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This is the Online WorldHerbs® Formulary (and also my "thesis" for my doctoral work in Naturopathic Medicine). This has been an ongoing lesson herbal lore that has been in the works for over 10 years. This site is FREE for private/ commercial research. Contact us if you would like to use any content for use other than printing sections to show your physician. I´ve included herbs found in American, American Indian, Ayurvedic/ Indian, Asian, TCM, African, Australian / New Zealand native medicinals, Pan Asian, German Commission E recommendations & advisories; & all other countries´ /cultures´ formulae. If I´ve missed any, if there are other names that you know these herbs by; in ANY language; or you know of one or another that I should address. Please please email the herbalist.

Herbs are used to aid in the healing of wounds, illness; they serve as a preventative to sickness as well as to maintain human & animal well being. More herbs are added every few weeks. Come back & visit us. Definitions can also be found at ebay on our storefront to explain the various ingredients in the products.

Herbs tend to fall into categories which describe general attributes. I will try to keep these general attributes close to the front of each definition. Note The herbs themselves may treat something in exact opposite of their general category...such as a Stimulant that is also a Nervine due to its Diuretic nature.

Be advised that if an herb is normalized to Africa; the listing will mention that. If it is an herb found in certain "old fashioned" country names; I will put what I knew to be their names when I initially found the herb...However in today´s rapidly changing political scene; you may have to be somewhat forgiving about the place names.

Chinese Herbs (Asian): Will include the Chinese/Asian names plus our latin name plus where & what it benefits -No Asian Herbs should be taken without the advice of either a registered TCM or Asian Herbal Pharmacist´s advice. These herbs treat the whole body in a completely different medical mindset. See TCM for more details on this truely Alternate Therapy.

» There are many references to "TCM" which is an abreviation for "Traditional Chinese Medicine".


