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The Herbal Cupboard Presents:

The Original CFAY RECIPE

To Prevent or Reduce the effects of
Flu, Cold, Bronchitus, Pneumonia & Yeast Infections:
Also good for what itches you in the middle of the night
& some other interesting side effects....
{it can help get you pregnant?!}

CFAY: CFAY: The Anti Cold, Anti Flu, Anti Yeast Infection Fighting Formula:

This does NOT CURE the current SWINE FLU. It will help you to keep from getting it, it will help to reduce the amount of time that you have it, it will help reduce the COUGH/ phlem that you may get from it, but unless you also augment this with other Immune boosting herbs, substances & keep good handwashing control on all the surfaces that you normally touch inside & outside of your home & make sure to do the same for all of your family members, there is ALWAYS a chance that you or someone you love will catch this or any other cold, flu or yeast infection.

For that matter, up front, Elderberry herb will NOT CURE SWINE FLU. It will help to reduce the cough that you can get from the flu, it will help to boost your immune system, but it will NOT CURE SWINE FLU. I don't know what idiot said that on national tv but take it back. It will aid in reducing the effects but NOT CURE YOU.


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What I can tell you from personal experience:

I worked at CNA in Maitland FL from 1998 through parts of 2001. Practically everyone in my office had been sick about three times with a cold that lasted at least 3 days if not more than 2 weeks. Everyone, that is, except for me. Due to my continued use of the CFAY mix around my work & after work on some occasions I was never forced to leave work due to respiratory illness... People were using my phones & sneezing; people were handing me papers after coughing into their hands...I was never fully stricken by anything there... Don't get me wrong. People who I make drink it; complain bitterly about how it doesn't taste sweet like those commercial formulas out there. TOO BAD.

In 2003 I suffered with a bout of viral pneumonia that just wouldn't quite. Since I had also been hit by a car & had multiple bones/things to heal; this was not a good thing. Finally in desperation; after the fourth/fifth dose of anti-biotics for first the pneumonia & then the "other" infections that followed; I had someone go to my farm & gather up the local ingredients needed for CFAY & also begged/borrowed & coerced the nursing home kitchen folk to collect apple & cranberry juices for me to the tune of 24 ounces a meal in those little 4 ounce containers. Although the juices helped; once I had the CFAY in its medicinal form; I never really needed the anti-biotics again in the last third of my 8 month rehab.

I really think that this therapy will help millions repel & fight off the pandemic that has now hit the world again...{just like the 1903 influenza pandemic}. So much so; that I'm willing to stake a part of my thesis for my doctoral candidacy in Naturopathic Medicine on it.

It works; & if you are already sick with the flu or starting a cold...
It reduces the time that it takes you to both get over the illness & how long you have to deal with it....



A Note: We are not advocating this drink in lieu of going to your family doctor. Especially if you are blowing or sneezing or coughing up anything that is either yellow or green. That color normally indicates an Infection. We STRONGLY suggest that you do contact your primary physician if you see these colors. You can take the mix along with & before & after FINISHING any antibiotics that he/she prescribes for you. Not to be completely GROSS about this... but if it is clear & bubbly & coming out of your nose or being coughed up; you probably have a plain old cold/ allergy/ beginnings of a "bug". The Herbal Cupboard Requests that you never try to doctor yourself around what may be an infection. Infections can KILL you. Supplements & anti-flu type drinks can help you to control your reaction to infectants; but they cannot & should not be relied upon to catch & kill every contaminent.


Many honey products can contain a botulin compound that may cause an infection in small children
that can lead to complications & sometimes death.




This is the stuff that I use everywhere. Okay, I admit it. I like the fruit juice side of it. That's nice for travelling. And refreshing & great for other necessary functions of the body. But I PREFER this stuff & the taste when diluted by the amounts of water necessary to flush the bad germies...isn't as bad as trying to down Nyquil® with its dubious anti-freeze ingredients for the fourth or fifth night of misery in a row. As for the honey... I seem to remember a song that said "a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, ... Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down... in a most delightful way!"

The Recipe:

You'll need a blender for best results. Use at least a 2 quart sized container to mix this in.

1/4 Cup Cider Vinegar. Apple Cider Vinegar from either a local apple distillery or White House or other brand.

1 Cup LOCAL Honey.... find honey from your home town or at least Your Home State. Read the labels. Look for the local bee keeper in your area phone book.

2 Cups 110 degree warm water, preferably filtered but not distilled. Make sure that this isn't hot enough to scald you or you will lose the benefits of the honey that you are looking to acquire. The warm water will help dissolve the honey into the vinegar & into eachother to mix correctly & fully.

