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This is my Online WorldHerbs® Formulary.

It is also my "thesis" for my doctoral work in Naturopathic Medicine. This has been an ongoing lesson in webwork & herbal lore that has been in the works for over 10 years. This site is FREE for private/ commercial research. Email if you would like to "borrow" any for any other use; other than printing sections off to show your physician. I've included herbs found in American, American Indian, Ayurvedic/ Indian, Asian, TCM, African, Australian / New Zealand native medicinals, Pan Asian, German Commission E recommendations & advisories; & all other countries' /cultures'formulae. If I've missed any, if there are other names that you know these herbs by; in ANY language; or you know of one or another that I should address. Please please email the herbalist. .

Herbs are used to aid in the healing of wounds, illness; they serve as a preventative to sickness as well as to maintain human & animal well being. More herbs are added every few weeks. Come back & visit us. Definitions can also be found at ebay on our storefront to explain the various ingredients in the products.

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Some day the Formulary will be interactive with all sections of The Herbal Cupboard. This means that all of the combination & singular herbs in the PaperLess Catalog; including the herbs in Merlin's Teas & any other formula or herbal ingredient mentioned in the myriad side articles; ideas, thesis side branches, etc... will have a link or links to each individual herb listed. I'm not the world's best html coder & I don't use the bells & whistles approach to coding so its taking a loooong time. I apologize for the delay. I am in contact with major drug manufacturers so that herbal warnings can also be added to The Formulary. Always welcome are suggestions for more herbs, formula, herbal books, pharmaceutical research & other herbal official usage to add. Bookmark us because I'm always "planting" more ideas/ sections. In 2007 alone I will most likely be adding up to 100 or more herbs; so please make sure to visit us often.

There are a lot of sites out there which are into the web for commercial benefit. This part of my website is for information more than gain & there are a lot of herbs on here that I just don't sell. Use the information here as my gift. In the long run; this will most likely make up a portion of my docotoral thesis on the use of herbal supplements for good health. In the meantime if it can help you, Selah, so be it; I will have accomplished more than just another expensive piece of paper to put on my "wall of frame".

Caveat: This is a completely FREE Formulary. I've changed the colors on the backgrounds & text so that you can print off these pages on your computer. This way you can take the printout to your doctor to see if you can incorporate one or more of these herbs into your health routine. Pharmacology & Phyto-pharmacology or herbal pharmaceuticals & herbal supplements can work hand in hand with regular medicines; as long as both practitioners know what you are taking. Remind yourself that it may be a learning experience for both you & your practictioner.
My only request is that you let other people know of the existence of
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Choose Wisely.

A Plethora of Herbs:

Leaves, Flowers, Stems, Barks, Seeds, Seed Hulls, dried whole, coarse ground or finely ground Resins, Roots or the whole plant may be used in Herbal Therapies. This is where "we" basically differ from Pharmaceuticals. Rarely does an herbal product contain a single isolated attribute or chemical from a plant. Plants naturally seem to contain both useable chemicals & also the chemicals that temper or mitigate the original chemical. Herbal Combinations usually use the attributes of many herbs to work with each other. That being said; there are a lot of herbal essences, essential oils & isolates out there. That normally occurs when the plant's other attributes might have a poisonous or non curative power as well as the needed ones.
The Formulary's data base includes herbs that can be used as: tinctures, teas, salves, creams {massage or otherwise}, cosmetics, poultices, soaks, wraps, pads, infusions or simply as ingredients in cooking/ juicing, etc.

Most of the herbs found on this site can either be gotten as supplements, singular herbs or tea combinations or can be grown or gotten as dried/ tincture ingredients from Richter's Herbs; which is a Canadian based grower who supplies me with superb products & customer services. If you get the urge to grow anything that you read about here; just click on one of the available Richter's links & cruise around their site. I promise you; whatever you buy from them: plant, seed, plug tray - whatever... you will be satisfied or at least as satisfied as you are with my products!

These herb source pages will give you a basic definition of each herb. There will be links to Groupings, Historical, Bible & other religious texts & Asian listings as well as to our own offerings of single & multiple herbal combinations & tea blends. These herbs & Combinations can be found listed in

The Herbal Cupboard & for sale in our PaperLess Catalog.

Whenever possible; I will try to include additional pages of information/ lists/ interest items as adjunct links so that the time that it takes to load the current compendium isn't enormous. I am supposed to be splitting the alphabetized pages into individual ones; but THAT's taking even longer than originally planned...

Check out our newest page on Alternative Therapies or "ologies"

Three Notes about Groupings:

1. Herbs tend to fall into categories which describe general attributes. I will try to keep these general attributes close to the front of each definition. Note The herbs themselves may treat something in exact opposite of their general category...such as a Stimulant that is also a Nervine due to its Diuretic nature. As this formulary continues to evolve; I will try to go back & do a color link & have this "glossary" on every alphabatized page so that you can easily refer back to it without having to back track the pages.

2. This formulary has been ongoing for about 4 years now & I really don't see an end in sight because as fast as I get them loaded onto their respective alphabetic spaces; a new herb pops up on the horizon that needs to be put in as well. In this regard; I have fallen behind on colorizing them according to the groupings that I had initially planned.
However all Asian herbs are colored Red which is a color of good fortune. I have lumped ALL Asian herbs into this color but will also mention their specific groupings when I have that information available. Someday; the rest of these Stimulants through Tonics will also show up. Anyone who would like to READ through the formulary & pick out which is which; list them & send them to me on email will be considered an angel of mercy.

3. I may also have to resort to colorizing the other continental herbs so that they are more easily recognized by people who may not know how to spell them. Be advised that if an herb is normalized to Africa; the listing will mention that. If it is an herb found in certain "old fashioned" country names; I will put what I knew to be their names when I initially found the herb...However in today's rapidly changing political scene; you may have to be somewhat forgiving about the place names.

Stimulants:   Stimulants increase stimulus to the whole body's system. Increases blood circulation.

Diuretics:   Diuretics Increase the output of urine; removing harmful substances from the system.

Expectorants:   Expectorants They cause the expulsion of mucus & help to break up congestion.

Astringents:  Astringents Natural cleansers. Antibiotic in nature.

Nervines/ Calmatives:  Nervines Relieve nervous irriation caused by strain & tension

Tonics:   Tonics Benefit the whole body by strengthening the organs that are affected by the action of the digestive system.

Chinese or Asian Herbs  Will include the Chinese/Asian names plus our latin name plus where & what it benefits -No Asian Herbs should be taken without the advice of either a registered TCM or Asian Herbal Pharmacist's advice. These herbs treat the whole body in a completely different medical mindset. See TCM for more details on this truely Alternate Therapy.



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Please use these navigational letters to cruise through The Formulary. Many of the herbs can be found in teas, tinctures & singular & herbal combinations on other portions of this site. Some are only available as seeds or plants from Richter's Herbs & other nurseries. I share information via email. I also sell many herbs/combinations for the wholesale/retail market as well. This is not a multi-level organization. If you are a retailer with the proper credentials {ie state/ province resale id}; you can order product via email/ and/or snail mail & it will be shipped directly to your store. If you are interested in buying your own supplements, teas or tinctures; the PaperLess Catalog will assist you in your quest.

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Once we've actually gotten enough herbs to satisfy my graduate adviser on this Formulary of WorldHerbs, I intend to flesh out my Glossary of Phytopharmacology, which will help explain many of the terms used in the definitions of the herbs on this site & on the two sales sites as well. I will do my best to anchor & link each herb with its definition & some day; any pharmacology terms used as well. It's just one programmer here that's doing the work by hand along with my nice PageSpinner program by Vincent Tan & Peter Li, but it is still a HUGE undertaking.

Check back often; And Bookmark Us because new developments & translated studies on herbs are becoming increasingly available. When possible; if there is newer research done on some of these herbs; you will see a link that will take you to that research area. I will also {someday} have the all of the hundreds singular herbs, tinctures, oils & tea blends on Merlin's Teas all linked to the order site so that you can order them as well. When I finally do that; I don't think that my payment processing people will EVER talk to me again.

If there is an herb that you do not see here: email us & we'll try to research it for you. Please add the name of the herb & the question to your subject line so I know its a "valid" email question. The Herbalist...



Acacia gum - {Acacia senegal} (Atl. gum arabic) Water soluable. When disolved in boiling water it clarifies or becomes clear at which point it can be used as an adhesive. Edible, the gum has nutritive properties & is a calmnative for stomach issues and can sooth mucus membranes. Acacia gum is found in medical compounds for diarrhea, coughs, bronchitis & upset stomach. The bark is very rich in tannins. In Australia the wood of the Acacia tree is called Wattle bark. Hawaiian Acacias yield Koa wood.

Acacia Flowers- { Acacia farnesiana} (Alt. Sweet Acacia) The Piaiute Indians use the seeds for eye inflammation by placing 4 seeds under each eyelid before going to bed. During the night the moisture from the eye will cause the seeds to swell & they accumulate all of the toxins & grit & things that can get into the eyes. In the morning the seeds & goo are removed along with all of the irritants in the eyebed itself. The very fragrant flowers are used in many perfumes, shampoos & conditioners as well as high end hand creams.

Agar Agar -
Thickening or Jelling agent from the sea - high in minerals.

Agrimony -{Agrimonia eupatoria} (Also called cockleburr & stickwort) Whole plant used. Assists liver functions. Stops bleeding of wounds. Underground stem has astringent properties & when boiled will yield a yellow dye. Stimulant to the bile ducts. Tea is used as a blood cleanser to reduce jaundice, kidney & bladder problems. when used with any pure fat; as a poultice it will draw old, ugly sores and/or wounds that have defied healing in the past

Agrimony, Chinese - {Agrimonia pilosa} (alt. Xian He) Leaves used. Chinese parasitical used externally in tincture or taken internally. Kills tinea (versicolor or otherwise) malaria plasmodia, & vaginal infections. Assists liver function. Used to stop bleeding & prevent infection.

Agrimony, Hemp - {Eupatorium cannabinum} Leaves used. Tea is used as a blood cleanser & purifyer. Treats diarrhea, sore throat & restores menstrual cycles. Good for liver & to reduce jaundice

Ajmud - {Carum roxburgianum} Seeds used. Ayruvedic medicine & Indian spice. Digestive. Reduces bronchitus, bowel pain & asthma.

Ajowan - {Carum copticum } Leaves & seed used. Ayruvedic medicine & Indian spice. Digestive. Reduces sore throats, bronchitus & coughs.

Alder, Common {Alnus glutinosa } (Alt. A. nigra Black Alder A decoction boiled with other herbs used for strengthening liver & kidneys. Use only dried bark as fresh bark will cause one to vomit. Boiling the inner bark in vinegar & rubbing this on the body will kill lice, help reduce the symptoms of scabies, & dry up scabs. If used as a toothpaste; it will cleanse them. Place alder leaves on floor of kennel or other areas to ward off fleas..

Alfalfa - {Meidigo sativa } Leaves & flowers used. Estrogenic. Has a stimulating effect on the connective tissues of a body helping it to heal wounds. Alfalfa improves the appetite, binds serum cholesterol; as a diuretic it helps to cleanse the bladder & kidneys. Normally grown as a fodder plant for animals; it contains Vitamins: A, E, K, D, B6, calcium & trace minerals. Alfalfa is a blood cleanser. It helps ease arthritis, fatigue and also helps to redeposit calcium in teeth. 1st mention of Alfalfa was in a book of plants by the Emperor of China in 2939 B.C. It includes 8 digestive enzymes used in commercial food preparations even today: Lipase - a fat splitter, amylase - acts on startch, Coagulase- coagulates milk & clots the blood, Emulsin- acts on sugar, Invertase- changes cane sugar to dextrose, Peroxidase- oxidizes the blood, Pectinase- forms vegetable jelly from pectin, and Potease- digests proteins. Good to reduce endometriosis, may help in lactation for nursing mothers, allieviates symptoms caused by menopause. Alfalfa sprouts contain more protein than wheat or corn. *Warning - may trigger lupus like or lupus symptoms in sensitive individuals.

Alkanet {Anchusa officinalis } Blood Cleanser, diuretic, helps induce perspiration.

Allheal - {Prunella vulgaris } External & Internal Wound healer. Good for convalescence after surgery. Use as an infusion, a poultice or a gargle.

Allspice - {Pimenta dioica, officianalis} Warming cordial. Has an anethesthetising effect when used in ointments or herbal creams/ baths.

Almond- {Prunus communis var.dulcis} Sweet scented flowers used in fragrances. Ripe almonds are ground into a meal to be used in facial scrubs as they both cleanse & slightly bleach facial skin. Oil of almond used in fine cosmetics, wonderful as a massage oil or as a base for other massage products. It can be used for cooking and polishing fine furniture. Oil of bitter almond is used to flavor essences {after the more poisonous prussic acid is removed!} & is also used to scent fine bath & cosmetic products.

Aloe Vera - {Aloe vera from Cuacao or Barbados, A. perryi from Socotra island or Zanzibar} Leaves are used. Vitamins C, A, Niacin & Selenium. Contains saliscylic acid which soothes & aids in the healing process for abrasions, burns, skin disorders, can be used externally as well as a Tonic. Reduces inflammation of stomach lining from allergic reactions to food. Also has Laxative action but its extreme bitterness as well as strength means that it needs an additional carminative to bring down the reaction to aloe juice alone. Juice also used as a gel to sooth sunburns, burns of the skin, fine cosmetics & to help reduce the itch of insect bites. May also be used as a vermifuge ie it may help to kill any worms or parasies growing in the body.

Aloe, Cape - {A. ferox from Africa} Source for pharmaceutical purgative. Contains anthraquinone glycosides, barbaloin in particular which is purgative in nature. Ingredient of the "Swedish Bitters".

Alum- {Aluminum} One of two colorless, crystalline double sulfates of aluminum that has a sweetish-sourish astringent taste. It is used internally as an emetic. Externally it is normally seen as a stypic or stopper of blood flow for men & women when shaving. Can be found in many old fashioned first aid boxes in either a solid or powder form..

Alum Root - {Gernaium maculatum}(Alt. Storksbill, wild geranium) The Blackfeet Indians boiled alum root in water for use as an eyewash. They pounded up the root & applied it wet to sores & swellings. A powerful Astringent when mixed with yarrow & plantain, it can be used as a douch or mixed with sage to heal canker sores. It has been used in medicines & deoderants. Mixed with sugar, it can be given to children as an internal astringent.

Amaranth - {Amaranthus hypochondriacus} Flowering herb much recommended for help in reducing symptoms of diarrhea & hemorrhages of the bowels. It has been used for hundreds of years as a reducer of flow from extreme menstruation. The Ancient Greeks felt that it had restorative properties hence its name coming from the Greek word for unwithering. As a symbol of immortality it was used to adorn graves & tombs.

Andrographis - {Andrographis paniculata} (Kalmegh) Scandinavian herb used to fight the common cold. Works against upper respiratory infections. Clinical trials have shown the herb to work better than echinacea. Besides working to boost the immune system & to ward off future infections it has adptogen properties allowing it to be used to battle both infections & cancer like growths. As a bitter, as a potent source of anti-oxidants that protect the liver, this herb has potentials of doing more good. Asian clinical studies show the herb to help reduce the effects of gastrointestinal infections as well as hepatitis, herpes & other throat infections.

Angelica - {Angelica archangelica} (Alt. Archangel) Roots & fruit are used in perfumes & to flavor liquors. Practically the whole plant is useful at all times of its growing cycle. Tender shoots are used for sweetmeats & are also eaten as a vegetable. Taking a powder of the seeds mixed with hot water, while fasting will guard the faster from infection. Good for the circulation of blood & bodily fluids. Relieves symptoms of cystitis, reduces inflammation from Arthritis & Bursitis. Expectorant & Anti-spasmodic. Stems are usually candied. Eases upset stomaches, gastric ulcers & reduces stress. Drunk as a tea it supposedly brings on menstruation in women suffering from lack of their periods & also after childbirth to help expel the afterbirth. A compress of the hot herb can be used to sooth gout. It can be used externally in sweat baths & lodges & also as a poultice for the eyes. Aids in reducing bronchial problems {however, it can make you sun sensitive}. Angelica contains 15 compounds which act as Calcium channel blockers. These blockers can aid in treating mild Angina.

