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This is the Online WorldHerbs® Formulary (and also my "thesis" for my doctoral work in Naturopathic Medicine). This has been an ongoing lesson herbal lore that has been in the works for over 10 years. This site is FREE for private/ commercial research. Contact us if you would like to use any content for use other than printing sections to show your physician. I´ve included herbs found in American, American Indian, Ayurvedic/ Indian, Asian, TCM, African, Australian / New Zealand native medicinals, Pan Asian, German Commission E recommendations & advisories; & all other countries´ /cultures´ formulae. If I´ve missed any, if there are other names that you know these herbs by; in ANY language; or you know of one or another that I should address. Please please email the herbalist.

Herbs are used to aid in the healing of wounds, illness; they serve as a preventative to sickness as well as to maintain human & animal well being. More herbs are added every few weeks. Come back & visit us. Definitions can also be found at ebay on our storefront to explain the various ingredients in the products.

Herbs tend to fall into categories which describe general attributes. I will try to keep these general attributes close to the front of each definition. Note The herbs themselves may treat something in exact opposite of their general category...such as a Stimulant that is also a Nervine due to its Diuretic nature.

Be advised that if an herb is normalized to Africa; the listing will mention that. If it is an herb found in certain "old fashioned" country names; I will put what I knew to be their names when I initially found the herb...However in today´s rapidly changing political scene; you may have to be somewhat forgiving about the place names.

Chinese Herbs (Asian): Will include the Chinese/Asian names plus our latin name plus where & what it benefits -No Asian Herbs should be taken without the advice of either a registered TCM or Asian Herbal Pharmacist´s advice. These herbs treat the whole body in a completely different medical mindset. See TCM for more details on this truely Alternate Therapy.

» There are many references to "TCM" which is an abreviation for "Traditional Chinese Medicine".