Blenderize together as slowly as possible, DON'T WHIP IT. Mix until it is an opaque liquid, you shouldn't be able to see through it, but it shouldn't have more than about an inch of foam once you've stopped blenderizing it. If there is too much foam, then let the mixture sit until the foam subsides, at least 10 minutes & then slowly mix again until combined. Then let it sit again until the mixture separates into almost clear & foamy. Pour into a clean quart sized container with a screw top or several smaller containers with clean screw tops to be able to use product in multiple locations.

Why Local-to-You Honey?

The more raw or unprocessed & "local-to-you" the honey is... the better; because it includes much of the pollen that might be setting off your initial discomfort. Minute pollen particles also account for the hayfever like misery that can sometimes complicate a cold & prolong it for weeks on end... Honey allows you {via types of flower bases} to put them into your system & this way homeopathically convinces your body to build anti-bodies which fight the influx of new "outside" pollen that cause you to itch, swell or sneeze. {Honey is also well known as sterile food source & can help to open up clogged sinuses; especially if you buy or get honey on the comb & chew that.}

Unbeknowest to most people; different flower based honeys have different tastes & you may find some real gems in your area. Almost all agricultural outskirts of cities will have their own bee keepers/ apiarians who will also proudly sell their product. Honey is sold in either pint, quart or by the lb. Buy it in at least 1lb sizes to try the different ones or 2lb sizes when you find the ones that seem to help you the best.

You do not need to refrigerate the mixture. One way or the other Shake before using.

Drinking CFAY:

Take 1 TABLESPOON of mixture & place it in either a 22 oz or larger cold or hot container. If you are going to drink it cold, you can add ice, hot, you can add whatever you want EXCEPT YOU CANNOT USE CITRUS juices.

ADD 1 to 2 cups of Well or Filtered water


1 to 2 cups of STONE FRUIT JUICE, single or combinations of juices to the mix.

What are the Stone Fruits that make up stone fruit juices? If you are going to use commercial grade juice, make SURE that nowhere on the ingredient list is high fructose corn syrup if you can help it. That being said, it would be better if you could use fresh fruits in the blendor or defrost fruit purees with an equal amount of water in a blender to use as the juice portion of your drink. If not, here are the stone fruits, not all of them, but most of them. Apples, cherries, apricots, peaches, pears, prunes, mangos, papayas, guavas, strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, and any other fruit that has a pit that crunches for the most part EXCEPT, NO CITRUS. Sorry Florida....

How I do it:

My suggestion is to do what I do with CFAY. If there is even a hint that I might have picked up the flu or a cold or germs are floating around; I mix up a new batch of CFAY with local honey & then I make up a large drink cup with a cover for the side of my bed & one for the morning to take to work with me. I use it as my overall drink for the day/night & drink my regular drinks around it.

If I want any CITRUS juices, I simply make sure to take them ONLY an hour after or before using the CFAY or the CFAY won't work.

You can also put a splash in a large mug & add hot water to make a soothing drink for raw throats. However you need to drink a lot of this stuff & cool is better than hot or cold.

This does two wonderful things.
Plus all the other things that you will drink in a day; it ensures that you get at least your minimum necessary amount of water...{& then some...} & this gives your body a chance to flush out all of the nasties that it is killing. That way you don't stay sick from the toxins of the bad germies dying in your system {as sometimes happens after you've taken anti-biotics}

Either drinking the first fruit juice mix... or using it & drinking the vinegar/honey mix every other time you refill your cup will make you feel better within about three days.

Pour your mixture into a Quart Sized Container with a cleaned screw type lid.

I clean these in advance of making my mixture & have all sizes of them ready in case I want to give some away. I like to put mailing labels with at least the recipe serving information on them along with my website address so that people can look up the recipe for themselves if necessary. I don't bother with the date because I will most likely be reusing the bottle over & over again. I use mailing tape, clear, so that the label ink doesn't run any time condensation or a sweaty hand might come in contact with the label information. Pour:

Just in case this comes up as an Idea:

NO. Drinking it full strength will NOT help you more.

The combination of Cider Vinegar acts to change your PH which makes your insides slick so the germies can't stick & grow
Since they can't stick & feed off of your body; they die instead.

The Honey instills in your system the pollens of your local area so that your body can build anti-bodies
& not give you a dose of hayfever {weepy eyes, sore nose, sinus pain} on top of already feeling miserable.