Anice - {Pimenta dioica} Aids digestion, calms coughing. the oil can help to expel flatulence. Flavoring herb in both eastern & western cooking/ pharmaceuiticals.

Anise Seed - {Pimpinella anisum, or Illicium verum} Contains chemicals: creosol and alpha pinene which help loosen bronchial phlem. Ancient Greeks used tea made from Anise & Fennel to combat asthma and other respiratory ailments. A few seeds dropped into warm milk can be used as a sleep aid. Seeds are also used as flavorings in breads & pastries. Stimulant,Tonic, Coughs, Gastric problems, bronchitis, asthma, increase mother's milk production.

Apple - {Malus domestica} Apple pulp is rich in pectin. It is anti-diarrhea because the pectin acts like a stool softener. It is also anti-constipating. Apples, like psyllium are Amphoteric; they unplug you when you're constipated & plug you when you're loose as a goose.

Apricot - {Prunus armeniaca} The apricot was most likely the true fruit of knowledge in the garden of Eden, instead of the apple, due to its range of growth habit. Their intial home may have been China. A single apricot tree may live up to 100 years. The apricot kernal is most used ground as a facial scrub for its cleansing & scrubbing properties. Apricot oil from the kernals is also an emollient & is found in products for both the skin & body. Dried powdered fruit is supposed to be an excellent scrub for oily skin. The fruit itself contains much fiber & excellent iron & Vitamin C.

Arnica - {Arnica chamissonis} (alt. Arninca American) {Arnica montana} (alt. Arnica, European). Leaves Used. Should be used Externally only. Especially effective in salve or linament form for burns, bruises & inflammation. Stimulates the healing process. Avoid during pregnancy.

Arrow Root - {Maranta arundinacea} Orignally used by the American Indians to heal wounds caused by poisoned arrows. In its dried form, it is a good deterrant for Athlete's foot. Simply sprinkle it in all of your closed toe shoes. Good for the circulatory system. As a nutritive food for children & the elderly or people recuperating from stomach issues; or invalids; the product is easily digested, pleasant tasting & contains about 82% starch. Reduces varicose veins, arthritis & other skin inflictions.

Asafoetida - {Ferula asa-foetida or F. rubicaulis} (alt. Devil's Dung, Food of the Gods) Persian & Indian. Gummy dried juice of 4 year old non flowering plant roots makes up the spice. Used to combat nervous disorders & hysteria. Expectorant & a Stimulant. Stimulates the mucus membranes to treat digestive/ respiratory complaints. Native to Afghanistan, Iran & Turkestan.

Asparagus - {Asparagus officinalis} Excellent tasting food & also used as a diuretic. The root is diaphoretic & laxative in nature as well as able to be used as a sedative. Shoots used to be cooked with butter & garlic & then pulverized to use as a beverage that would work as an aphrodisiac for both men & women. This beverage would have been drunk several days in a row during the season that the shoots were available. Excellent source of Iron, Selenium & Silica.

Ash Bark - {Santhroxyphum, various} Bitter tonic, astringent

Ash, Prickly - {Zanthroxylum clava-herculis} Stimulant. Good for the circulatory system. Reduces varicose veins, arthritis & other skin inflictions.

Ashwagandha - {Withania somnifera} Ayurvedic (Indian) herb. Strengthening tonic. Combats infertility, impotence, general weakness & insomnia. Possible further studies to see if it can combat Alzheimer's disease.

Asparagus, Chinese - {Asparagus cochinchinensis} (alt. Tian Men Dong) Chinese Herbal. Antibiotic & Anti-inflammatory. Treats dry cough, dry throat, & bronchitis. has been used to combat diabetes & breast cancer.

Aster, New England -{Aster novae-angliae} American Indian treatment to reduce fever & bronchial complaints. Smudging herb for romantic interludes. Native American Indian herb used as smudge to revive unconcious patients.

Astragalus, Chinese - {Astragalus membranaceus} (alt. Chinese Milkvetch, Huang Qi.) Immune enhancing. Fortifies spleen & "Qi" {chi}Tonic, Lowers blood sugars & blood pressure. Good for kidneys & liver function.

Avens - {Geum ubanum} Tea /decoction used to treat symptoms of dirrhea or indigestion. May be used externally as a wash for wounds.

Avocado - {Persea americana} One of the highest fat fruits. Being a mono-unsaturated fat; however it can REDUCE cholesterol. May also relieve symptoms of gout.

Aztec Sweet Herb- {Phyla (Lippia) dulcis } Sweet herb containing camphor compounds. Used to treat coughs, colds, bronchitis & other respiratory ailments in South America.

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Baby's Breath, Manchurian - {Gypsophila oldhamiana} (alt. Yin chai hu) Chinese TCM herb. Reduces Jaundice, rheumatism, used to combat side effects of tuberculosis, typhoid fever & lung disease. Used for Yin deficiency and/or to combat low grade fever.

Bacopa-{Bacopa monniera} (Brahmi; Thyme-leaved gratiola) Ayurvedic Indian herb to strengthen memory & regain mental clarity. True medicinal herb. Whole plant is used. Can be made into a nerve & cardiac tonic with a tranquilizing action. Dependable remedy for treatment of nervous breakdown, epiliepsy, hysteria, insanity and debility. Fresh leaves are juiced & given to children for coughs, deep catarrh, bronchitis & diarrhea. In case of pnuemonia or other deep upper respiratory infections; a poultice is made of the boilded herb & is applied to the chest. Can be used as a diaretic & as such, to treat rheumatism.

Bai Zhi -{Angelica dahurica.} Chinese medicinal herb. Antibacterial, Antipyretic & analgesic properties. Strengthens spleen. Builds chi energy.

Bai Zhu -{Atractylodes macrocephala} Chinese medicinal herb. Strengthens spleen. Builds chi energy. Roots are used to treat diarrhea, fatigue, lack of appetite.

Balloon Flower -{Platycodon graniflorus} Important Asian medicinal herb. Cough syrup made from the leaves.

Balm- {Melissa } Used as both a stimulant to the heart & to calm the nerves. Should be included in every gardener's medical cabinet as a principle tea/ tonic herb. Tea can be drunk to start perspiration to drop a fever. Heart Stimulant, Wound healer, fights herpes. Repairs a "tired" brain. Blam can be mixed with honey & vinegar, warmed & used to gargle for sore throats & teeth. Calmnative. Steeping leaves in wine & using them as a poultice will draw the sting from scorpions & other spiderbites. Steeping fresh leaves in wine will draw boils to open. Nervine. Good bee plant for honey production.

Balm of Gilead, American -{Populus balsamifera, Populus candicans} (Alt. Tacomahaca or mecca balsam, or balsam) Not the herb of the bible. American Indian herb. Tincture used for chest congestion, stomach & kidney complaints as well as rheumatism. Stimulant, Expectorant, Tonic & Diuretic. Steeped in rum, the buds will help to heal cuts & bruises. Ointment made with oil or creme base is useful for bruises & swellings, sunburn, skin infections & nasal salve for dry passages.

Balm Lemon, Citronella -{Melissa officianlis} Bug chaser of yore.

Balsam Fir -{Impatiens balsamina} (alt. Tou Gu) A medicinal herb in China. Gargle for sore throats, resin is a treatment for sinus congestion & can be applied as a poultice to help arthritis, cuts & bruises.

Ban Xia - {Piniella ternata.} Chinese TCM herb. Contains ephedrine. Stimulant. Used to combat conditions of dampness & phlegm. Used to control volmiting. Strengthens spleen. Builds chi energy & directs flow upward.

Barberry -{Berberis aquifolium}(Oregon Grape, Mountain Grape). Contains the alkaline beriberine which is an antibiotic compound.An exellent wine & jelly may be made from the fruit. The wood is used frequently to make cruicifixes. Bark & roots may be used to create a yellow dye. In Chinese clinical studies; beriberine has reduced cardiac arrhythmias by more than 50% of those people taking it & not a placebo. Bushlike plant tops 10ft. in height. Holly like leaves, fragrant yellow flowers then drooping clusters of red berries. Beriberine also has the ability to kill parasites: expel worms & treat ringworm. Also contains saponin which is a cleanser. American Indians made a decoction of the bark of the roots used for general debility or to create an appetite. It made a bitter tonic which was introduced into American medicines around the late 1800's & was in the general pharmacopaea until the 1950's. Leaves were chewed for reducing acne, A root decoction was used for cough, kidney & liver ailments. Good for liver, spleen, reduces blood pressure; helps clear acne, boils, ulcers. High in calcium, iron, chlorine, sulpher, B1, B2, niacin & folic acid.

Basil -{Ocimum, various}Sweet spice, nervous disorders, digestive, anti-bacterial, reduces swelling from bee stings. A decoction with honey & nutmeg along with basil will ease diarrhea. Leaf wine is an aphrodisiac, also are mosquito-repellant expel worms & treat ringworm, snake bite, insect bites & acne. As such it is a drawing agent.

Basil, Camphor- {Ocimum minimum} East African native. Commerical source for camphor. Leaves used. Infusion in tea relieves stomach & cold symptoms.

Sacred Basil - {Ocimum sanctum} (alt. Tulsi, Holy Basil) Hindu, Indonesia. Mildly intoxicating. Grown in houses all over India.

Basil, Wild - {Ocimum basilicum}Leaves used. Infusion in tea brings relief to overcome jelly belly.

Bay Leaves - {Laurus nobilis}(Alt. Sweet Bay, Laurel, True Laurel, Bay Laurel) Said to purify food, aid in digestion, mildly narcotic. A leaf decoction may be used as a soak for sprains & rheumatic joints -may irritate skin. American Indians used Bay leaves in a hot bath to combat Arthritis, placed the hot wet leaves on their heads to help reduce headaches & place a piece of leaf inside the nostrils to help clear them. Strewn on the floor of houses & pet pens, they will chase fleas away.

Bayberry - {Myrica cerifera} (Wax Mytrle, Candleberry) Root Bark and/or berries used. Boiling berries in water will cause a waxy substance to float, gathering it when it hardens; you may make candles from it. Good for Skin Circulation, stomach, cleanses intestines, aids in digestion, clears toxic mucus in female tracts. Excellent as a gargle made from tea from the leaves for colds, coughs & jaundice. Leaves are aromatic & a stimulant. Bark is used for diarrhea & dysentery. A wash or poultice of the leaves/ bark can be used for sores, boils & carbuncles, pwdered bark may be applied directly to wounds to aid in healing. High in Vitamin C & calcium. Trace elements: phosphorus, potassium & zinc. B1, B2, niacin & vitamin A.

BDellium -{Commiphora africana}(alt. Gum bdellium) True source of gum bedellium mentioned in Old Testament. Tribal ritualistic herb used by Arabic cultures. Carminative, Stomach relief, & to help relieve congestion in colds/bronchial problems.

BeardTongue -{Penstemon barbatus} American Indian "life medicine". Used to allieve menstrual & stomach pain, draw wounds, reduce swellings & coughs.

Bedstraw, Yellow -{Galium verum} (alt. Lady's Bedstraw, Cleaver's Vine, Maid's Hair, Cheese Rennet) Herb used in King Henry's day to dye hair. The folk of cheshire, a cheese making area in Britain, use the herb in their rennet, a substance used to first curdle the cheese proteins from the whey which adds a rich taste. American Indians used it as a healing agent for burns, nosebleeds, to quell internal bleeding. Bedstraw may help to reduce kidney stones & urinary diseases. A decoction or syrup is useful for bladder or kidney complaints

Bee Balm - { Monarda didyma} (Bergamot, Oswego Tea). Source for alternative tea during the Boston Tea party. The Shakers (A Quaker subgroup, known for its medicinal records) used beebalm for colds & sore throats. It is also a stimulant, carminative & a rubefacient. Beebalm can be harvested twice, once after it blooms & again after the second blooming. As a perennial every three years the roots should be pulled & the outer ones resown, the inner ones may be composted. Tea materials are the leaves/ flowers. Both Honey bees & humingbirds & humans will be drawn to its citrus like scents in the garden. Great as an addition to potpourries. Red & off red colors as well as yellow have been recorded. All are medicinal. Good to reduce menstrual cramps, colds, nausea, fevers

Bee Pollen - Allergies, quick energy, slows down aging process

Beet, Sugar - {Beta vulgaris "Saccherifera') Fuel Additive plant with 50% more available Ethanol content than corn products can create. Also used to produce sugar & sugar substitutes. Two large roots will yeild about a cup of sugar & half a cup of blackstrap molassas. A six month plant, most temperate zones may be able to double crop this plant to produce a re useable energy source. Sows in May, roots are pulled in October which concentrates their sugar content. This is the crop that can lower our corn costs & create a renewable energy source for cars/ vehicles.
Beet Powder -{Beta vulgaris "Saccherifera')Energy, susbstantive drive, sweetener, minerals

Begger-lice- {Desmodium styracifolium } Asian Vine. Fruits used. Small loose fruits cling to clothing. Chinese medicine for treating kidney stones. Japanese clinical studies on gallbladder & kidney stones show vine fruits help body to excrete excess calcium in the urine.

Belladonna- {Atropa belladonna } Anti spasmotic. Helps treat eye diseases. helps lessen inflammation/ pain of joints/ bruises. Source of Atropine.

Benzion Gum - {Styrax benzion} (Alt. Benjamin) A resin gotten from the trees from the group called Styrax. Reduces incontinence in both sexes. Anti-fungal, Expectorant - clears the lungs & creates spit in the human body. Used as a fixative for perfume & incense. Mixed with glycerin, it will reduce chapped hands & is good for nursing mothers to smooth skin on their nipples. Antiseptic. Anti-pyretic. As it most likely voids from the body through the kidneys & bladder, it will disinfect as it travels through that system. Tincture is used for poultices & skin problems.

Benzoic Acid- Occurs naturally in prunes & cranberries. Organic chemical used as a preservative, prevents the growth of yeasts, molds & retards racidness in oils. As a Diuretic and an antipyretic, it is also Antiseptic. Cosmetic uses include keeping products from darkening. Tincture is used for poultices, medicines, dyes, plastics & insect repellants.

Betal - {Piper betle} (alt. Baan), Stimulant herb chewed in a packet with slaked lime & other ingredients by millions of Asian Indians in the Pacific. The packets are chewed to freshen the breath. In Vietnam the leaf is used as a conversation starter. it is also a symbol of love & marriage & is used at introductory rituals throughout Asia. Somewhat addictive.

Bethroot -{Trillium erectum} (alt. Red Trillium, Birthroot, Wakerobin) American Indian herb. Root tea used for menstrual problems. Induces labor; reduces pain associated with menopause. Helps coughs, bowel problems & lung disorders.

Betony -{Stachys officinalis, S. betonica, Betony officinalis} (Alt. Wood Betony) Asthma, bronchitis, heartburn & kidney {see also wood betony} Used as a tonic it can also relieve symptoms of headache, migraine. Wood Betony tea is supposed to keep dreamers from having nightmares, It is supposed to be useful towards all diseases & afflictions of the head; including: head & ear aches, as well as watering eyes. The root tastes terrible & has been used as a way to make children vomit if necessary. Tincture of betony is used to combat hayfever & other upper respiratory allergies.

Betony, Water -{Scrophidaria aquatica or Betonica aquatica} ( Asthma, bronchitis, heartburn & kidney {see also wood betony} Used as a tonic it can also relieve symptoms of headache, migraine.

Bergamot -{Citrus aurantium var. bergamia } A small tree that resembles the lemon tree. The flowers have a wonderful odor & the fruit is pale yellow in color. The rind yields an oil that is used for perfumes & as a sleep inducer. To make a sleep pillow; mix rose leaf, rosebuds, geranium leaf as well as small piece of cottoon scented with the essential oils of lavendar, bergamot & cinnamon. Can also relieve symptoms of headache, migraine.