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Ladies Mantle-
Other Names: , Alchemilla vulgaris Region: European
Description: Reduces menstrual cramps, muscular difficulties, rheumatism and gastric disturbances.
Uses: Brewed into Tea, Tonic & Tincture. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Other Names: Delphinium, Sonsolida Region: American
Description: Anti-parasitical, Insecticidal. Revolutionary War Veterans used plant powder to destroy body lice. Used also as a sedative & tranquilizer. The American Indians used the plant as a sedative tea. The seeds are used to kill head lice, nits & other parasites externally.
Uses: Herbal Actions
Warnings: Extremely toxic if taken in large doses.
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Other Names: , Lavandula varr Region: Mediterranean
Description: All parts of the plant used. Aromatherapy ingredient. Aids in reducing stress, headaches, sooth nerves, lung mucus & induces restfull sleep.
Uses: Tea, dried herb stuffed in pillows, sleep masks & in heat/cold packs as well as tincture of, cream of, & other preparations such as Essential oils for aromatherapy. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Lemon Vervain-
Other Names: , Verbena officinalis Region: European
Description: Indigestion, Antispasmodic
Uses: Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Other Names: , Lactuca sativa Region: American
Description: Domestic lettuce mixed with milk was thought to soothe & reduce the pain from skin burns and as a cure for arthritis. Eaten before bedtime it will help reduce insomnia & induce sleepiness. Good for the dieter as it contains much Calcium, Silica & water, but little in the way of calories. Eaten by nursing mothers it will increase lactation.
Uses: A decoction of the leaves makes a drying face wash. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Lotus Seed
Other Names: Tui loc, Nelumbo nucifera Region: PanAsian_Islands
Description: Lotus Seed- {Nelumbo nucifera} Ancient Asian Medicinal & Beautiful flowering plant. Most long lived plant known, Seeds from a 1300 year old Chinese lake bed have revived & been able to sprout & grow. Plant is one of many that can phytoregulate its temperature. It is thought to do that to entice cold blooded insect pollinators. Plants ground themselves in lake, spring & pond beds then can stretch upwards of 3 to 5 meters to the surface of the water to spread over 3 feet in width of leaves to put forth a flower. The flower is the National Flower for both Vietnam & India.
Uses: Insomnia, Liver & Skin cleanser, Relaxant, Anti-Anxiety. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Skullcap, Baikal
Other Names: Oriental Blue, Huang qin, Scutellaria baicalensis Region: Asian
Description: Effective & reliable remedy along with Feverfew to help headaches, migraine & neuralgia. Sedative effects help reduce insomnia, restlessness, hysteria & convulsions. Traditional Chinese Medicine herb used to reduce fevers colds, Reduce insomnia & headache. Calm hypertension, Anti-viral properties reduce shingles, hepatitis & other skin/immune ailments.
Uses: Traditional uses are also supported by clinical studies in Europe & Germany. Tinctures, Decoctions & teas. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Verbena, Lemon
Other Names: , Aloysia triphylla Region: European
Description: Tea conponent for its sweet & strong lemon flavor which helps many herbal teas to come together in a healthful blend.
Uses: Whole herb, leaves, flowers. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Vervain, Blue
Other Names: , Verbena hastata Region: Amer_Indian
Description: Used by American Indians for its tranquilizing effects of whole herb. Reduces insomnia & other nervous conditions.
Uses: Tincture, tea, smudge & cream. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Other Names: , Epilobium parviflorum Region: European
Description: Reduces inflammation in the prostate glands as well as disturbances in the bladder & kidneys. Component of Swedish Bitters.
Uses: Bitters ingredient, Tincture, oil & cream, Decoction, Tea. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Woodruff, Sweet
Other Names: , Gallium oderatum Region: European
Description: Vanilla scented leaves used in the German Maybowl. Reduces migraine, nervous conditions & stomach pain.
Uses: Teas, Tinctures, creams, into wine & liquors. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Wormwood, Black
Other Names: , Artemisia genipi Region: Ancient_EurAsian
Description: Apperatif & Digestif herbal liquor ingredient which helps to stimulate digestion & appetitie.
Uses: Flowering tops used to make a tincture. An ingredient in the liquor known as Chartreuse(R) Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Yerba Buena
Other Names: Indian mint, Micromeria douglasii Region: Amer_Indian
Description: Also known as Satureja douglasii, Clinopodium douglasii. Mint scented whole herb. Native Americans consider Yerba Buena to be an aphrodisiac. Helps reduce insomnia, fever & stomach problems, Boosts the immune system to combat colds.
Uses: Used in teas, poultices & tinctures. Tea: Use blend of aerial & underground parts with boiling water, add herbs while boiling & then reduce heat to a minimal simmer for 10 minutes. Take water off of heat & let sit, until the liquid is cool to the touch. Strain off the liquid from the solids. Taste then sweeten with Agave or local to you honey. Heat ONLY to sipping hot or ice to drink. May be poured into ice cube trays, frozen, then stored in labeled zip lock bags in freezer until needed. Will last up to a week brewed, or a year in the freezer. Poultice: At this point, the solids may be used to create a poultice by adding the solids to two layers of either cheesecloth or an old pillowcase square or rectangle at least 2ft square or 2ft rectangluarly long. Add solids to middle of fabric, fold either like a sausage or cigar. Place over area of discontent. Tincture: Using a gallon of at least 131 proof or more Rum - preferably clear, add up to 4 pounds of herb, both aerial & underground parts, precleaned & sorted to remove any bug parts/stones etc, & chopped into bitesize pieces. You can put the pieces into a bag made of old pantyhose or cheesecloth to keep the pieces together, but leave enough room for the pieces to move around in that bag, so that all can macerate together evenly. Cover with the type of top that allows for gasses to release - like a wine or beer cover, & leave in a cool dry place for at least a month. We schedule tinctures from full moon to full moon. Strain & add a like amount of distilled water - at least half a gallon, to reduce the alcohol levels, & then you can also add half a gallon of either plain or Vitamin B Complex tropical flavored glycerin to "unharsh" the tincture & make it easier to use. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Other Names: Kui hao, Artemesia princeps Region: Asian
Description: Also known as Japanese Mugwort, Japanese use this product to fill beaten sweet white sticky rice known as mochi. Young leaves are boilded & then pounded into dumplings made with gelatinous rice.
Uses: Mugwort is used in other countries to sooth stomachs from both rich foods & acidic ones. Used as a tea, a mochi flavoring Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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