Copious quantities of Water flushes the live germies & their waste products
{as well as the dead germies} out of your system before their dead carcasses can ferment & infect you. {ugh}

NOT to mention that the copious quantities of water are NEEDED by your body on a more regular basis ANYWAY. {a gallon a day is not out of the question}. The less adulterated the better. Water is the original & best solvent. If water can carve out the grand canyon in a few million years; it can keep us from becoming constipated & other not nice things from happening; like assorted organ stones, sluggish circulation, slow or bad digestion, itchy skin, varicose veins, edema...etc.

Drink more water daily!


The Fruit Juice RECIPE

1 Gallon Container that can fit in the Fridge:

1 bottle/Can of Apple* Juice reconstitutable to 100% Juice

1 bottle/Can of Grape* Juice reconstitutable to 100% Juice - Red or White/Blue

1 bottle/Can of Cranberry* Juice with the highest amount that reconstituted that you can find...
most sit at 30-50% juice...
Sometimes you can get juice mixes that include either apple or grape juice in it to make up the 75-100% juice.
I suggest using Wellfleet, Northland or OceanSpray's answer to those two upstart brands... their "new" 100% juice blends. You can also use Juicy Juices' Cherry Juice because it uses both apple & grape juice to make up the difference...& cherry is a stone fruit known for its high Vitamin C content.

IF you are using concentrated formulaes: Reconstitute EVERYTHING according to the label.

If you are a purist & have the ability to either blenderize, VitaMix® or otherwise fully use whole fruit juicing techniques; then by all means use any type of apple that appeals to you; Just wash the skin first.
*Use cranberries {defrosted ones work just fine} pitted cherries of sweet, tart or acerola if you can find them, blueberries, grapes of any color, apricots, nectarines, plums, peaches, crabapples/ may haws {make sure they are ripe!}, mangos, papayas & add enough water & honey to make the puree juicy enough to pour freely so that you don't lose any of the fiber to the waste bin. You want it to be sweet/tart because with the amount of water that you drink with it will rob most of the texture away anyway.

At this point you can take from 2-4 ounces of the juice mix in a large & I mean like a LARGE 20 ounce to 54 ounce container of water. Drink it at least three times during the day & use it as your beverage of choice for the evening as well as the first thing that you drink in the morning when you get up. Straws are okay to use. A rule of thumb is that if you have to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night; don't go back to sleep without drinking at least 4-8 ounces more of the stuff before hitting the pillow. The more the stuff gets through your system; the more buggies are dying & being flushed out before they can create havoc.

Please don't ice the drink as the very cold liquid doesn't help either your throat or your system to fight the cold germs. Likewise; please don't heat either drink to the point of boiling.

This makes your system Acid... which it is naturally supposed to be...
This, by the way is different from acid reflux & all of those other bad acid terms that we are all so afraid of.

Cold, Flu & other nasty germies can't live in that...& bad yeasties can't either but GOOD Yeasties thrive in the acid condition... This is why your doctor is always telling you to eat yogurt products with live culture while you are taking anti-biotics. Since the anti-biotics kill all yeasties; the bad ones tend to last longer & usually are the first to grow back...
{ain't that always the way...?}

Orange Juice & other citrus juices while having a good dose of Vitamin C which boosts immunity; combine with your stomach acids & turn alkaline in the output that your body uses. Alkalinity is also the end PH from the digestion of many processed foods.

Unfortunately, these days: A lot of what you eat & drink tends to make you alkaline & a hotbed of activity for all those traveling snivelling, coughing, itchy things...ygh... !


For you of the Central Florida Region: Here are some names & phone numbers of bee keepers who have honey to sell. Tell them that The Herbal Cupboard sent you:

IN DeLand: Horace Bell Honey - 1058 S. Ridgewood Avenue, DeLand, FL 32720 386-734-7798.
2lb Sizes of Gallberry, Wildflower & Orange Blossom; may be others as well.

In Mims - O, SEE Raw Honey by O.C. Rushing - 4133 W. Main Street, Mims, FL 32754 321-267-3243.
Orange & blackberry honey, may have other flavors. ASK.

Near Yalaha- George Williams Raw Honey- 352-324-2105.
2lb sizes Wildflower, Persimmon & Orange Blossom.

An average 2lbs of honey will run between $4 & $8. It will look like a "quart" sized container.
There is no accounting for taste. If you are THERE; try all the honey flavors that these bee keepers have.
They are the artists of the buzzing mileu. Better them than us.
Remember that honey on the comb, chewed; will reduce the pain of sinus headaches & encourage drainage.
Beeswax is great for your furniture too. Support your local Bee Keepers!


Many honey products can contain a botulin compound that may cause an infection in small children
that can lead to complications & sometimes death.