Bergamot, Wild-{ Monarda fistulosa or Monarda punctata} (Alt. Horsemint or Bee Balm M. fistulosa is citrus scented. M. Punctata is mint scented. Rind has oil that will aid in breaking insomnia. The Winnebago Indians use a decoction of the leaves to help cure pimples & skin growths. Can be taken for flatulence, nausea , diarrhea or rheumatism. Omaha Indian braves use an oil of the leaves as a pomade for their hair. Vinegar of bergamot can be used as a rinse to rid oneself of dandruff. Normally even if you order garden or domesticated bergamot; you will usually receive wild bergamot instead. Principle flavoring of Earl Grey tea. Fights bad breath. Leaves, stems & flowers used as well as an oil.

Bilberry -{Vaccinnium myrtillus} Fruit used. Rebuilds retina purple pigments in the eyes- helps night vision & light sensitive eyes. Contains compounds known as anthocyanins. Anthocyanins have a cholesterol lowering effect. Vasodialator - opens blood vessels & lowers blood pressure. Also help prevent formation of blood clots that can trigger a heart attack. Helps varicose veins. High in Manganese, phosphorus, iron & zinc. Trace elements: calcium sodium & silicon.

Birch, White - {Betula alba & Betula spp.} Bruised twigs smell like wintergreen. Commercial birch oil is marketed as wintergreen oil. It is used as an Astringent. As an antiseptic it is good for skin afflictions & can be added to ointments & creams & rubbed into the skin, joints, muscles & bones. In combination with citronella; the twain make a good insect repellant that isn't irritating to the skin if oil of almond or olive is added as well. A tea of the leaves will help break up kidney stones & will reduce the soreness of the mouth as well as dry canker sores. Birch leaf can also be used as a sedative. Brew in tea form. Birch essense is used to create the soda called Birch beer; which is an alternative to Root beer and/or Cream soda. Some North American Indians used the peeling bark from this tree to create canoes. Good to reduce effects of gout, rheumatism, arhtritis & dropsy/ edema.

Bistort -{Polygonum bistorta} Rhizomes are Astringent. Soothing & cooling. Used to reduce inflammation. Helps control woes from dysentery.

Bittersweet -{Solanum dulcamara} External use. Helps reduce swelling, bruises & corns.

Black Cherry -{Prunus seotina} High in Vitamin C & benzaldehyde which is a natural anti-flu fighter.

Black Cohosh - {Cimicfuga racemosa}Root used. Tonic; strengthens uterine wall for future contractions in child birth. Helps reactivate menses in women who's periods have stopped prior to menopause. Nervine; acts directly on the spinal cord as a relaxant. Stimulates natural estrogen production in women, hormone balancer, clears mucus from bronchial tubes. Rich in phosphorus, calcium & selenium.

Black Currant Leaves -{Ribus nigrum} Currants are very high in Vitamin C as well in bioflavinoids (Aka Vitamin P). It helps to strengthen the walls of blood capillaries which helps to fight the instances of Varicose veins. Brewing the leaves in tea will ease the pain of a sore throat. The fruit can be used to make a jelly & has been used as a primary flavoring ingredient in cough medicines & cough drops. Its properties help to bring forth urine from the body. Another fruit of the Ribus family is the gooseberry.

Blackeyed Susan -{Rudbeckia hirta} North American Indian tribal remedy to expel worms in children & to treat pain from snakebites to earaches.

Black Walnut - {Juglans nigra} Hulls & leaves used. Contains natural flouride. Cleanses teeth & repairs tooth enamel, helps to regulate blood sugar levels, ulcers, varicose veins, acne, carbuncles. High in maganese, potassium, selenium & iodine. Moderate amounts of iron & sodium. Also includes some of the bioflavinoids.

Bladderwrack -{Fucus vesiculosis} Contains significant amounts of Iodine & trace elements. Used to combat symptoms of Goiter, thyroid.

Blessed Thistle - {Cnicus benedictus} The whole herb is used. Strengthens memory, heart, lungs; aids in increase of mother's milk, helps young women with menstrual pain. Aids in blood circulation. Rich in vitamin A, potassium & selenium.

Blood Root - {Sanguinaria canadensis} To cause expectorant action, lowering high pulse

Blueberry - {Vaccinium, various species} Antiseptic. Contains arbutin which is both an antibiotic and a diuretic. Also contains compounds that prevent bacteria from sticking to the walls of the bladder. Lowers incidence of e. coli in bladder & tubes.

Blue Cohosh - {Caulophyllum thalictroides} Stimulates uterine contractions, nerves, reduces muscular pain in joints & muscle spasms. Rich in iron. High in maganese, selenium & vitamin E.

Blue Vervain -{Verbena officinalis}The whole herb is used. Circulation, lungs, nerves, spleen & bowels. Promotes sweating - diaphoretic & expectorant- helps reduce mucus from flu or colds. Moderate amounts of Vitamins C, E, Calcium & maganese.

Bog Aspodel-{Narthecium ossifragum or N. californicum}Part of the lily family. In Greek mythology it was associated with Persephone & the underworld. A tea made from the roots & boiled along with myrrh was used as an eye strengthener. It could also provoke a woman's period. If a tea was made with wine as the liquid might help reduce pain from hernia, spasm, coughs, & inflamations of the throat & genitals for both males & females. It is fatal to mice. Moderate amounts of Vitamins C, E, Calcium & maganese.

Boldo - {Peumus boldus} Chilean evergreen shrub. leaves used as diuretic, stomach calmnative & sedative. Boldine stimulates the flow of bile/ gastric juice & helps in the excretion of uric acid from the system. Used in South America as an STD fighter especially for gonorrhea. May be a good gout defense in the form of tea.

Boneset - {Eupatorium perfoliatum}(Alt. Snakeroot) Whole herb is used. Enhances the immune system. Stomach, liver, intestines & circulation. Considered one of the best helpers for colds & flu. MUST be processed before use as all parts of plant contain tremetone which is toxic & can be fatal if ingested raw. Helps reduce stones in kidneys & bladder. Alternate name shows use by American Indians as remedy against snakebite venom. Vitamin C, B-complex, calcium, maganesium & potassium.

Borage -{Borago offiinalis} Contains a large amount of Potassium & should be taken by anyone taking a water pill. Can be drunk as tea or taken as tincture or leaves & flowers may be served in salads as they are cucumber-like in taste. The seeds & leaves may increase milk for nursing mothers. Stimulant, can reduce depression. Expectorant, used to treat lung issues such as bronchitis. The leaves can be made into an eyewash for reddened or tired eyes. Energy source in a tea form. Ashes of the herb are boiled in wine & honey to be used as a gargle for sore throats. German Commission E reccomends a tea made of the flowers to reduce fevered colds.

Bo-Tree -{Ficus religiosa} (alt. Pipal) Sacred tree for Hindus & Buddhists. Antibacterial.

Brazil Nut - {Bertholettia excelsa} Richest source of Lecithin which contains Choline, an important pre-courser to a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine; which helps fight Alzheimer's disease. Also rich in SAM or S-adenosyl-methoinine which is a chemical that aids in pain relief for arthritis. Also great for use to reduce redness & "happy skin" associated with psoriasis & excema.

Brigham Tea - {Ephedra nevadenses}

Broccoli - {Brassica oleracea} Contains highest levels of Anti-oxidant; glutathione. Clinical studies indicate that people who are low in glutathione are more likely to have arthritis.

Broom, Scotch -{ Cytisus scoparius} Tea is suggested to reduce drospy or swelling of the lower extremities. Diuretic. Aids in reduction of Bladder & kidney disorders.

Broomwood -{Sida rhombifolia} Canary Island herb. Leaves used for tea. Contains ephedrine.

Buchu - {Agathoma crenulata} Leaves used. One of the best herbs for the urinary tract, bladder & kidneys. Soothes enlargement of prostate gland & irritation of the ureathral membrane. South African herb. Decreases inflammation of the colon. High in Calcium, potassium, sodium along with phosphorus, iron, zinc & selenium.

Buckthorn - {Rhamnus cathartica} Bark & berries used. Liver, gallbladder, blood & intestines. Stimulator for the bile ducts; cleanser for lower bowel & kidney disorders, safer than Buchu for liver. Moderate amounts of calcium, phosphorus, & potassium.

Buckwheat - {Fagopyrum esculentum} Flowering tops are high in Rutin. Rutin combats arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries by "scrubbing" them clean. Buckwheat pancakes, breads, honey & even beer are ways to ingest this product. High in Calcium, potassium, sodium along with phosphorus, iron, zinc & selenium.

Bugle Weed- {Lycopus, various species} Research supports use of tincture for treating thyroid conditions. It inhibits iodine metabolism & reduces amount of hormone produced by thyroid cells. Leaf extracts are better than root extracts. Tinctureshowed significant decrease in thyroid hormone levels. Bugleweed is used in Europe to treat mild forms or early forms of Grave's disease. As in all herbals, if you have this condition, please discuss use of this tincture with your doctor.

Bugloss, Viper's - {Anchusa officinalis or Echium vulgare (Alt. Blueweed, German madwort or the European hawkweed) Infusion of leaves helps reduce fevers, nervous ailments & headaches. For nervous complaints like tension headaches or melancholy. Tinctured into a cream or ointment, it can help smooth rough skin.

Buplarium - {Bupleurum falcatum (B. chinesis)} (Chai hu) TCM medicinal herb. Reduces abdominal bloat, menstrual pain, hemorrhoids, herpes, fever and malaria. Tea made to Reduce Stagnation in Liver

Burdock - {Articum lappa} Root, herb & seeds are used. Blood purifier. Eliminates uric acid & excess waste material in blood. Reduces pain from gout, eczema. Contains mucilage; soothes hypothalamus; aids the pituitary gland to adjust hormone balance, relieves congestion of lyphatic system; helps to break down calcification in joints. Tea made from the leaves will help dry up sores. One of four herbs in the Rene Caisse anti cancer formula. Rich in Vitamins C & B1. High in phosphorus, potassium, sodium & silicon.

Burdock, Japanese - {Arctium lappa "Takinogawa Long"} (alt. Gobo) Blood Purifier. Tea made of roots useful for skin disorders - such as exzema, psoriasis, etc. Fresh bruised leaves are used to remedy poison oak, & ivy. Mixed with the white of an egg; one can use it to reduce burns caused by fires. Mixed with honey it will induce the flow of urine & ease bladder pains. Anti-Tumor properties being evaluated.

Bur Marigold - {Bidens pilosa} (alt. Water Agrimony) Chinese TCM ingredient for flu, colds fever, sore throat, gastroenteritis & malarial infections. Whole plant utilized for tea or syrup or tablet form.

Burnet-Saxifrage -{Pimpinella saxifraga} (alt. Lessor Burnet) German Commission E recommends three to six teaspoons of Root preparation used & made into tea. Used for sore throat, intestinal inflammation, lower bowel complaints, cough, bronchial infections & to aid in reduction of side effects of asthma.

Butcher's Broom - {Spartium junceum} Root used. Good in improving circulation to prevent post-operative thrombosis, varicose veins, phlebitis & hemorrhoids. Reduces "heavy legs syndrome". Prevents clotting of the blood by acting as a diuretic, strengthens blood vessels & keeps them clean & healthy. High in iron, niacin, B1 & zinc.

Butterbur- {Petasites hybridus } Migraine reducer. Relieves respiratiory ailments. Reduces mucus & is used as a cough medicine since the middle ages. Non drowsy symptom reducer for hayfever & allergies as per new American clinical studies.

Butterfly-Pea -{Clittoria tenatea} Seeds & roots are used. Indian Ayurvedic treatment as a Purgative, Cathartic & Diuretic.



Cactus Flowers -{Cactus grandiflorus or Selenicereus grandiflorus} (alt. Sweet Scented Cactus) Frsh Cactus flowers are heavily scented but do not retain it when they dry. Stem & root are used as a cardiac stimulant close to digitalis but it isn't cumulative in effect. The fresh plant was used by the Nevada Indians in a tea for heart ailments. It also helps in Prostatic disease & pain as well as problems with the bladder & kidney. It can be made into a strong tea & used as a tonic or a diuretic. Tincture of Cactus flowers can be used for sexual exhaustion.

Cade, Oil of-{Juniperus oxycedrus} (alt.Prickly cedar or Juniper tar oil) Bark used for oil. Used for skin afflictions such as psoriasis & excema. Gets rid of parasites on animals. Use a drop of oil on ticks & they will be easy to back right out. (counterclockwise of course!) Has a bitter taste.

Cajeput, Oil of -{Malaleuca leucadendron var minor or var. cajeput} (alt. Original Name of Tea Tree for Tea Tree Oil, White Tea Tree, or Swamp Tea Tree) Australian & Far East origin. One of the most powerful plant based antiseptics or germ killers in the world. Volatile oil distilled from runoff of leaves. A few drops on the tongue of a person who has fainted will bring him/her around. Used full strength to rid oneself of insect bites, snake bite, & as an emergency rub for frostbite. Mixed with cream or oil to reduce chance of irritating the skin when applying to scratches, burns, scrapes, itches, open wounds & abrasions. Rubbed on the outer areas of the forehead & temple; it will reduce headache.

Calamus -{Acorus calamus americanus or Calamus aromaticus} (alt. Sweet Flag) The unpeeled dry rhizome is used as a tonic, a stimulant & to appease the over used stomach. Can be taken for coughs or chewed for upset stomach or gas. Chewing it will kill the taste for tobacco. While it has a delicious smell, the taste is rather bitter. Although confused with citronella in the Old Testiment, Calamus was also used by the Greeks & the Ottoman Empire. American variety does not bear carcinogens like the European strain does. Used to reduce flatulence, colic, & stomach upset. Dried root powder works as a vermifuge & for getting rid of household insects such as fleas.

Calendula or Marigold - {Calandula officinalis} Flowers are used. Blood & Skin. First aid remedy. Good to reduce swelling/ infection from bee stings, skin diseases, wounds & varicose veins. Heals with speed & relieves inflammation. Oil used for earaches. Tincture applied to sprains. Salve for cuts & bruises, great treatment for open ulcers/wounds. High in phosphorus. Contains Vitamins A & C.

Camomile - {Matricaria recutita} or M. camomilla, German Camomile, Anthemis nobilis or Roman camomile} Whole herb, especially flowers are used. Tranquilizer, anti-inflammatory. Used in bath herbs & facial creams to firm the tissues of the skin. Keeps skin looking young, firms skin around eyes & relieves weariness. An anti-spasmodic; it can be used to reduce nervous conditions. Roman camomile was cultivated in Saxony. It was good for rubbing on hard lumps & frozen or stiff joints. Egyptians suggested that taking fresh flowers (one ounce) & beat them with pure olive oil. Steep the flowers for 24 hours or more until "their virtues have been extracted." Then strain the liquid & use to rub over the body. It will help reduce ague or rhematism, or for cramped muscles or spasm. Modern healthy folk should rub this oil on their bodies before going into a sauna or steam room to produce the same effect. Camomile grown in gardens will keep away harmful insects. It is a calmnative & can help if drunk before bedtime to help you sleep. Tinctures or teas can help to dissolve kidney stones. With sugar added it is good for the spleen. it is said to reduce the effects of delerium tremens for alcoholics. German camomile is tinctured from wild plants & is good to help reduce pain from dental cavities & in the ears for earache.

Camphor Tree - {Cinnamomum camphora} (Alt. gum camphor or larel camphor) Source of topical camphor. Indigenous to Formosa or Taiwan. Passing steam through the bark of the tree causes a crystalline mass that smells of mothballs to form. Tree resembles Sassafras & linden tree. The wood & the camphor are insect repellants. You can keep them in closets, closed truncks & under houses to keep moths & other insects away. Only External use! Made into a linament; it is good to reduce bruises & sprains. Used to reduce rheumatic pain, sprains & inflammations. One of the ingredients in Tiger Balm.

