Winter/Spring 2009

Welcome to Dream Scents {Sense}

What you dream may have many menaings.
Here are some interpretations of herbs & herbal lore as it pertains to dreams.

Many old fashioned herbals include the use of dream interpretations especially for herbs & herbal products. I have included them here as a form of whimsy to combat the rather clinical other portions of this treatis on herbs & things herbal. One of the books that I'll be quoting from I found in an old book store somewhere in Long Island in the early 1970's. I think that they lived down the block from me, these antiquarians & I was most likely a tax on their nerves for their later years as I was quite inquisative about a variety of subjects, none too dear to their hearts except that I was a rabid reader & loved sparkly things, especailly chrystal in nature.

Anyway, the book is called {Herbs & Things, written in 1972 by an herbalist/author named Jeanne Rose & published byGrosset & Dunlap Workman Publishing Company, NY, NY}.

There are also references to: The Rodale Herb Book, Printed in 1974 & Edited by William H. Hylton & published by the Rodale Press Book Division in Emmaus, PA

As well as The Green Pharmacy, writen by one of my mentors; Dr. James A. Duke in 1997. Published by the Rodale Press Book Division in Emmaus, PA & distributed in the United States by St. Martins Press. This wasn't meant to be where my bibliography was going to hide, that's going to take many many entries & have to be its own page by the time that this treatis is done, but there are a few of my sources anyway!

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Betony tea, Betony, Wood- A tea drunk from wood betony according to ancient herbalist shields the dreamer from nightmares & monsters therein as well as frightful visions & dreams.

Clover, Red - To dream of a field of clover is to be very fortunate in life.

Dandelion To dream of a field of dandelinon forcasts ill fortune.

Elder, wood of Similarily in Denmark it is considered to be protected by the "Elder Mother" & that if wood is used to make cradles for babies that the "Elder Mother" would strangle the children sleeping in them. Not a good place for Dreams at all, eh?

Heliotrope- To Find things that have been lost, gather the heliotrope in August during the sign of Leo & wrap the flowers in bay leaves with the tooth from a wolf & place it under your pillow. When you dream, you will drealm of where your things are & who took them. (Herbs & things, 1972).

Jasmine - To dream of jasmine means good fortune, good news for lovers, and the prohphecy of an early marriage.

St. John's Wort - It is said that if you pick the plant on the date of St. John's birthday June 24th or Midsummer's Night's Eve & hand it on your bedroom wall, you will dream of your future husband.

Valarian - Stuff a portion of valerian into the pillow that your cat/dog sleeps on & he/she will go crazy for love of that pillow. Great to acclimate a pet to his own bed instead of yours!