What I do:

I tend to keep a full bottle of the mix of the vinegar/honey in or out of the fridge all the time... EVERYWHERE. Work, home, mom's house, EVERYWHERE I go.
I drink at least one large amount of it first thing in the morning & just before I go to bed.
It doesn't bother me if I drink it before I eat or before my coffee as the acid amount that I am putting in will not interact with the dairy that I might put into my stomach afterwards. Large groups of people; people that I deal with over the counter or if I have been in contact with little kids, {babies in particular because mothers NEVER tell you that the little darlings have been ill ...& they can be lethal... to older people & anyone who easily succombs to bronchitus} or anyone who has sneezed, coughed or otherwise exhibited feeling yucky anywhere near me...
I immediately go home & drink the above recommended amount for three days...
I also stay away from most things dairy until I'm done with my coughing so that I don't exacerbate the situation.

Try it.

Then, EMAIL ME & Let me know how it works for YOU.


In researching this idea I had help with a book by a Dr. Walker who was a veterinarian back in the 40's & 50's. His landmark idea came from the fact that cows sometimes have trouble conceiving. He developed the plan of putting cider vinegar along with honey in the mash that these cows ate. It seemed to give them so much more immunity to some of the bovine sicknesses that went around; as well as helping them to sweeten their milk once they conceived AND making their pelts shine with health. It also seemed to reduce the itching caused by the ever present flies & actually caused them to repel the bites. I initially found the older paperback book in a book store; but have found many of the additional parts of my ideas through study of other old/ new books found on the remarkable search engine called obibos which is now resident on's website. I suggest that you use it when Google's search engine isn't enough.

To find out more about Herbal Medicines, Naturopathic Studies & other Alternative Therapies: Check out the following search engine...but remember to bookmark this Herbal Cupboard cfayrecipe page & come back to visit:

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Fertility & CFAY

Uhm, yes, Did I mention that drinking CFAY was probably a good idea for both men & women trying to conceive? The same theory of PH plays a goodly part in egg attachment & receptivity on the part of the female for the male sperm to have success. AND the male sperm is more successful in its myriad wiggles when its carrying liquid is more acid than alkaline.
{a moooving experience, If I might say so...} THAT is proven through countless trials on {I blush to say this} bulls & cows throughout the 1940's & the 1950's; prior to the used of artificial insemination, inoculants & other hormonal incentives.
Again, this acidity is different from that which causes acid reflux & is not to be seen as a disruptive part of anyone's life...
{maybe the baby bottles at 0300, but not CFAY}





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Other uses of Cider Vinegar Solution:

As a semi last word: Cider Vinegar by definition is a weak solution of acid. 5% acid is table & pickling strength. The Italians use vinegar to soak body parts which have come into contact with sea urchin or other spines. The brine as it were softens the spines & their barbs long enough to pull them out without damaging the skin worse by having to cut the things out.

Conversely; when you get a sunburn; you can add a 1/4 cup of cider vinegar to a FULL bath of warm/ not hot water & soak yourself in it. You can also add a tablespoon full to a 32 ounce glass / bowl & dip a cloth or cotton ball into the solution & dab your skin with it to reduce ouch & itch associated with sunburn.
Considering that I live in the place where most people come & GET sunburned; I also suggest that if you are over the age of 5 that you should also take one aspirin every 4 hours of the worst of your sunburn; which will... after the first five hours that it takes to fully develop...last anywhere from 1-5 days until your "peel".
Remember here; that anything that basically blisters the first DAY is going to be a really bad burn & ought to have a doctor's prescription to make sure that you didn't fry multiple layers of skin to the point that you might get sun poisoning which would be unpleasant on TOP of having the sunburn...& could kill you.

That being said; a very weak solution of cider vinegar can also be used on cotton balls to wipe gently any places that tend to itch. Using a solution of cider vinegar will stop major amounts of skin from itching & using the CFAY INSIDE of you at the same time; may change your PH enough that the overall itchies that we sometimes get will completely go away.

I don't believe in ladies douching with a cider vinegar solution. I don't believe that anything should be used directly on or in the canal except for soap & water. That being said; if the CFAY & dried cranberries, raisins & other fruits that you are "now" taking along with drinking copious amounts of water; knowing about CFAY's Anti-yeast infection properties aren't working fast enough; you could take a very very weak solution; tablespoon in 32 ounces of water & gently wipe the outside folds of skin a few times a night. You can also try the bath effect but remember that the bad yeasties will then be floating around looking for more skin; which you will be soaking as well.

PLEASE Feel Free to print these pages out for people resistant to the internet & computers.
Reducing misery & saving lives is more important than converting people to computers at this point.
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