Cancer Bush - {Sutherlandia frustescens} South African. Leaves used. Tea used to treat cancer, reduce fevers, pain & itch from chicken pox, helps with stomach & liver problems. Wound wash.

Candy Tuft - {Iberis amara} Homeopathic ingredient. Bitters. Used to reduce inflammation from gout, rheumatism. Helps reduce water retention such as edema/dropsy. Aids in reduction of phlem from bronchitis.

Cankerroot- {Coptis groenlandiea} American Indians particularly the Penobscot Indians chewed raw root for canker sores and fever blisters. Cankerroot can be brewed as a tea to treat both sore throat and canker sores as well.

Canola - {Brassica, various species} Australian cardiologists have shown that dietary canola oil helps prevent cardiac arrhythmias in laboratory animals. It may help humans as well.

Capers - {Capparis spinosa} Rich source of cataract-preventing compounds kown as aldose-reductose inhibitors.

Capsicum or Cayenne - {Capsicum annuum} Fruit is used. Good for heart, circulation, kidneys. blood pressure regulator, digestive. Insect & animal repellant. Stops bleeding, powerful Stimulant. Rich in zinc. High in vitamin A, C, iron, calcium, potassium & rutin.

Cardamom - {Elettaria cardamomum} Seeds of a perennial herb. Used in medicines & products for reducing stomach pain & uncomfortableness. Used in tonics & purgatives as well. It is an inhabitant of Ceylon but also grows wild all over Southeast Asia. Some people particulary like to drop several seeds into a pot of brewing coffee for a new taste sensation. Breath sweetener, reduces indigestion & flatulence

Caraway- {Carum carvi} Fruit of a biennial herb in the carrot family. Oil is used as an aromatic, a stimulant & good for stomach pains. It can be used as a pain reducer or anesthetic for broken teeth or cavities before getting to the dentists'. Simply put some oil on a cotton swab or a small piece of cotton & put into hole in tooth. Used in breads, sauerkraut & pickling recipes. It is also a Breath sweetener, reduces indigestion & flatulence

Carrot, Wild - {Daucus carota} (alt Wild Carrot, Queen Ann's Lace) Pennsylvania Dutch use wild carrot (Queen Ann's Lace) seed as a morning after contraceptive as well as a menses or period starter in women who are not of menopause age. Confirmed in laboratory experiements the seed has anti-implantation activities. Also found to have active Calcium Channel Blockers which are a class of anti-angina products. Vegetarians have a lower incidence of heart disease. .

Cascara Sagrada - {Rhamnus purshiana}(alt. American Indians called it Sacred Bark)Bark is used. Must be aged at least a year before using internally. Fresh bark can cause griping. Considered to be one of the best & safest laxatives in the herbal world. Antibiotic effect on harmful bacteria in the intestines. Reduces insomnia, reduces high blood pressure & digestive complaints & restores tone to the bowel. Rich in calcium. Moderate amounts of potassium, phsophorus, selenium & vitamin A.

Cascarilla Bark - {Croton eluteria}(alt. Sweet Wood Bark)West Indian shrub. Bitter tasting, the bark is sweet smelling when burnt in the fire. It is used as a fumigating agent, as incense and in tobacco. Make the bark into a tea for flatulence, indgestion and/or diarrhea. It also prevents vomiting.

Cassia - {Cinnamonium cassia.} (alt. Chinese cinnamon) Bark is used. Aphrodisiac for male humans. Calmative for stomach, colon, nerves. Rich in iron & selenium. High in potassium, maganese, Vitamins A & C. Used in incense & potpourries.

Catnip - {Nepeta cataria} The whole herb is used. Calmative for stomach, colon, nerves. Expectorant for coughs. Helps curb cigarette cravings. Rich in iron & selenium. High in potassium, maganese, Vitamins A & C.

Catnip, Japanese -{Schizonepeta tenuifolia} (alt. Jing Jie) Chinese TCM herb. Expels wind and promotes eruption. Helps lower temperatures & promote sweating. Good to treat colds, chills, sore throat and/or headaches. Antibacterial.

Cat Thyme - {Teucrium marum} Carminative. Good for ailments of the Gallbladder & stomach

Cat's Claw-{Uncaria tomentosa} (alt. Una de Gato) Peruvian/ South American. Tea made of the inner bark & root. Used for bone pain, urinary inflammations, colic, irritable bowel syndrom, to help heal deep wounds. Being researched as an immuno-stimulant.

Cayenne or Capsicum- Fruit is used. Good for heart, circulation, kidneys. Stops bleeding. Powerful Stimulant. Rich in zinc. High in vitamin A, C, iron, calcium, potassium & rutin. *WARNING: I have a severe reaction to all types of cayenne pepper tinctures, fruit & any oils. Oils from this fruit are sticky, they will attach themselves to your skin & only vigorous washing will remove them. DO NOT touch these fruits & then touch your skin, or mucus membranes without first washing your hands VERY WELL & often before touching your skin or burns & blisters can occur.!!!

Cedar - {Thuja occidentalis, Cedrus libani} Some cedar trees live to be over 2,000 years old. The Cedar of Lebanon was known for its extremely fragrant bark. The aromatic wood is used for furniture, cabinets, closets & coffins. It is a great insect repellant.

Celandine -{Chelidonium majus} Juice makes a latex. Mixed with vinegar; it may remove warts & corns. Brewed into a tea; it will aid in reducing output from the bile duct & relieves stomach pains.

Celery - { Apium graveolens} Reduces blood pressure, improves appetite. Contains butylidenephthalide; which helps to restart menses or periods in women too young to have started menopause.

Centaury - {Centaurium erythaea} European herb. Appetite, Digestive & lower bowel Stimulant.

Chamomile* - { Matricaria, chamaemelium} Flower used. Nerves, stomach, uterus & circulation. Contains trytophan; works like a natural sedative on the body. Helps with drug withdrawal. Rich in calcium and magnesium, medium amounts of potassium, phosphorus, and maganese.

Chapparral - {Larrea tridentata} (alt. Creosote Bush) Leaves & Stems used. American Indian medicinal herb. Rebuilds tissue, fights free radicals from Radiation, a natural detergeant for cleansing system of toxic impurities. Anti-cancer herb. High in Vitamin A, calcium & selenium, moderate amounts of Vitamin C, protein, potassium, & iron.

ChasteTree - { Vitex agnus-castus} (alt. Chasteberry, Vitex). Seed extract used. Regulates menstrual cycles & ovulation. Promotes milk flow. Reduces breast tenderness. Aids in encouraging menstrual flow in women who's menses have stopped before menopause. Normal doseage would be 20mg per day in tincture format.

Cherry, Black -{Prunus seotina} High in Vitamin C & benzaldehyde which is a natural anti-flu fighter.

Cherry, Wild - {Prunus virginiana} (alt. Chokecherry) . Bark Infusion used. American Indian medicinal herb. Controls diarrhea. Sedative.

Chervil - {Anthriscus cerefolium } Stimulant, Diuretic. An Expectorant & a Stimulant. Lowers high blood pressure. A good Wash for skin disorders

Chicory -{Cichorium intybus} Egyption, Greek & Roman herb. Potherb. Roots & young shoots used. Tonic, Nervine, Diuretic. Flower tea makes sedative.

Chickweed -{ Stellaria media} The whole herb is used. Blood, liver, lungs, bladder. Helps maintain a youthful appearance with skin, helps to dissolve plaque in system as well as fatty tumors. Poultices of leaves will reduce abscesses, ulcers & inflammation. Rich in Vitamin C, iron & zinc. High in calcium, phosphorus, potassium, silicon.

Chicory, Coffee -{Cichorium intybus} Coffee substitue. Roots used. Roasted & ground; they serve as a coffee extender, additive or replacement. Caffeine free.

Chinese Wormwood - {Artemisia apiacea} Leaves used. Asian herb used in TCM for their cooling properties. Antibiotic, Digestive, vermifuge, parasite chaser. Breaks fevers, used to combat malaria, bronchial diseases, cough, colds, gout. Used to stop nosebleeds. External wash clears up skin infections.

Chiso - {Perilla frutescens} Asian aromatic Mint. Contains compounds called Xanthin oxidase (XO) which prevent additional uric acids being formed in your system; which relieves gout.

Chives - { Allium tuberosum} Lowers blood pressure

Cicely, Sweet - { Myrrhis odorata} Sugar saver. Reduces need for sugar in baked & cooked products. Can be used fresh or dried. Anise scented leaves & stalks. Of interest to diabetics.

Cilantro - { Coriandrum sativum} Leaves, roots & seeds used. Also known as Coriander. Cilantro is used to refer to the leaves & Coriander is used to refer to the seeds. Ground seeds in an ointment will reduce painful joints. Leaves in tea or mixed with food act as a Digestive. Appetite Stimulant. Reduces stomach spasm.

Cinnamon -{Cinnamomum cassia} ( Cinnamon,most commercial) Bark of evergreen sold as cinnamon with a more spicy strong taste. This is the essential spice found in the 5-spice powder used by Asians in cooking & medicines. Relieves Diarrhea & nausea

Cinnamon -{Cinnamomum zeylanicum} (alt True Cinnamon, from Ceylon) the bark produces a lighter tasting & more mild form of cinnamon. The original spice of the spice world. Relieves Diarrhea & nausea

Cinquefoil -{Potentilla recta} Rhyzomes/Roots used. Reduces diarrhea. External application to relieve pain of burns. Reduces nausea

Clary - {Salvia sclarea} (alt. Clary Sage) Leaves used - heal wounds, sores, insect bites. tonic for colic or intestinal, mouthwash for cankers & for sore throats, Tea from seeds- eyewash removes particles from eye (hence: clear eye or Clary Sage).

Clavohuasca-{Tynnanthus parnurensis} Amazonian/ South American aromatic vine. Tincture of Clavohuasca is used as stimulant or used in liquor to bring about pleasant relations. Warming. Increases libido in both Male & Female partners. Erectile tissue enhancer. Treats erectile disfunction. Can bring on hallucenogenic behaviors. There are about 20 varieties of Clavohuasca known to the Amazonians & according to the Shamans there, each one, taken on a certain night of the full moon will bring you to the threashold of a different reality/ or window on the world. Should be taken with caution.

Clivers -{Galium aparine} (alt. Cleavers). Juice or infusion used. Applied to skin eruptions & diseases; it reduces inflammation.

Clove - {Syzgium aromaticum} Stimulant, Antiseptic & antiparasitic. Rich in eugenol which is a blood thinner. Great help for Altitude Sickness. Can be brewed with other herbs into a tea to be taken before any high altitude visit or strenuous exercise.

Clover, Red - -{Trifolum pratense} Infusion may help to cure prevent or reduce cancer lesions/polyps. Reduces bronchial edema, side effects from ulcers, gastric disturbance and may reduce length of attack from whooping cough. Useful for skin, helps reduce cystic acne. Good sweetener.

Club Moss, Chinese - {Huperzia serrata} (alt. Licopodium (American)) TCM medicinal herb. Anti-aging. May work against effects of Alzeheimer's disease. Chippewa American Indian herb used for effects of Aging. Inhibits breakdown of acetylcholine; a neurotransmitter in the brain. Adds choline to the brain.

Cnidium - {Cnidium monnieri} (alt. She Chuang) TCM medicinal herb. Stimulant. Aphrodisiac. Used to treat impotence. Vaginal wash against fungal & other infections.

Cocklebur, Siberian -{Xanthium sibiricum }(alt. Cang Er) TCM medicinal herb. Treats headache & dispels wind & dampness. External use recommended. Reduces pain in legs/arms, reduces pain from sciatica, ezcema & most itching.

Cockscomb -{ Celosia cristata}. TCM medicinal herb. Stops hemorraghe & reduces diarrhea. Clears vision.

Codonopsis -{ Ccodonopsis pilosula}. TCM medicinal herb. Similar to ginseng. Infusion of roots used. Can boost red cell & hemoglobin production. Tonic. Good to encourage poor appetite. Reduces stomach upset. Aids in Sugar metabolism.

Coltsfoot -{ Tussilago farfara}. German commission E recommends using up to three teaspoons of Coltsfoot a day for relief from coughs & respiratory infections. Leaves/Stems/Seeds used. Cough & lung tonic, bronchitis

Comfrey - {Symphytum}. Leaves & Roots used. Stimulant, Tonic, Nervine, Speeds healing of wounds, Sprains, pain in humans & animals, skin aid. Contains allontoin- an herbal hormone that stimulates skin growth. Rich in Vitamins A & C, trace minerals. High in protein, calcium, phosphorus & iron.

Coriander - {Coriandrum sativum}. Leaves, roots & seeds used. Also known as Cilantro. Coriander is used to refer to the seeds & Cilantro is used to refer to the leaves. Ground seeds in an ointment will reduce painful joints. Leaves in tea or mixed with food act as a Digestive. Appetite Stimulant. Reduces stomach spasm. Reduces Bad Breath by fighting germs in & around the gums..

Corn, sweet or dent - {Zea Mays} Corn Starch. Great for chafing & use as an anti-itch product as well as drying for fight against Athlete's Foot on both feet & layered in shoes. High in iron, silicon, & vitamin K which is used to clot blood.

Cornsilk - {Zea Mays} Silky tassels of corn on the cob. Tonic, Kidney, Prostate. Diuretic. High in iron, silicon, & vitamin K which is used to clot blood.

Cornflower - {Centaurea cyanus}. Leaves/flowers used. Insfusion or tea. Used as a Calmative for stress/nervous disorders. Eyewash for weak eyes.

Cowslip -{Primula veris}. All parts of the plant used. Tea/Poultice, wash. Good for the face & skin; used to reduce insomnia.

Cocumber -{Cucumis sativus}. Tea/Poultice, wash. Good for the face & skin; used to reduce freckles & whiten skin. Reduces hardened skin, helps take the sting out of sunburn & cucumber made into ointment can help smooth wrinkles. A mask made with cucumber is good for oily skin.

Cumin Seed -{Cuminum cyminum}. Used as a Stimulant, Antispasmodic

*Caution*may induce hayfever like symptoms in allergy sufferers.



Damiana -{Turnera diffusa}. Mexican medicinal herb. Aphrodisiac. Hormone balance, Parkinson's disease, pregnancy, fragility

Dandelion -{Taraxacum officinale} Leaves & Roots used. Liver, kidneys, gall bladder, pancreas. Absorbs toxins from blood; relieves anemia, cleanses the blood, Diuretic, reduces age spots Rich in minerals to balance body & aid in healing. High in potassium, calcium, Vitamins A, C & E, Iron as well as lecithin and choline - precoursers to acetlycholine which is a neurotransmitter. Deficiencies in acetylycholine can lead to Alzheimer's disease;

Dandelion Root-{Taraxacum offcinale sativum}. Minced dandelion root is boiled in 3 cups of water until liquid is reduced by half. Remaining liquid/root mixture is used by TCM practioners as a compress to reduce mastitis in nursing mothers. Root in particular roasted & ground to be used as a coffee substitute. High in Iron. Blood cleanser & fortifier. Source ingredient in Bitters.

Danshen -{Salvia miltisrrhiza}. (alt. Asian Red Sage) Hair preserver. Folklore has it that it prevents hair loss & retains hair color. Use it as a tincture added to your shampoo.

Dead Nettle-{Lamium pupureum}.(Purple archangle) Stingless variety of nettle, hence its name. Bee & hummingbird plant. Flowers & leaves stop hemorrhages, tea is used against chills. Acts on kidneys & induces sweating.

Devil's Claw -{Harpagophytum procumbens}. Root used. Liver, stomach, joints, Used as a blood cleanser it reduces effects of Lupus, rhematoid arthritis, spondyloarthritis. Cleanses vascular walls. Rich in iron & magnesium.

Devil's Club-{Oplopanax horridus}. Roots & bark used. American Indian medicinal. Stomach ailments, cramps, swelling & sores. Tonic.

