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This is the Online WorldHerbs® Formulary (and also my "thesis" for my doctoral work in Naturopathic Medicine). This has been an ongoing lesson herbal lore that has been in the works for over 10 years. This site is FREE for private/ commercial research. Contact us if you would like to use any content for use other than printing sections to show your physician. I´ve included herbs found in American, American Indian, Ayurvedic/ Indian, Asian, TCM, African, Australian / New Zealand native medicinals, Pan Asian, German Commission E recommendations & advisories; & all other countries´ /cultures´ formulae. If I´ve missed any, if there are other names that you know these herbs by; in ANY language; or you know of one or another that I should address. Please please email the herbalist.

Herbs are used to aid in the healing of wounds, illness; they serve as a preventative to sickness as well as to maintain human & animal well being. More herbs are added every few weeks. Come back & visit us. Definitions can also be found at ebay on our storefront to explain the various ingredients in the products.

Herbs tend to fall into categories which describe general attributes. I will try to keep these general attributes close to the front of each definition. Note The herbs themselves may treat something in exact opposite of their general category...such as a Stimulant that is also a Nervine due to its Diuretic nature.

Be advised that if an herb is normalized to Africa; the listing will mention that. If it is an herb found in certain "old fashioned" country names; I will put what I knew to be their names when I initially found the herb...However in today´s rapidly changing political scene; you may have to be somewhat forgiving about the place names.

Chinese Herbs (Asian): Will include the Chinese/Asian names plus our latin name plus where & what it benefits -No Asian Herbs should be taken without the advice of either a registered TCM or Asian Herbal Pharmacist´s advice. These herbs treat the whole body in a completely different medical mindset. See TCM for more details on this truely Alternate Therapy.

» There are many references to "TCM" which is an abreviation for "Traditional Chinese Medicine".


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Dittany of Crete
Other Names: Hop Marjoram, Origanum dictamnu Region: Mediterranean
Description: A Harry Potter herb no less! All parts of plants used. Stops excessive hemorraghing in case of serious wound. 1,001 uses in ancient medicinal & magical lore. Combats upset stomach, cough & headache. Wash or gargle will reduce throat inflammation. Greek Honey plant. Dittany of Crete is an attractive plant, bearing scented leaves and lovely purplish-pink flowers from June to August. Dittany of Crete was considered a potent healing herb by the early Greeks and has a long history in ancient writings, where it was purported to be able to expel arrows from wounds, ease childbirth and reverse poisoning. It grows wild in the mountains of Greece and has protected status there as a rare plant. Its beautiful appearance makes it an excellent choice for hanging baskets. The hairy, silvery-grey leaves can be used in salads and sauces. Extract derived from Dittany of Crete is used to flavour vermouth.
Uses: When you can get dittany Honey you are a LUCKY soul. Excellent product to keep on hand for eating out of hand, to help with sinusitis and also reducing of coughs and throat inflammation by adding to teas. Can also be decocted down into a syrup & used for more serious wound work. Flowers can be steeped to make Dittany tea, a popular drink in Greece. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Job's Tears, Chinese -
Other Names: jobi ma-yuen, Hato-mugi, Coix lacroyma Region: Asian
Description: Other Alternative Names for this herb: Yi yi, Japanese barley. Staple cereal crop in China/ Japan. Important medicinal herb. Seeds/Nuts used. Oil from nuts. Brewed into beer, roasted to make coffee-like beverage. Seeds strengthen the spleen. In Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, Jobi Ma yuen is used to Counteract "damp heat", used for edema, diarrhea, rheumatoid arthritis and difficult urination.
Uses: Oil from Nuts, Seeds used to make teas, tinctures & beverages. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Kudzu -
Other Names: Ge Gen, Pueraria lobata Region: Asian
Description: Chinese TCM herb. Relieves thirst, reduces fevers & flu, combats or retards nausea. Aids in the withdrawal process from certain addictions including alcohol. Stabalizes heart rhythms. Chinese clinical studies attest to the anti-angina benefits. Dilates coronary arteries, increasing blood flow & reducing blood pressure.
Uses: Powdered by the Asian community, it is used to flavor soups & in drinks, as well as in pill or losenge format. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Licorice, Chinese -
Other Names: Gen-cao, Clycyrrhiza uralensis Region: Asian
Description: Principle TCM or Chinese medicine ingredient. Aids in taste of medicine as well as benefits all systems.
Uses: Ground & used in capsules, tinctures & teas Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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