyes. Ophthalmic, mildly purgative, tonic, and stimulant. Internal uses: Improves digestion, regulates gall bladder, liver and kidneys. Beneficial in treating menstrual problems. Increases resistance to infections. External use: Used for washing out wounds. It is used with great success in ulcerations of the mouth and skin.mouth ulcers. Used for corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis and minor eye wounds. It has antibacterial, antioxidant properties and appears, as does eyebright, in products for eye health. Soothes inflamed, irritated skin. It is added to shampoos and hair products. Used in ophthalmology and to treat the area around the eyes. It has astringent properties and also has an antioxidant effect on the skin. It has been used to give eyes a bright sparkling look. A steam-facial of the petals improves look and health of skin. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Geranium, Wild
Other Names: , Geranium maculatum Region: Ancient_EurAsian
Description: High in tannins. American Indians, specifically the Cherokee; made a poultice of this plant as an astringent to stop bleeding of wounds and used it as a wash to reduce the pain of canker sores. Geranium is valued for a host of female-related issues, including to nurture and support the hormone cycles. In one book that I have it is said that the prophet Mahomet, the founder & prophet of Islam; took a walk & stopped to wash his shirt from the sweat. While it dried hanging on a bush, he said his prayers. When it finished drying, he removed it & "poof" the bush changed into a flowering geranium.
Uses: The cleansing oil has traditionally been used to encourage proper circulation to the skin and as an antiseptic. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Other Names: Konjac root, Amorphophallus konjac Region: Asian
Description: Helps the digestive tract & the colon. High fiber content helps move product in intestinal tract. Good for colitis, diverticulosis. Great for diets; produces a fullness if taken with water an hour before meals. Has Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium.
Uses: in capsules, tablets & chewable caplets. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Green Tea
Other Names: , Camilla sinensis Region: Asian
Description: Green Tea - Combats mental fatigue, may combat cancers
Uses: Brewed into teas, poultices & tinctures Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Other Names: , Humulus lupulus Region: European
Description: Helps combat insomnia, calming effect when dried herb is stuffed into pillows & used whenever a nap is needed or more deep sleep required. Herb is also one of several main ingredients in beer where the all female plants produce herb that adds the bitterness & umami to beer from America to Germany & around the world
Uses: Unflowered buds are mainly used although herb is both buds & leaves. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Other Names: touch-me-not, Impatiens capensis Region: Amer_Indian
Description: Other Latin Names for this are: Impatiens biflora. North American Indian & East Indies special herb that combats the results of touching poison ivy, nettle stings or poison oak. Rubbing the crushed leaves, stalks of this plant against skin that has come into contact with poison ivy/oak will not blister or the blisters will last only a day or so, without itching.
Uses: An extract of the flower can be used to calm nervous people of their fears. Possible as a cure for ringworm. Juice of plant can be added to saps to make an anti posion ivy soap. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Other Names: , Region: WorldWideHerb
Description: The overall name of any number of large brown seaweeds. Source of alkali, Calicium, sulphur, iodine & silicon. Used internally, it cleanses arteries & the body via the sweat glands. It seems to have beneficial effects upon the reproductive system. Kelp helps varicose veins by strengthening & giving tone to the walls of capillaries & veins. Historically used to combat goiter, it is an aid to the thyroid. Kelp aids in smoothing skin, nails, hair & the bony structure of humans & pets alike. Kelp can be used as a diuretic for combating obesity & it is also used to take fat off of the hip areas.
Uses: Powdered by the Asian community, it is used to flavor soups & in drinks, as well as in salads & main entrees. Used in larger doses, can cause excessive kelp smelling flatulence. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Knot Grass-
Other Names: Bian Xu), Polygonum aviculare Region: Asian
Description: Whole herb & seeds used. Astringent. bronchial cough, mouth soreness & oral post operative cleanser/wash & strengthener. German Commission E also recommends Knot Grass for the treatment of respiratory ailments.
Uses: Tea reduces diarrhea, bladder infections. Anti-wormer or vermifuge. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Other Names: Bishopsweed, Ammi majus Region: Mediterranean
Description: Ancient Eqyptian medicinal herb for skin afflictions. Also has Anti-cancer & Anti-aids properties.
Uses: Tea, Poultice, Tincture, Plaster Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Other Names: Wu-we-zi, Schisandra chinensis Region: Ancient_EurAsian
Description: Adaptogenic & immune enhancing. Schisandra Berries are used to resolve nervous conditions, as well as Reduce chronic cough along with elderberries, asthma, thirst, too frequent unrination & diarrhea. Occasionally referred to as Chinese Prozac.
Uses: Teas, tincture, dried, soups, sprays, oils. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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