Dill, Indian - {Anethum sowa} (alt. Surva) Japanese & Indian. Foliage eaten fresh. Essential ingredient for curries. Used to combat flatulence, stomach upset & stimulate the digestion.

Dill Weed- {Anethum graveolens} Increase milk production, reduce colic & child/adult stomach disorders

Dill Seed - {Anethum graveolens} Contains Apiole, powerful menses or period starter. *Warning, pregnant women should not drink dill seed tea. A dill pickle here & there is fine, but higher amounts of seeds can trigger miscarriage. Carminative to stomach. For hiccups, boils the seeds in wine & inhale the scent.

Dittany of Crete-{Origanum dictamnu} (Hop Marjoram). All parts of plants used. Stops excessive hemorraghing in case of serious wound. 1,001 uses in ancient medicinal & magical lore. Combats upset stomach, cough & headache. Wash or gargle will reduce throat inflammation. Greek Honey plant.

Dock - {Rumex sanguineus} (alt. Red-veined dock, bloodwort) Leaves used to reduce blood diseases, may help reduce some forms of cancer. Ointment can be made from roots boiled in vinegar & then mashed into petroleum jelly or other water based cream to help skin eruptions or itchy skin. Good for cuts, scrapes & burns.

Dong Quai - {Angelica polymorpha sinesis (A. sinesis)} (alt. Dang Gui, Chinese angelica) One of the most important Asian medicinal herbs. Thick Root used to lower blood pressure, strengthen the heart. It is ant-bacterial, analgesic & anti-Inflammatory.. Uterus, blood, muscles, useful for all female problems, men use it for migraine headaches, liver problems heart palpitations, high blood pressure, hypoglycemia, chronic bronchitus. Increases blood flow through heart muscles. Treatment for cyrrhosis & jaundice of liver, hepatitis, shingles & other organ/nerve ailments. Rich in Vitamin E & Iron. Moderate Vitamins A, C, B12, magnesium, potassium & niacin.

Dragon's Blood - Daemonorops draco- Indonesia}, {D. draco - Canary Islands}. The dragon tree bears round scaly fruits the size of a cherry. when ripe it is coated with a resin that is called dragon's blood. The resin drys & can be ground into a fine powder that when heated will turn into benzoic acid. It is astringent & can be used to heal wounds. It is also thought to be an aphrodisiac. The actual tree is a rattan palm. (Alt Dragon's Blood;) Inert, used by many in ritual

Dropwort- {Filipendula vulgaris} (F. hexapetala)Root powdered in white wine may be good for kidney infections. Also good for respiratory infections.

Dulse- Seaweed, helps with cravings

Dusty Miller- {Senecio cinararia}Folklore says that fresh juice dropped into the eyes may be good for helping to reduce or remove cataract. .



Echinacea -{Echinnacea Augustafolia} (alt. Black Sampson) American superfood & herb. Flowers, herb & root used. Antibiotic, lymph system, blood purifier, immune system, wound healer. High in iron, selenium, zinc. Medium in magnesium, potassium, niacin, Vitamin C.

Echinacea - {Echinacea Pupurea} (alt. Coneflower) Antibiotic, antibacterial. Useful at treating sore nipples and mastitis. Drunk as a tea it is a cure for dispepsia.

Eclipta - {Eclipta alba}(alt. Mo-han-lian: E. prostrata) Chinese medicinal herb. Liver and kidney tonic. Helps dizzines, blurry vision, headache. Reduces premature greying of hair, may aid in replenishing hair growth. Taken internally, will blacken the hair, beard & eyebrows. Will stop bleeding if powdered dried plant used as styptic.

Edelweiss - {Leontropoduium alpinum} Traditional diarrhea remedy of the Alps. Also used to treat repiratory ailments. Current studies indicate that edelweiss neutralizes free radicals which prevents the formation of superoxides; which contribute to wrinkles. High in bioflavanoids, it strenghens veins, arteries & capillaries. It can be used to treat varicose veins, hemorrhoids & may have cancer fighting properties as well. Antibiotic, antibacterial. Useful at treating sore nipples and mastitis.

Elder - {Sambucu nigra} Commission E endorses the use of 2-4 tablespoons of elder flowers to combat feverish chills.

Elderberry - {Sambucu nigra} Contains Anti-flu compounds. Stimulates the immune system. May be utilized by patients with Eppstein-Barr & HIV as well as other viral infections. A patented Israeli drug (Sambucol) is active aginst various strains of viruses. In three days, patients taking the Sambucol after being infected with a strain of flu, 90% were reported to be completely cured. Reduces Coughs, bronchial spasms & upper respiratory infections.

Elecampane - {Inula helenium} Coughs, bronchial problems. One of the richest sources of inulin in nature (isomeric with startch). One of the ingredients in absinthe. In Europe it is used in cough medicine for whooping cough & other upper respiratory conditions.

Elm, Slippery - {Ulmus rubra, capestris} North American tree's inner bark which becomes mucilaginous. One of the four ingredients of Rene Caisse's Essaic Tea® which is used to reduce cancerous growths. Great for Coughs, bronchial problems, diarrhea & dysentery. Reduces indigestion, inhibits stomach ulcer. s

English Tea- Famous British Bitters

Epazote - {Chenopodium ambrosioldes} (alt. Wormseed) Mexican & Guatemalan oil used to expel intestinal parasites. Also leaves dried/ fresh - used as a seasoning.

Ephedra - {Ephedra nevadensis} (alt. Mormon Tea) Only contains traces of ephedrine. Used as a tonic, improves kidney action, relieves asthma. * Most banned ephedra products are chemically derived & thereofor much stronger than the actual herb. Relieves respiratory spasms

Ephedra, Green - {Ephedra viridis} (alt. Joint fir, Desert Tea) Only contains traces of pseudophedrine - used in allergy medicines & ephedrine. Folk remedy in tea format using leaves for colds, headaches, migraines, urinary & veneral diseases. * Most banned ephedra products are chemically derived & thereofor much stronger than the actual herb. Relieves respiratory spasms

Eryngo, water-{Eryngium planium or E. competre}. (
alt. sea holly)
a decoction of the root in wine used as a diuretic, to treat female issues. Also used to aid in snakebite & help heal broken bones. Currently eryngo is used for bladder & uterin deiseases such as fibroids. One will see results if using this herb during prolonged fasting.

Eucalyptus- {Eucalyptus globulus} (Alt. Blue gum tree) Powerful antiseptic. Can be used to reduce germs on any given surface. Used as spray in steam baths & saunas to clear sinuses & congestion, opens pores. Can be used if toned down with bland hand cream on bad smelling wounds, sores & scrapes. Will change skin if left pure. Essential oil.

Evening Primrose- {Oenothera biennis} Contains an oil called gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). Helps to reduce effects of PMS, eczema, heart disease and cancer. Anti-clotting effect. For best effect, Evening primrose & Flax seed oil should be taken together. Particularly effective to combat the problems of poor diet, alcoholism & is being looked at as an anti-aging product. Clinical studies ongoing looking at Anti-Alzheimer's agent.

Eyebright - {Euphrasia officinalis}The whole herb is used. Eyes, liver, blood. Strengthens eyes, nose, throat. Strengthens memory & brain. Helps to disolve styes. Warm oil of eyebright will help diminish ear infections. Rich in Vitamins A & C, silicon. High in calcium, mangesium, maganese, zinc & niacin.



False Unicorn - Root used. Uterus & kidneys. beneficial in infertility. Eases nausea in pregnancy. Good for depression in menopause. Rich in calcium, potassium & vitamin C. Good for both humans & animals

Fava Bean - {Vicia Faba}. Rich in lecithin & choline. Nutritious addition to fight against Alzheimer's disease..

Fennel - {Foeniculum vulgare}. Seeds used. Stomach, nerves, intestines & eyes. Purifies blood, expels gas, dispels phlem from the throat. Once used as a door charm to ward off evil spirits. High in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus. Moderate in potassium. Promotes lactation. {do not use fennel oil, only the seeds.}

Fenugreek - {Trigonella foenum-graecum}. Seeds used. Stomach, fortifies nerves, flushes intestines & purifies blood. Excellent in encouraging letdown of mother's milk, may be used to encourage breast enlargement, either by ingesting or rubbing crushed seeds onto the breasts. Also supposed to be good for the reproductive organs. High in Calcium, choline, magnesium, phosphorus. Medium in potassium, sulpher, sodium & iron.

Feverfew - {Tanacetum parthenium}. Leaves & flowers used. Capsules are best bet as herb is bitter. Good for the circulation, Headaches, allergies, muscular tension, intestinal worms, inflammation in arthritis. Good to take alongside headache OTC products. Mild tranquilizing or sedative effect. High in potassium, niacin & B-complex. *Warning: women who are pregnant or nursing should not use this herb as it may cause miscarriage & can be transferred to your breast milk.

Fig - {Ficus carica, various}. Fabled honey fruit of the Bible, figs are full of vitimans, minerals & exemplify good eats. Fruit is used as a fiber filled laxative. Grows in pots as northwards as New York & can grow continuously in earth as far south as Italy & along the equator.

Figwort - {Scrophularia nodosa}. Cream, Tincture or salve. Used to aid in healing of minor cuts & scratches, rashes & bruises.

Filaree - {Afilerilla spp.}. (Alt. pinkets, storkbill or clocks) Common weed good for pregnant creatures up to humans as it increases the milk supply. Can be used dried or fresh in hot baths to help reduce the aches from arthritis.

Flag, Licorice - {Acorus gramineus 'Licorice'}. Thai & Chinese medicinal herb. Stimulates appetite, improves depression, reduces gastritis.

Flax, Blue- {Linum perenne} As with other flax seeds; contains linseed oil. Treats muscle, bone aches, bursitis, & used as a chest rub for bronchial complaints.

Flax, Omega- {Linum usitatissimum "Omega"} Grown for supplements. Contains linseed oil. Treats muscle, bone aches, bursitis, & used as a chest rub for bronchial complaints. Rich in Omega-3 oils (linolenic acid); helps supplement the body's metabolism.

Flax Seed - {Linum perenne} High in omega oils for those who do not eat fish, essential for cell development, high in fiber. Anti-clotting properties. High in alpha-linolenic acide compounds (GLA) that lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. For best results should be taken together with Evening primrose oil.

Flossflower - {Ageratum conyzoides} Indian Ayurvedic & Napalese medicinal herb. Antibacterial. Antifungal. Treats skin diseases & stops bleeding of wounds..

Forsythia - {Forsythia suspensa}(Alt. Lian Qiao) Chinese medicinal herb. Antibacterial. Antifungal. Treats flu, cold. Boosts immunity to infection, reduces inflammation. Reduces fever. Lowers excessive heat in body.

Fo-Ti -{Polygonum multiflorum} (Alt. He-shou-wu) {Fo-Ti} Roots are used. Tonic. Restores Blood, liver & kidney function. Reduces high blood pressure & hardening of the arteries. Famous Asian anti-aging herb. Chinese Clinical studies being done to see if herb helps reduce Alzheimer like effects in older patients. A Chinese herbalist by the name of Li Chung Yun, lived to two hnundred and fifty six years of age by drinking a tea made of Fo-ti & ginseng on a daily basis. He also restricted his duet to only those vegetables that grew above the ground & limited his liquids to mineral water & the tea. Fo-Ti may be prescribed for conditions such as vertigo, insomnia, lumbago & constipation. A story told about the difference between Fo-Ti-Tieng & Ho-shou-wu as recited by my mentor Merlin: Many thousands of years ago a raiding band swept through the provinces responsible for growing the age enhancer Fo-Ti & brought out many seedlings of the plant while destroying whole plnatations of the herb at the same time. However, due to the soil where these seedlings were then planted; purists could, after ingesting, tell you which herb you actually had & from where. To differentiate betweenn the original Fo-Ti & the new order the newer seedlings were given the name of the nearby village Ho-Shou & became Ho-shou-wu. One of the other side effects of the differeent soil is that those that took the newer seedling's products were able to show off darker hair longer. To this day in Asia there are people who like fine wine can tell the difference from the original Fo-Ti & that of the upstart Ho-Shou-wu. In France clinical studies show that Fo-Ti has compounds that have energizing & rejuvinating effects on the nervous & endocrine systems. In Europe it has been called Vitamin X & has been used in larger doses as an aphrodisiac. Asian "elixar of long life".

Frankincense - {Boswellia carterii} (Alt. Olibanum) Gum resin used for embalming, as a censing agent in worship, funeral rites and to fumigate homes & public places prior to the 4th century. Arabia Felix or the spice trade was responsible for trading this dried resin all over the known world. The tree only grows in southern Arabia. When Christianity became the religion of the lands west & north of the Ottoman empire; frankincense fell down in demand when simple burials took the place of elaborate cremation ceremonies. Frankincense was mentioned in both the Bible & by the Roman Pliny who suggested that it was an antidote for hemlock. Avicenna recommended it for tumors, ulcers above the shoulders, afflictions in the breasts, carbuncles, boils & pre-gangrenous wounds.



Galanga- {Alpina officinarum or Kaempferia galanga}(Alt. Catarrh root or Galangal) Root used. Related to the true ginger, this plant was cultivated in China in the Middle ages & was used as an aphrodisiac. It also helps to settle the stomach like ginger does & can be used safely by pregnant females including animals. & rapidly becoming important dietary supplement herb which helps reduce weight by blocking fat formation. Digestive. Antiseptic.

Garcinia - {Garcinia cambogia}(Brindleberry, Uppagi)
Indian Ayurvedic & rapidly becoming important dietary supplement herb which helps reduce weight by blocking fat formation. Digestive. Antiseptic.

Gardenia - {Gardenia jasminoides}(Cape Jasmine, Zhi Zi) TCM medicinal herb. Feverfuge, Antibacterial. Antifungal. Reduces fevers. Treats flu, cold, high blood pressure. Boosts immunity to infection, treats hepatitis, reduces inflammation, bruises. Lowers excessive heat in body.

Garlic - {Allium sativum ophiascordon, ampeloprasum, sativum sativum} Another antibiotic Superfood. Originally a perennial plant, a native of Asia. The bulb is used. Dissolves cholesterol & loosens plak from sides of arteries. Helps rebuild intestinal flora. Kills and/or reduces infections caused by microbes or parasites. Normalizes blood pressure, kills yeast & bacterial infections, etc. High in Phosphorus, potassium, sulpher & zinc. High in Quercitin & other compounds that reduce inflammatory reactions. Anti-allergy. Helps reduce effects of altitude sickness. Studies done show that garlic helps babies to nurse better and can reduce the effects of mastitis in women.

Gayfeather - {Liatris spicata} Roots used for tea/ gargle. Reduces kidney disfunctions & Sore throat, dropsy, gout & rheumatism

Gentian - {Gentiana lutea}The root is used. Originally names after an ancient king of Illyria, King Gentius. Heartburn preventative. Stomach, liver, blood, spleen & circulation. Bitters tonic. Balances stomach acids. Relieves indigestion. Can be chewed or made into a tincture to reduce reliance on nicotine habit and/or to relieve a fever. High in Iron & B-complex.

Gentian, Tibetan - {Gentiana tibetica} TCM medicinal herb. Expels wind dampness, damp heat. Treats jaundice, liver complaints & used to change dry constipation. A tincture of genitian can be made with cardamom, water, orange peel, powdered gentian root & pure alcohol. Used as a tonic. Antibacterial. Antifungal. Treats flu, cold, boosts immunity to infection.

Germander - {Teucrium chamaeedrys} Reduces stomach irritation/ upset, sore throat, dropsy, gout & rheumatism

Geranium, Wild - {Geranium maculatum} High in tannins. American Indians, specifically the Cherokee; made a poultice of this plant as an astringent to stop bleeding of wounds and used it as a wash to reduce the pain of canker sores. In one book that I have it is said that the prophet Mahomet, the founder & prophet of Islam; took a walk & stopped to wash his shirt from the sweat. While it dried hanging on a bush, he said his prayers. When it finished drying, he removed it & "poof" the bush changed into a flowering geranium.