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Aloe Vera
Other Names: Aloe, Indian Alces, Kumari. Gh, Aloe Vera, var. A. perryi Region: Mediterranean
Description: Egyptian medicinal used by the Mahometans as a preventative to evil coming into the house. Ancient Jews adopted the practice in Cairo. Leaves are used by splitting & using the gel within or juicing the leaves to obtain the thick juice. Contains saliscylic acid which soothes & aids in the healing process for abrasions, burns, skin disorders & wrinkles, can be used externally. As a Tonic, it reduces inflammation of stomach lining from allergic reactions to food. Juice also used as a gel to sooth sunburns, burns of the skin, fine cosmetics & to help reduce the itch of insect bites.
Uses: Contains; Vitamins C, A, Niacin & Selenium. Reduces inflammation of stomach lining from allergic reactions to food. Used in place of soap in Jamaica, threads from the inside of the plant when dried can be used as a cleansing agent for bodies and pots/pans! Also has Laxative action but its extreme bitterness as well as strength means that it needs an additional carminative to bring down the reaction to aloe juice alone. Good for coating the lining of the stomach to ameliorate ulcers. May also be used as a vermifuge ie it may help to kill any worms or parasies growing in the body. Herbal Actions
Warnings: Too bitter & strong to be taken on its one. please DILUTE before using internally.
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Other Names: Aniseed, Sweet Cumin, Pimpinella anisum, Illicium ve Region: European
Description: Also called Chinese Anice & Illicium. Stimulant,Tonic, Coughs, Gastric problems, bronchitis, asthma, increase mother's milk production. Ancient Greeks used tea made from Anise & Fennel to combat asthma and other respiratory ailments. A few seeds dropped into warm milk can be used as a sleep aid. Seeds are also used as flavorings in breads & pastries.
Uses: Contains chemicals: creosol and alpha pinene which help loosen bronchial phlem. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Other Names: Winter Cherry, , Withania somnifera Region: Asian
Description: Ayurvedic (Indian) & African herb. Called the Indian ginseng, it is an Immune Booster & a Strengthening Tonic. Combats infertility, impotence, general weakness, Stress & Insomnia. If you have numbness or tingling in your extremities, Ashwagandha can help by restoring and boosting circulation & reducing high blood pressure. Stimulates the nervous system so that you can concentrate better. Perhaps one of the best-known properties of ashwagandha is enhancing sexual desires. It can improve endurance of lovers in the bedroom and can actually increase attraction and desire.
Uses: Helps the brain to function more efficiently, & helps to provide mental focus. Being studied clinically in Asia to help combat the symptoms of Alzheimer's. Increased blood flow to the brain can help you to heal wounds, sprains & broken bones faster. Some studies have also shown that it improves sperm count in men and that sperm will actually be higher quality. This is good news for a couple looking to start a family. Aswhagandha can be taken in many forms such as teas, powders, pills, and even syrups. The plant can also be applied directly to the skin to treat problems such as bed sores and skin inflammation. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Other Names: Love medicine, Symphyotrichum novae-angliae Region: Amer_Indian
Description: Native American peoples have used the roots of this plant to break fevers, reduce coughing and chest tightness as well as pain. The iroquios people used it as an aphrodisiac as well as a smudging herb to sanctify the home & to revive the unconcious.
Uses: Chopped root used. Cut/sifted, brewed as tea. Can be dried & burned as smudging agent or as incense. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Other Names: Milk Vetch, Huang Qi, Astragalus membraceous Region: Asian
Description: Immune enhancing. Fortifies spleen & "Qi" {chi}Tonic, Lowers blood sugars & blood pressure. Good for kidneys & liver function. Chinese Medicinal for over 2,000 years. Classified by Shen Nong, who founded Chinese herbal medicine, as a superior herb. Its Chinese name, Huang Qi, means "yellow leader" because of the yellow hue of the root. Relieves night sweats, fluid retention and hot flashes brought on by menopause. Its warming qualities help the circulation of the body, which means it works to ease cold symptoms or other viruses that enter the body. It works to restore the immune system of the body - especially in the lungs. Immune disorders that lead to sweating are eased with the use of Astragalus.
Uses: Numerous Saponins, including Astragaloside, flavonoids, polysaccharides, minerals, amino acids, coumarins, triterpee glycosides, asparagine, calcyosin, formononetin, kumatakenin, sterols. Serious immune system compromise preventive (cold/flu). Boosts white blood cell production helps produce interferon in body to fight cancers and other illnesses. Helps kill viruses by killing virus cells. Also builds up body from fatigue, lack of appetite and problems with excessive persperation. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Other Names: Brahmi, Thyume-leaved gratiola, Bacopa monniera Region: Asian
Description: Ayurvedic Indian herb to strengthen memory & regain mental clarity. Not to be confused with the ornamental {Sutera}. True medicinal bacopa. Whole plant used. Can be made into a nerve & cardiac tonic with a tranquilizing action. Dependable remedy for treatment of nervous breakdown, epiliepsy, hysteria, insanity and debility.
Uses: Juice of fresh leaves given to children for cough, bronchitis and diarrhea. A poultice is made of boilded herb and applied to the chest for acute pneumonia and bronchitis. Can be used as a diaretic & as such, to treat rheumatism. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Balm of Gilead, American
Other Names: Tacomahaca, Mecca balsam, Bals, Populus balsamifera, Region: Amer_Indian
Description: Also known as Latin: Populus candicans or Alt. Balsam. Not the herb of the bible. American Indian herb. Tincture used for chest congestion, stomach & kidney complaints as well as rheumatism. Stimulant, Expectorant, Tonic & Diuretic.
Uses: Steeped in rum, the buds will help to heal cuts & bruises. Ointment made with oil or creme base is useful for bruises & swellings, sunburn, skin infections & nasal salve for dry passages. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Balm, Melissa
Other Names: Lemon Balm, Citronella Balm, Melissa officinalis Region: European
Description: Also known as Lime Balm. Stimulant for the Heart, Calmnative for the Nerves. Should be included in every gardener's medical cabinet as a principle tea/ tonic herb. Tea can be drunk to start perspiration to drop a fever. Wound healer, fights herpes. Repairs a "tired" brain.
Uses: Balm can be mixed with honey & vinegar, warmed & used to gargle for sore throats & teeth. Calmnative. Steeping leaves in wine & using them as a poultice will draw the sting from scorpions & other spiderbites. Steeping fresh leaves in wine will draw boils to open. Nervine. Good bee plant for honey production. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Balsam, Lemon
Other Names: Tou gu, Impatiens balsamina Region: Asian
Description: TCM medicinal in China. Used to clear obstructions in throat.
Uses: Aerial parts above the ground used. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Other Names: Oregon Grape, Mountain Grape, Berberis aquifolium Region: Asian
Description: Contains the alkaline beriberine which is an antibiotic compound. Excellent wine & jelly may be made from the fruit. The wood is used frequently to make cruicifixes. Bark & roots may be used to create a yellow dye. Bushlike plant tops 10ft. in height. Holly like leaves, fragrant yellow flowers then drooping clusters of red berries. Good for liver, spleen, reduces blood pressure; helps clear acne, boils, ulcers. High in calcium, iron, chlorine, sulpher, B1, B2, niacin & folic acid.
Uses: In Chinese clinical studies; beriberine has reduced cardiac arrhythmias by more than 50% of those people taking it & not a placebo. Beriberine also has the ability to kill parasites: expel worms & treat ringworm. Also contains saponin which is a cleanser. American Indians made a decoction of the bark of the roots used for general debility or to create an appetite. It made a bitter tonic which was introduced into American medicines around the late 1800's & was in the general pharmacopaea until the 1950's. Leaves were chewed for reducing acne, A root decoction was used for cough, kidney & liver ailments. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Basil, Camphor
Other Names: , Ocimum minimum Region: Mediterranean
Description: East African native. Commercial source for Camphor. Leaves used.
Uses: Infusion in tea relieves stomach & cold symptoms. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Basil, West African
Other Names: Adefetue, Ocimum viride Region: Mediterranean
Description: In Ghana, the Ewe people call this adefetue. Used throughout Africa to reduce fevers, diarrhea & to repel insects. Leaf oil is extremely antiseptic.
Uses: Used as a gargle, dressing for wounds & as a treatment for conjunctivitis. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Bay Leaves
Other Names: Sweet Bay, Laurel, True Laurel, Laurus nobilis Region: African
Description: (Alt. Bay Laurel) Said to purify food, aid in digestion, mildly narcotic. Strewn on the floor of houses & pet pens, they will chase fleas away.
Uses: A leaf decoction may be used as a soak for sprains & rheumatic joints -may irritate skin. American Indians used Bay leaves in a hot bath to combat Arthritis, placed the hot wet leaves on their heads to help reduce headaches & place a piece of leaf inside the nostrils to help clear them. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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Other Names: Wood Betony, Stachys officinalis, S. betoni Region: Amer_Indian
Description: Also Latin: {Betony officinalis} Asthma, Bronchitis, Heartburn & Kdne. Used as a Tonic; it can Relieve Headache & Migraine. Can be used with your normal pain medications for Migraine just like Feverfew & the two can be mixed in a TEA. {See Headache/Migraine Tea} Wood Betony tea is supposed to keep dreamers from having nightmares, & useful towards all diseases & afflictions of the head; including: Ear Aches, as well as Watering Eyes.
Uses: The root tastes terrible & has been used as a way to make children vomit if necessary. Tincture of betony is used to combat Hayfever & other Upper Respiratory allergies. Herbal Actions
Warnings: None.
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