Ginko - {Ginko biloba} (See Maidenhair Tree) Although leaves are used, best form is in a standardized extract due to amounts needed for therapeutic use. Contains ginkgolides which interfere with the action of platelet activating factors or PAF. PAF triggers allergies, asthma and inflammation. May help the aged to think more clearly, be able to socialize and remember more. It elevates the mood and relieves tintinitis or ringing in the ears. Circulation, anti-aging, gout, increases blood flow to the brain. May be of use to people with Alzheimer's disease. Memory enhancer. 60 to 240 mg suggested daily dose. Higher may cause dizziness, irritability and restlessness.

Ginger - {Zingiber officinale} Anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory. Helps reduce effects of rheumatoid arthritis & ankolysing spondylitis. Root is used; fresh is best. Contains zingibain a kind of proteolytic enzyme that chemically breaks down protein. Clinical studies have shown that proteolytic enzymes have anti-inflammatory properties. Proteolytic enzymes also control auto-immune diseases by reducing blood levels of compounds known as immune complexes, high levels of which activate the immune system to attack the body itself. Reduces stomach cramps, flu symptoms, vertigo & motion sickness. Reduces morning sickness. Helps expel gas. Aids in the use of Stomach, intestines, joints, muscles. Heart & blood tonic. High in potassium, maganese & silicon.

Ginger, Wild - {Asarum canadense} American Indian treatment for indigestion, colds, sore throat, nervouse conditions, fevers & gas. Root is used. Heart, Beneficial effect on whole body. Combats stress & depression. High in B-complex vitamins as well as Vitamins A,C,E, & G.

Ginseng, American - {Panax quinqeufolius} Tonic. Adaptogen. Tones skin and muscles, helps improve appetite and digestion, Improves bodily response to stress, boosts immune system; especially for those debilitated by old age or chronic illness, regulates blood pressure & helps to lower blood cholesterol levels. Almost the entire American crop is exported. The Russians & the Chinese are doing multiple clinical studies on this Super root. May help to restore sexual energy.

Ginseng, Korean - {Panax ginseng, P. pseudoginseng} True Asian ginseng. As per TCM guidelines it warms & strengthens the Qi/ Chi. Root is used. Man's Ginseng to build & strengthen the prostrate, aphrodisiac. Vitalizes organs, calmnative. brithens vision, prolongs life.High in Vitamins A,C,E & G. Increases synthesis of nuclear RNA.

Ginseng, Siberian - {Eleutherococcus senticosus} (Eleuthero Ginseng, Ci Wu Jia, Acanthopanax senticosus) Root is used. Russian cosmonauts used this ginseng to help with their memory & stress levels during early space flights. Tonic & Restorative. Improves concentration span; increases speed & accuracy. Good for circulation. High in Vitamins A,C,E & G. Increases synthesis of nuclear RNA.

Ginseng, Suma- Root is used. Woman's ginseng, to build & strengthen female genitalia, aphrodisiac.Improves concentration span; increases speed & accuracy. Good for circulation.High in B-complex vitamins as well as Vitamins A,C,E, & G.

Goldenseal - {Hydrasis canadensis} (Alt. Yellow puccoon or yellow root (re: Tommie Bass - "yaller root", Apalachian medicine man) Rhizome/root is used. Natural drug is non irritating, non habit forming & an antiseptic. It heals & soothes the body & its surfaces. A favorite of the Cherokee Indians who used it as a wash for skin afflictions, for sore mouths & throats, as a bitter tonic for the stomach & liver & used as a laxative & a douch. Stomach, intestine, spleen, parasites, tinea, bruises & wounds. Helps fight gum bacteria. Fights infection, is a natural insulin, cleanses urinary system. High in Iron, maganese & silicon.

Glucomannan - Root is used. Helps the digestive tract & the colon. High fiber content helps move product in intestinal tract. Good for colitis, diverticulosis. Great for diets; produces a fullness if taken with water an hour before meals. Has Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium.

Good King Henry - {Chenopodium bonus-henricus} Pot herb, shoots & leaves used. Stomach, intestine, spleen, parasites, tinea, bruises & wounds. Fights infection, is a natural insulin, cleanses urinary system. High in Iron, maganese & silicon.

Gotu Kola - {Hydrocotyle asiatica} (Alt. Centrella asiatica) Fresh leaves used in salads, dried in capsule formulation. Strengthens Heart, Brain & memory. Considered a brain food, boosts vitality, reduces depression & senility. Stimulates healing properties of body including growth of connective tissues. Useful in epilepsy- balances body acids. Combats stress. Good for burns, wounds, scars & varicose veins.
Grape Vine - {Vineferis officialis} Leaves & Stems used. Good for the bladder, kidneys & digestive system in general. Helps eliminate excess water, reduces dropsy/edema along with regular exercise. Helps flush kidney stones.

Grape Vine - Leaves & Stems used. Good for the bladder, kidneys & digestive system in general. Helps eliminate excess water, reduces dropsy/edema along with regular exercise. Helps flush kidney stones.

Grindelia - {Grindelia camporum, G. humilis or G. squarrosa}(Alt. Gum plant) Grown in the U.S & South America. Entire plant used. A decoction is used as a wash or poultice for wounds or running sores. Speeds healing of wounds. Buds & flowers made into a tea to cleanse the kidneys. Plant crushed & applied as poutice for arthritis. Fluid extract or tincture can be used to reduce effects of poison ivy & poison oak by the Cahuilla & other American Indian tribes. High in Iron, maganese & silicon. The tea can also be drunk to slow the heartbeat, used to combat the wheezes of asthma & to use as an expectorant for bronchial complaints. Only small doses should be used, high doses can be poisonous.

Gourd, Snake - {Trichosanthes anguina} Indian & Chinese vegetable. Vermifuge. Also used to treat syphillus & diarrhea.

Goutweed - {Aegopodium podograria} Pot herb, shoots & leaves used. Diuretic, Sedative. Anti-Inflammatory. Fights gout, sciatica, rheumatism, arthritis & other auto immune diseases, cleanses urinary system. High in Iron, maganese & silicon.

Greek Mountain Tea - {Sideritis syriaca} (Ironwort) Pot herb, shoots & leaves used. Sold dried for tea. Treats common cold & indigestion. Anti-inflammatory.

Green Tea - Combats mental fatigue, may combat cancers

Griffonia - {Griffonia simplicifolia} African herb. Remedy for diarrhea, vomiting, stomachache. (Precourser herb for 5-HTP) Anti-Depressive. Works to boost seratonin levels. Used to treat depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behavior. Treats common cold & indigestion. Anti-inflammatory.

Ground Ivy - {Glechoma hederacea} (Alehoof, Gill Tea) Pot herb, shoots & leaves used. Sold dried for tea. Treats indigestion, kidney ailments. Used as a poultice for skin ailments such as ulcers, sores, bites. Cancer fighter. Anti-inflammatory.

Guaic- {Guajacum officinale or G. sanctum} (Arbor lignum vitae, tree or wood of life) Wood & resin used since 16th century. Pot herb, shoots & leaves used. Sold dried for tea. Treats bronchial complaints, cough & catarrh. Resin used with sarsaparilla to purify the blood & is an ingredient as an antioxidant in canned foods. Reduces aches & pains from arthritis. Expectorant, Anti-septic, Anti-inflammatory.

Guarana- {Paullinia cupana} (Alt. Energy & Endurance) Grown in Brazil & the Amazonian basin. Another tree of the Amazonian Rain Forest that needs to be saved. Seeds are crushed by the Venezuelans to make a paste that is then mixed with water & carbonation & turned into a soda that energizes the body. A stimulant that can also slow the pulse, it is a Caffeine product with 3 to five times the caffeine in a cup of coffee. Pot herb, shoots & leaves used. Sold dried for tea, sodas & tinctures. Can be used to reduce effects from hangover & headaches due to lack of caffeine. Treats obesity by cutting the appetite, can be used to stay awake for periods of time with little or no jitters, if used wisely & is not addictive like other "speed" like products.

Guava- {Psidium guajava}Rich source of Vitamins A, B & C.

Gum Arabic - {Acacia senegal}Resin used. Sooths inflamed tissue. Used for sore thoats, diarrhea, dysentry.

Gum Plant - {Grindelia robusta} Leaves & stems used. As a tea for reducing effects of colds, congestion & URI complaints. Also used as a wash for rashes, poison oak/ivy and/or burns. Sooths inflamed tissue.

Gurmar- {Gymnema sylvestre} At least 4 Indian studies on herb for treating diabetes. Tea made from this plant seems to boost Insulin production. It may even increase the number of islets of Langerhans, the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin.

Gynura- {Gynura procumbens}(alt. Leaves of the gods, Mullucan spinach, Sambung nysawa, Daun dewa) Traditional Asian herb used to combat diabetes. Efficient regulator of blood sugar. Only seems to lower blood sugar in those that need it. Clinical studies being run in India to prove in animals. Protects the kidneys and retinas from damage from high blood sugar. Has anti-inflammatory & anti viral strengths. Leaves are eaten fresh in salads or briefly cooked in stir fries. Rich source of Vitamins A & C. High in Silica, Selenium.



Hawkweed- {Hieracium pilosella} (Mouse-ear) European herb. Whole plant used. Diuretic, Expectorant, Astringent. URI & kidney complaints.

Hawthorn Berry- {Crataegus monogyna} Contains special compounds, oligomeric procyanidins (OPC). Also high in flavanoids which dilate the smooth vessels of the arteries. Commission E, the German expert scientific panel; approves hawthorn for treatment of several heart problems. 240mg to 480mg of standardized extract is the approved amount. Prevents hardening of the arteries. In Europe, hawthorne is widely used to reduce mild angina. European studies have found that Hawthorne extracts improve heart functions by opening up the coronary arteries & veins which improves oxygen & blood flow to the heart muscle & regulates blood pressure. Hawthorne also decreases blood cholesterol levels. European clinical studies report it safe to use over an extended period of time. High in Vitamin C & selenium. *Warning: If you have a heart condition Please make sure to discuss the use of this herb with your doctor or specialist before using.

Hawthorn Leaf - {Crataegus monogyna} Used as a tea for Energy, & to reduce Stress

Heartsease - {Viola tricolor} British herb/flower used. Reduces Edema, cough, effects of URI & skin problems.

Heartseed - {Cardiospermum halicacabum} (Alt. Kanphuti, Balloon vine) Leaves used with oil as Linament for muscles, bruises, bachache & an unguent to sooth arthritis, rheumatism. Root is Diuretic & Laxative. Leaf juice is used for earache.

Henna - {Lawsonia inermis} Indian hair & skin dye. Contains from 5500 to 10,000 parts per million of the compound lawsone; which is active against fungus & bacteria. A Strong decoction can be made by simmering five to seven teasponss of henna per cut of water for about 20 minutes. Cool & apply liquid to fungus or wound with cotton balls. *Warning- This product will STAIN.

Herb Robert - {Geranium robertianum} British herb/flower used. Tea helps treat some forms of cancer.

Holly Hocks - {Alcea rosea} (Alt. Purple or Blue Malva)British herb/flower used. Tea helps treat irritated mucus membranes. Sore throat, bothersome teeth, bronchial complaints; urinary problems & diarrhea. When reduced to a powder after drying; it can be boiled in wine & given to children to kill worms. The flowers boiled in wine can be given in small doses to prevent miscarriage. Currently the flowers are used in cosmetics.

Honeysuckle - {Lonicera caprifolium} Bee plant. Whole plant used in various formats. Aromatherapy scent. Flowers are used in perfume. Decocted into a syrup can be taken for respiratory complaints as well as asthma. The leaves can be tinctured into oil & can be taken for cramps from eating or the menses. Also to be used to reduce nervousness. The bark can be boiled in water & the liquid can be used with hand cream to help itchy skin & acne as well as other skin afflictions. The American Indians wove the vines for baskets as well as using the leaves boiled in water as a wash for sores & used the root well pounded as a poultice for swellings all over the body.

Hops - {Humulus lupulus} Beer Herb. Female plant is the beer plant. Flowers used. Insomnia, nerves, blood liver & gall bladder. Decreases desire for alcohol. Relaxes tension & relieves anxiety. Can be sown into a pillow to help aid in sleep. Made into a decoction with the herb boneset; can be used to heal bruises. High in Potassium, niacin & B-complex Vitamins.

Hops, Japanese - {Humulus japonicus} (Alt. Lucao) Used as a Tonic for urinary & genetalia. TCM herb for TB, Typhoid, mastitis, tonsillitis. Anti-bacterial, Diuretic. Also helps reduce effects from dysentry, premature ejaculation, malaria & cystitus..

Horehound - {Marrubium vulgare} Green herb with honey used for upper respiratory complaints as far back as the Middle ages. One of the five bitter herbs eaten by the Jewish at Passover. Noted in Benedictine writings for treating the windy ailments. Soothing as a Tea for lack of appetite, persistant bronchitis, coughs or throats. Usually found in candy or losenge form. For smoker's throat tea add coltsfoot, marshmallow root, diced, horehound & hyssop in equal parts to water & simmer for at least 20 minutes if not an hour, let cool & then drink at room or warm temperature several times a day & STOP smoking!

Horehound, Black - {Ballota nigra} (Alt. Stinking horehound) Controls nausea, vomiting, morning sickness. Anti-spasmotic, Expectorant.

Horney Goat Weed - {Epimedium macranthum} Aphrodisiac.

Horsebalm- {Monarda, various species} Mint. Contains thymol, menthol or menthone & Carvacrol. Carvacrol helps prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine which is a deficiency found in people with Alzheimer's disease. Some horsebalm compounds can cross the blood/brain barrier. You can add tincture of horsebalm to your shampoo to gain benefits of this herb. Anti-blood clotting, blood thinners. Another herb for a tea brewed with cloves for pre-trip preventatives for altitude sickness.

Horsemint - See Bergamot, wild

Horsetail grass- {Equisetum arvense}(Scouring Rush) Fern like plant. Looks like asparagus. Mid-Paleozoic plant survivor from 350 million years ago. High in Silica. Dried & burned the ashes have been used by the Nevada Indians for sore mouth. A decoction of the herb was used to cleanse the urinary tract. Aconitic acid is a compound in the plant & it has been used since the Romans during the 17th century to stop internal & external bleeding. The young plant has been eaten by American Indians in the 19th & 20th centuries to combat weak nails, hair & skin & to combat soft bones & teeth. Frequently found in natural products to help strengthen bones/teeth/nails & hair; along with aid in the uptake of calcium supplements.

Horseradish- {Armoracia rusticana} Anti-allergy. A few spoonfuls a week should be enough to quell most nasal allergy symptoms

Horsetail {grass} - {Equisetum arvense} Coagulant. Old time remedy for fractures. Calcium fixative for bones, torn ligaments & other connective tissues. Reduces excessive menstrual flow, aides in healing ulcers & other skin ailments. Aids in absorbtion of calcium supplements. Increases Silicone content of bone, cartilage, nails, hair, teeth & skin. Silicone, Calcium,

Ho Shou Wu - {Hydrocotyle asiatica minor} (Alt. Fo-Ti-Tieng, herb of long life, Asian) See Fo Ti tieng Linament for muscles, bruises, bachache

Hyacinth bean -/FONT> {Lablab purpureus} (Alt. Lablab)< Indian Vine. Ayurvedic Medicinal herb. TCM Tonic herb used to combat summer heat disorders.

Hydrangea - {Hydrangea arborescens} (Alt. Seven Barks or Siete reices (span) Tea made from bark & flowers aids in reducing size of & expelling kidney & bladder stones. Drunk as a tea or taken as a tincture on a semi-daily basis; it seems to prevent this condition from continuing. In the Amazon, hydrangea is used as part of a drink called Siete reices or Sevan Barks, which is an male aphrodisiac said to help raise the "flag". Dependant on the amount of aluminum in the soil is the color blue & dependant on the amount of lime in the soil the flowers will be pink. Frontiersmen learned of its uses from the Cherokee Indians as a cure-all. Diurectic, good for dispelling water retention.

Hydrastis - See Golden Seal

Hyssop - {Hyssopus officinalis} Used for thousands of years. Digestive. Blood Cleanser, most quoted herb in Bible for cleansing lepers by the ancient Hebrews & for purification rites mentioned in the scriptures(which most likely was actually a caper bush {Caparis spirosa} instead), colds, fevers, sore throats & bronchitis. Decoction of the leaves used for skin irritations, burns & bruises. An oil of the leaves is said to be a vermifuge, it will kill worms in both adults & children, applied to the head, it will kill lice as well as helping to reduce head itch. Hyssop leaves have been laid on wounds to promote healing & reduce infection. Penicillin mold thrives on hyssop leaves.



Iboza- {Iboza riparia} (alt. Iboga bark, Nutmeg bush). Leaves used. South African bush used in aromatherapy. Nigerian tree source. Tested by the Rockefeller Institute as a muscle relaxant. High in ibogaine which is a central nervous system depressant. Used by the people of the Congo as a ceremonial drug.

Iceland moss - {Cetraria islandica}. Anti-bacterial. Used for bronchial complaints as an expectorantLichen used in Scandinavian medicine. Source of glycerol, fumaric acid & lichen startch (70%, isomeric with common starch) Indian Immune system booster. Purgative, anti-inflammatory.

Indigo, False - {Baptisia australis}. American Indian Immune system booster. Purgative, anti-inflammatory.

Indigo, Wild-{Baptisia tinctoria}. Roots used. Antiseptic. Used to combat bacterial infections of the ear, nose, throat, mouth, skin & chest complaints.

Indrajao-{Wrightia tinctoria}. (alt. Mitha indarjou, Dudhi) Leaves used. Indian medicinal. Toothache reducer.

Irish Moss- { Chondrus crispus} A seaweed that contains carageenan, which is used to smooth out ice creams & yogurts as well as make creamy products, well, creamier. It is an emulsifier & a suspending agent in pharmaceuticals. Wound healer, scab former, Skin lotion component for wrinkles & irritated skin. Also used to reduce kidney & urine afflictions.

Irish Wake up Tea- Morning Eye opener.

Ivy- {Hedera helix} Commission E states that Ivy is good for treating bronchitis & other respiratory infections. Leaves used.



Jaborandi - {Pilocarpus microphyllus or P. jaborandi} (alt. Jamborandi or iamborandi) Brazilian plant used as a stimulant which increases all the secretions of the body, including Bronchial, Nasal, Mammary, Salivary & Sweat. The name is given to several simliar plants that give the same effect. Can be used as an antidote to atropine & other poisons. Too much internally can cause profuse sweating & salivating or frothing at the mouth until death occurs. Must be used with caution. Externally a great ingredient in hair growth potions & lotions, hair tonics & vinegar hair rinses.

Jacob's Ladder - {Polemonium caeruleum} Leaves & flowers used. Nervine. Headaches, heart palpitations.

Jambolan- {Eugenia jambolan (Syzgium cumini)} (alt. Java Plum) Fruit, seeds, leaves & bark. Extracts used. Asian / Indian sacred tree. Indian medicinal. Lowers blood sugar for people suffering from certain forms of diabetes. {Should be used only in conjunction with the administrations of your personal physician.}

Jasmine- {Jasminum officinalis affine} My favorite flowers perfume the air during the day in my garden. Almost the most expensive scent in the world, Moroccan jasmine extracted by the enfleruage method into an oil can cost as much as $3,000 per pound. a drop or two in almond oil can be massaged onto the body during or after a bath can overcome frigidity. Inhaling the scent of the jasmine is said to be an aphrodisiac for both sexes. It is thought to help relax one to sleep & to facilitate childbirth. See Dream scents.

Java Tea -{Orthosiphon aristatus} German Commission E approves use of this tea for treating kidney stones. While it is not clear exactly how it helps; it is believed that it helps to expand the ureters; thereby allowing small stones to pass more easily.

Jessamine, Night- {Cestrum nocturnum} My favorite night perfume to scent the air in my garden. I add the flowers to my own potpourrie as well as steep the flowers in a small amount of water or into honey.

Jasmine {tea} - as a poultice; soothing to the eyes & nose; as a tea; soothing to the nerves.

Jeruselem oak seed- {Chenopodium botrys, C. ambrosiodes, C. anthelminticum} (Alt. Goosefoot) A decoction of the seeds is taken for coughs, bronchial complaints & the liquid applied externally can help heal bruises & cuts. A tea can be drunk to expel & kill roundworms.

Jewelweed- {Impatiens capensis } ( Alt. touch-me-not or Impatiens biflora) North American Indian & East Indies special herb that combats the results of touching poison ivy, nettle stings or poison oak. Rubbing the crushed leaves, stalks of this plant against skin that has come into contact with poison ivy/oak will not blister or the blisters will last only a day or so, without itching. An extract of the flower can be used to calm nervous people of their fears. Possible as a cure for ringworm. Juice of plant can be added to saps to make an anti posion ivy soap.

Job's Tears, Chinese - {Coix lacroyma-jobi ma-yuen} (alt. Hato-mugi, Yi yi, Japanese barley. Staple cereal crop in China/ Japan. Important medicinal herb. Seeds/Nuts used. Oil from nuts. Brewed into beer, roasted to make coffee-like beverage. Seeds strengthen the spleen. Counteract "damp heat", used for edeam, diarrhea, rheumatoid arthritis and difficult urination.

Joe Pye Weed - {Eupatorium purpureum} (Gravelroot) Whole herb used. Feverfuge, breaks sweats, used to induce urination. Helps reduce kidney problems; aides in cystitis & bladder infections. Reduces edema.

Jojoba - {Simmondsia chinesis} Seeds/Nuts used. Oil from nuts. Arrests hair loss; may induce new growth. Used as a lubricant commercially & in shampoos & conditioners for hair & skin products.

Jujube, Chinese - {Zizyphus spinosa} (Alt. Suan zao ren; Sour date kernel) Anti-stress herb, fruit. TCM medicinal product calms mind & preserve the Chi/Qi energy. Clinical studies show that fruits/seeds have a tranquilizing effect. They are analgesic & anti-convulsive. Fruits nourish & enrich bone marrow & muscle. Treat irritability, insomnia and anxiety.

Juniper - {Juniperus communis} Berries used. Helps reduce kidney & bladder troubles. Used as flavoring for gin. American Indians drank tea of the berries ro reduce fever & the effects of arthritis. Excellent flavoring for wild game meats such as venison, rabbit, mutton, pheasant & beef. Diuretic. An alcohol extract has been clinically studied as a use for inhibiting tumor growth in mice & in human nose & throat cultures. Restores pancreas, adrenals, diuretic, dropsy, uric acid, may help with gout.



Kamala {Mallotus philippinensis} Grown in the Asian islands, the fruit is used internally as a purgative to expel tapeworms. Externally the mashed liquid from the fruit is used to reduce scabies & other skin afflictions.

Kantikari- {Solanum xanthocarpum}{S. Surattense} (alt. Yellow-berried *nightshade)Root is expectorant. Fruits used in Indian curries. Important Ayurvedic medicine in India. Coughs, asthma, chestpain, precourser to sex hormones, cortisone.

Kava Kava- {Piper methysticum} Roots used. Nervine. Tonic. Helps induce relaxation, sleep. Helps promote mental awareness.

Khella - {Ammi majus} Middle Eastern remedy for kidney problems. Also contains Khellin a compound that increases blood flow into the heart. Used as a treatment for mild angina. 250 to 300mg of Khella extracts that are standardized for Khellin content of 12% is suggested daily intake. Also contains amiodarone (Cordarone) one of many key anti arrhythmia medicines. Nervine. Tonic. Helps induce relaxation, sleep. Helps promote mental awareness.

Kelp- The overall name of any number of large brown seaweeds. Source of alkali, Calicium, sulphur, iodine & silicon. Used internally, it cleanses arteries & the body via the sweat glands. It seems to have beneficial effects upon the reproductive system. Kelp helps varicose veins by strengthening & giving tone to the walls of capillaries & veins. Historically used to combat goiter, it is an aid to the thyroid. Kelp aids in smoothing skin, nails, hair & the bony structure of humans & pets alike. Kelp can be used as a diuretic for combating obesity & it is also used to take fat off of the hip areas. Powdered by the Asian community, it is used to flavor soups & in drinks, as well as in salads & main entrees. Used in larger doses, can cause excessive kelp smelling flatulence.

Knot Grass- {Polygonum aviculare} (alt. Bian Xu) Whole herb & seeds used. Astringent. bronchial cough, mouth soreness & oral post operative cleanser/wash & strengthener. Tea reduces diarrhea, bladder infections. Diruetic, antibacterial, anti-wormer or vermifuge. German Commission E also recommends Knot Grass for the treatment of respiratory ailments.

Kola nuts- {Cola nitida and other spp} (Alt. Once an ingredient in Coca Cola) Ground nut drink favored by African nations for its chocolate like taste, & consistency of fine milk liquid chocolate when wetted & sweetened. It is a Stimulant, & a cardiac tonic, to aid in the reduction of headaches & reduce the appetite to help with dieting. It has been used as a sparkling beverage ingredient to help reduce cravings in alcoholics.

Kousso {Brayera anthelmintica or Hagenia abyssinica} Grown in North East Africa; the dried flowers help to expel tapeworms without affecting the digestive system.

Kudzu -{Pueraria lobata} (Alt. Ge Gen) Chinese TCM herb. Relieves thirst, reduces fevers & flu, combats or retards nausea. Aids in the withdrawal process from certain addictions including alcohol. Stabalizes heart rhythms. Chinese clinical studies attest to the anti-angina benefits. Dilates coronary arteries, increasing blood flow & reducing blood pressure.

*Caution*may induce inflammation in arthritis sufferers.

Kukaenene- {Coprosma ernodeoides} (Alt. Leponene) Vinelike creeper of the Hawaiian Islands with blue black fruits used by the Islanders as an emetic & also eaten by their island bred geese; the Nene.



Labrador Tea- {Ledum groenlandicum}Aromtatic shrub found in North America. Was used to substitue during Boston Tea party for tea drinking. Tea is also useful for reducing headaches, asthma, colds & stomach issues.

Laceflower- {Ammi majus} (alt. Bishopsweed). Ancient Eqyptian medicinal herb for skin afflictions. Also has Anti-cancer & Anti-aids properties.

Ladies Mantle- { Alchemilla vulgaris} Reduces menstrual cramps, muscular difficulties, rheumatism and gastric disturbances.

Ladies Slipper- { Cypripedium pubescens} Orchid. Dried rhyzome of the orchid is used as a Stimulant, and Antispasmodic & a tranquilizer for the d.t.'s in alcoholics & insomniacs. It arrests hysteria & calms nervousness. SReduces menstrual cramps, muscular difficulties, rehematism, and gastric disturbances.

La Lot- { Piper Lolot} (alt. Lolot pepper) Vietnamese herb lke black pepper. Reduces inflammation by reducing certain platelets in blood.

Lamb's Quarters- {Chenopodium album}Pot-herb. Rich in Vitamins A and C.

Lantern, Chinese- {Physalis alkekengi } Berries used. Reduces pain from fever and/or gout, bursitis.

Larkspur- {Sonsolida} (alt. Delphinium). Anti-parasitical, Insecticidal. Revolutionary War Veterans used plant powder to destroy body lice. Used also as a sedative & tranquilizer. The American Indians used the plant as a sedative tea. The seeds are used to kill head lice, nits & other parasites externally. Extremely toxic if taken in large doses.

Laserwort-{Sapohsnikoba divaricata (Siler divaricatum, Ledbouriella} (alt. Fang Feng) Roots used. Pot-herb. Chinese TCM herb. Reduces pain from headaches, migrain, sinus, colds & flus. Aids those with a "wind-moist" nature. Also used for "harmonizing" the spleen & liver. Analgesic, Antipyretic & Antibacterial.

Lavendar- {Lavandula}. All parts of the plant used. Aromatherapy ingredient. Aids in reducing stress, headaches, sooth nerves, lung mucus & induces restfull sleep.

Leadwort- {Plumbago zeylanica} Roots used. External use only. Anti Tumour supplement as well as an Antibacterial, Antifungal & a Vermifuge. India & Africa natives use it for warts, parasitical skin disease, shrinking external tumors & to expel worms..

Lemon- {Citrus limon}. Dried peel used. Helps to reduce varicose veins & kidney stones. Used & known since the 11th century. Originally from the Arabian coast. Rind, steeped in vinegar & rubbed on warts may remove them. With glycerin, the juice can be applied to chapped lips. The juice can whiten skin, bleach stains, relieves sunburn & can help reduce the size of corns. Excellent in reducing coughing. High in Vitamins C & K as well as bioflavinoids. Bioflavinoids are helpful as a reactant against radiation poisoning & radioactive fallout. Dried lemon powder can help draw & close wounds as it is a clotting agent.

Leopard Lilly- {Belamcanda chinensis} (alt. She-gan) Chinese TCM herb. Cough & other bronchial conditions.

Lemon Grass- {Cymbopogon citratus} (alt. West Indian lemongrass), {Cymbopogon flexuosus } (alt. East Indian lemongrass, Fever Grass) Leaves used. Tincture or Tea used. Astringent & Tonic for skin, hair & nails. Excellent Fungicide for Athlete's Foot. Drink the tea & then use the bags as compresses for the most cracked of the toes & areas. Can be used on other locations for tinea cruris {ringworm on body or jockitch} Rich in Selenium & calcium. Some vitamin C. Trace amounts of potassium.

Lemon Verbena - {Aloysia triphylla} Encourages sweating to break fever, flu & colds. Cleanser for cuts & scrapes. Syrup made into cough drops

Lemon Vervain-{Verbena officinalis} Indigestion, Antispasmodic

Lespedeza- {Lespedeza capitata} (alt. Round headed Bush Clover). Lowers blood cholesterol. American Indian medicinal. dried stems ashed on skin to aid in reducing bursitis and or muscle pain..

Lettuce-{Lactuca sativa} Domestic lettuce mixed with milk was thought to soothe & reduce the pain from skin burns and as a cure for arthritis. Eaten before bedtime it will help reduce insomnia & induce sleepiness. Good for the dieter as it contains much Calcium, Silica & water, but little in the way of calories. Eaten by nursing mothers it will increase lactation. A decoction of the leaves makes a drying face wash.

Lettuce, wild-{Lactuca virosa} Dried & smoked like opium. used for nervousness, as a Sedative & a hypnotic milder than opium but just as dreamy. Provided that you could obtain a large quantity of this herb; dry & then crush it, you would be left with a decent hallucigen.

Licorice -{Clycyrrhiza glabra} (alt. Sweet root, liquorice) Found in great quantities in King Tut's tomb; the herb licorice has been around for eons. Dug in its fourth year the rhysome is at its best. Most sugars increase thirst. This sugar relieves it. Contains estrogenic properties & is used to combat the effects of menopause. Also used in the treatment of peptic ulcers, it sooths coughs & throat, reduces hoarseness & adjusts blood sugar. Provides quick energy by boosting adrenals.

Licorice, Chinese -{Clycyrrhiza uralensis} (alt. Gen-cao) Principle TCM or Chinese medicine ingredient. Aids in taste of medicine as well as benefits all systems.

Lime-{Citrus aurantifolia or Citrus limetta} Columbus brought this tree to the East Indies to be cultivated. Flowers act as a nervine. Fruit & juices used as a cooling drink, & flavoring.

Linden - {Tilia x eropeaea} (alt. Lime). Linden flowers are fragrant & smell like honey. Frequently considered a fine Bee Plant. Inner tissues of the tree were used by ancient peoples as a wound binder which helped to heal wounds. Flowers are used as a nervine in bath herbs to promote sweating & to cool the head. A Body Tonic; it is used to calm restlessness & hysteria. Lobelia used as food is considered a hgh nutrient product.

Lion's Ear -Leonotis nepetfolia African folk remedy. Stimulant. Euphoric.

Lion's Tail -{Leonotis loenurus} (alt. Lion's ear, Wild "dagga"). Southern African medicinal. Reduces side effects of spilepsy, hypertension, nervous stomach & reduces bronchial afflictions. Headache reliever. Euphoric. Tonic.

Live Forever -{ Sedum telephium} (alt. Orpine Stonecrop) Leaves boiled in milk relieves piles, diarrhea, hemorrhages. Stimulates the kidneys. juice mixed with vegetable oil can heal burns.

Liver Wort -{ Hepatica acutiloba} Tea made by North American Indians to help with problems of the liver, gallbladder, kidneys and bladder. Aids in stopping gastric bleeding..

Lobelia - {Lobelia inflata} (alt. Indian Tobacco, pukeweed.). American Indian medical plant that must be used with great care as it can causee death if overutitilized. Stimulant. Depressant. Can be used to depress panic attacks. Larger doses may cause depression. Expels intestinal worms. Can reduce need for nicotine. As the entire herb in flower, dried & made into a tea it reduces spasmodic asthma, & bronchial afflictions including pneumonia as it is an expectorant & can give almost instant relief from suffocating phlem.

Lobelia - {Lobelia siphilitica} American Indian medicinal herb. Used to treat venereal disease.

Lobelia, Red - {Lobelia cardinalis} (alt. Cardinal Flower). American Indian medicinal herb. Nervine, Anti-spasmotic.

Logwood chips - {Haematoxylon campechianum} Grown in Central America, the heartwood of the Logwood tree is used as an astringent tea to reduce diarrhea in children & adults. It is also used as an antiseptic in gangrenous sores, ulcers & some external cancers.

Lomatium -{Lomatium dissectum} (alt. Cough Root). American Indian medicinal herb. Nervine, Anti-spasmotic. Treats colds & coughs. Wound wash. Ceremonial medicinal herb.

Love Apple- {Solanum aculeatissimu} (alt. Soda Apple Nightshade). Raw ingredients for manufacture of many steriods. Anti tumor ingredient.

Lovage-{ Levisticum officinale} Lovage leaves bruised & simmered in oil; applied to boils will help bring them to a head. A powder of the root simmered in wine can be drunk to resist most poisons, infections and to ease the pains of the body. Used as a diuretic. Externally a tea of the roots is used as a wash to lighten freckles & age spots. Evens out menstrual cycles

Lovage, Sichuan-{ Ligusticum chuanxiong} Asian herb prevents the formation of heart attack triggering blood clots. Contains compounds similar to those in agnelica which dilate the arteries, increasing blood flow to the heart & reducing blood pressure.

Luffa-{ Luffa aegyptica} Used by Chinese as a medicine for arthritis. Egyptian vegetable known for its dried over ripe fruits that also make great sponges.

Lungwort- {Pulmonaria officinalis} (alt. Jeruselem Cowslip). Flowers are astringent. Tea made from them is useful for coughs, bronchitis, excess mucus & diarrhea. Young leaves used in salads & soups.



Madar- {Calotrapis gigantea} Indian herb. Root bark used to combat disentery, skin diseases. Can be substituted for other emetics. Leaves/ flowers used to reduce fevers, cough, cold & asthma.

Mace- {Myristica fragrans} The filimentous covering (aillode) of the nutmeg. when nutmegs are collected, the pericarp is removed & the arillode is dried and then carefully taken off. When fresh it is bright red, when dry, orangy-brown. Mace oil is ued to scent soap, & as a carminative for the stomach. It flavors cookies & other dishes in both American & Asian dishes & was a component of the ancient Spice trade. Mace oil can also be used in a cream to help reduce pain of arthritis.

Madder, Indian - {Rubea Cordifolia} Tebetan dyeplant also used to stop hemorrhages, reduce effects of fevers & blood disorders, stops nosebleeds..

Maidenhair - {Gingko Biloba} (Alt. Gingko Biloba, Maidenhair Tree) Thickens hair, helps with uptake of calcium, helps to remove mucus. Supposed brain tonic

Ma Huang- {Ephedra sinica} (Alt. Cao ma huang, Chinese Ephedra) Powerful stimulant, contains alkaloid ephedrine. TCM medication for dispersing conditions of wind and cold: such as chills, fever, headache, cough & wheezing.

Ma Huang, Mu Zei- {Ephedra equidsetina} (Chinese Ephedra) More potent form. Stimulant. Grown in higher elevations such as Tibet, & Mongolia. TCM medication for dispersing conditions of wind and cold: such as chills, fever, headache, cough & wheezing.

Ma Huang, Zhong- {Ephedra intermedia} (Chinese Ephedra) Contains same stimulants as other ephedras but also contains anti-inflammatory compound ephedroxane. Grown principly in Tibet & Mongolia. TCM medication for dispersing conditions of wind and cold: such as chills, fever, headache, cough & wheezing.

Maitake- {Grifola frondosa} (Japanese King of Mushrooms) Immune system booster. Adaptogen - helps body adjust to stress.

Male Fern- {Aspidium filix-mas or Dryopteris filix-mas} Rhysome used by Pliny the Elder & Galen in Roman times & currently in veterinary medicine to expel worms; especially tapeworms. Usually only available by prescription because of its toxicity. .

Mallow, Common- {Malva sylvestris} Leaves & Flowers can be infused in a wash to help moisturize skin externally & to sooth cough, stomach & intestinal upsets.

Mallow, Curled- {Malva verticillata crispa} Leaves used cooked in many fashions. Sooths intestinal upsets, anti-inflammatory & laxitive properties. .

Mallow, Marsh- {Althaea officinalis} (alt Marshmellow) Contains betaine; a phytoestrogen and menses starter for women who are not menopausal.

Mandrake- (alt. May Apple) Sandoz Laboratories in Switzerland is studying the May apple which is normally poisonous; to be used as a cancer curative in chemical format. Antibilious, purgative, cathartic

Manuka- {Leptospermum scoparium} Leaves used to brew slightly bitter tea. Captain Cook mentions it in his ship's log. Maori remedy for bladder & kidney complaints as well as reduces effects from colds/flu. .

Maralroot- {Leuzea carthamoides, Rhaponticum carthamoides} Siberian shrub. Russian medicinal plant. Adaptogen. Helps atheletes to increase endurance, reflexes, concentration. Root extract increases the work capacity of muscles & normalizes blood sugar levels post exertion. Also seems to improve memory & learning skills; which may make it a possibility for Alzheimer's patients in the U.S. Contains ecdysteriods.

Marigold or Calendula - {Tagetes erecta} Flowers are used. Blood & Skin. Anti-viral. First aid remedy. Bee stings, skin disorders, wounds, varicose veins.. Heals with speed & relieves inflammation. Oil used for earaches, Tincture applied to sprains. In bath herbs it will induce sweating which is good for getting rid of toxins in the system. As a hair rince it brings out the highlights for Blondes & Brunettes. Salve for cuts & bruises, great to treat open ulcers/wounds. High in phsophorus. Contains Vitamins A & C. Rich in Lutein which helps eyes to focus. May be used for people with retinal degeneration.

Marjoram, Common - {Origanum vulgare} (Wild Oregano) Medicinal oregano used in Greek Islands to combat indigestion, headache, cough & diarrhea. The Romans used it in foot baths for the legions; as a tonic to strengthen the brain & to cleanse & revive the system. Also used as a powder mixed with honey to remove bruises, or as an ointment made with the oil to relieve the pains of sore joints, put on cavities to reduce the pain & inflammation & reduce the aches of arthritis. Used as a gargle for throat problems.

Marshmallow - {Althaea officinalis} Flowers in August & September. Relaxing effect on urinary tracts & helps reduce urinary pains. Good to reduce coughs & bronchitis. A fine powder of the roots wetted will make a poultice that will bring to a head the most obstinate of infections. Can be taken internally as a tea to sooth the stomache & intestinal tract after diarrhea. Soothes eyes, Chest complaints, bladder & kidney problems, bed-wetting, inflamation.

Masterwort - {Peucedanum ostrutium} Root used. Aids in secretion of stomach fluids, helps digestion & aids the appetite. Cardiac stimulant. Antispasmodic.

Mastic- {Pistacia lentiscus} Resin of a shrub native to the Island of Chios in the Mediterranean Basin. Used as a temporary filling to preserve a tooth when broken without a dentist nearby. was once used as a diuretic and to reduce bronchial afflictions as well as reducing the effects of diarrhea.

Mate - {Ilex paraguayensis} Contains caffeine. Banishes mental & physical fatigue. Brewed as a tea. Do not take close to sleep or you may not....sleep.

Matico - {Piper augustifolium} South American plant related to peppers. Contains volatile oils. Will stop bleeding. Dried leaves are used as Stimulants, tonics, a diuretic & has been known to be used as an aphrodisiac.

May Apple - {Podophyllum peltatum} Anti cancer ingredient. American Indian traditional treatment for hepatitus, syphilis, fevers, constipation & other blood illnesses.

Maui wormwood - {Artemisia nauiensis} Hawaiian plant common only on Maui, is similar to the common sagebrush of the Pacific Coastal area. Dried leaves when crushed give off the same sage-y smell. Used as a tonic drink, a gargle for sore thrats & colds, fevers or nasal congestion & for post childbirth.

Meadowsweet- {Filipendula ulmaria} Contains salycylic acid/ aspirin base. Tea useful for relieving gout, theumatism, arthritis, fever. As a wash for eye inflammations & a tea of the freshh tops can be drunk to produce sweating. Antidote for infections or poisons. Must NOT be administered to children under the age of 10. Was once an additive to herbal wines & beer.

Melilot - {Melilotus officinalis} (Sweet Clover) Detoxicant, Blood Tonic, skin cleanser, Anticoagulant - keeps blood from clotting. Poultice or salve used to reduce swellings, boils, rheumatism & arthritis. Extra Fiber, honey plant.

Milk Thistle - {Silybum marianum} Tonic. Detoxifies Liver, organs from drugs, environmental toxins & alcohol. Blood cleanser. Improves circulation, improves brain, filters blood & boosts memory.

MilkVetch, Chinese -{Astragalus membranaceus} (alt. Chinese Astragalus, Huang Qi.) Immune enhancing. Fortifies spleen & "Qi" {chi} Cardiatonic, Lowers blood sugars & pressure. Good for kidneys, liver function.

Mimosa Tree, Chinese - {Albizia julibrissin} (alt. Silk Tree, He huan pi) Anti-depressive. Used by TCM practitioners to sooth anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, poor memory.

Mint, Chinese - {Mentha haplocalyx} (alt. Bo he) Used by TCM practitioners to dispel wind & heat.

Mint, Jamaican - {Micromeria viminea} Digestive tea.

Mint, Korean - {Agastache rugosa} Stomache fortifier & fever reducer.Used by TCM practitioners to dispel wind & heat.

Motherwort - {Leonurus cardiaca} Chinese studies shows that it slows a rapid heartbeat. Motherwort can help tranquilize the nervous system, reducing the anxiety, nervouse tension and stress that may accompany or trigger a heart attack. Cardiac Tonic, reduces Angina & effects from PMS, menstual pain & delayed menses. Sedative. Calmnative.

Motherwort, Siberian - {Leonurus sibiricus} (Yu-mu-cao) Anti-depressive. Used by TCM practitioners for a diuretic & vasodialator.

Mucuna - {Mucuna pruriens}> Ayurvedic Indian Medicinal. Aphrodisiac. Nerve tonic &. Sees hold large amounts of L-dopa which is a base for dopamine. may be used to combat Alzheimers/ Parkinson's disease.

Muira puama - {Ptychopetalum, various species}Amazonian Tree bark. Aphrodisiac. Effective in restoring libido & treating erectile dysfunction.

Mulberry - {Morus nigra} Vermifuge. Bark used as tea to combat tapeworms.

Mullein - {Verbascum thapsus} Diuretic & Liver tonic, skin disorders, cuts, scrapes & bruises. Reduces Nervous Cough, lung, ear & sinus congestion, TB, lymphatic conditions. Can be used as an outer ear soothing oil for ear infections.

Myrobalan - {Phyllanthus emblica} Ayurvedic Indian Medicinal & ancient symbol of healing. Anti-dysentery, Anti-biotic. Liver Tonic.

Myrrh - {Commiphora myrrha} Antiseptic. Astringent. Anti-viral. Canker sore aid. German Commission E has endorsed using powdered myrrh for the treatment of mild infections of the mouth & throat because it contains high amounts of tannins. Aids in other skin disorders.



Nasturtium - {Tropaeolum majus, Tropaeolum minus}. Flowers, Leaves used. Stimulant, tonic

Neem -{ Azadirachta indica (Melia azadirachta)} Twigs, extract, oil, bark used. Indian Ayurvedic ingredient. Twigs used as toothbrushes. Antibacterial, Gum protectants. Oil used for skin afflictions. Leaves used in poultices for external wounds. Powdered bark used to reduce nausea & fever. Insecticidal & Insect Repellant.

Nettle -{Urtica dioica} (also called Stinging Nettle) Diuretic. High in Boron. Boron can double the levels of estrogen circulating in the body. Estrogen is a mood enhancer & can aid in memory. Used to aid in Alzheimer's disease patients. Treats hayfever, nasal allergies, coughs, runny nose, chest congestion, whooping cough and asthma. Dr. A. Weil suggests that best remedy for hayfever is use of freeze dried nettle leaves. Used to stimulate nerves & reduce pain. Rich in iron.

New Jersey Tea-{Ceanothus americanus} (alt. Red Root) . Similar to Chinese green tea. Used as a tea substitute. American Indian medicinal wash for skin afflictions, cancer & genital sores. Reduces respiratory ailments & high blood pressure

Nutmeg - Myristica fragrans Stimulant to the gastro-intestinal tract



Oak, White - {Quercus alba} Astringent. May be used as a poultice, or wash for external use, or made, sparingly into a tea or gargle for sore throats. Externally, reduces variocse veins, menstrual difficulties, hemarrhoids. .

Oats - {Avena sativa} Erection problems, gout, infertility, arthritis, scabies, psoriasis. Excellent for Hair, Skin and Nails

Oatbran - {Avena sativa} Cholesterol fighter. IBS, constipation, diverticulosis, diverticulitis.

Oatstraw - {Avena sativa} Contains silicates which aid in building Hair, Skin and Nails

Olive -{Olea europea} Gout reduction, wrinkles, monounsaturated fat, heart disease preventative. Greek Sunscreen product. Personal / massage Lubricant. .

Onion - {Allium, various} Helps control blood pressure & heart problems, Cataract preventative. Reduces/ relieves: Allergies, asthma, burns, colds, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, IBS, insect bites/ stings, pneumonia, scabies, varicose veins, yeast infections.

Oolong, Tea - {Thea chinensis} Fermented green tea from China

Orange Peel - {Citrus aurantium} Calcium content varies with grower. Potassium, Antioxidant, immunity booster. Pith can be used for cholesterol reduction.. Asthma deterrant.

Oregon Grape - {Mahonia aquifolia} Roots used. Antibiotic. Purifies blood & cleanses liver. Reduces effects of: acne, psoriasis, arthritis, rheumatism, alcohol damage, relieves constipation, herpes, skin infections, reduces ulcerative tissue.

Oregano - {Origanum vulgare} helps to kill molds & fungus. Olive oil & oregano mixed & taken with fresh veggies or bread, is good for arthritis. Reduces body oder, glaucoma, high blood pressure, sinusitus, amenorrhea.

Orris Root - {Iris x germinica florentina} Anti-viral, toxins to the colon

Osage-Orange - {Maclura pomifera} Eyewash. Tea used to reduce colon irritation.

Osha - {Ligusticum porteri} Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral. Native American/ Ossawattamie Indian herb used to motivate bowels, combat viruses, sore throats, upper respiratory infections including pnuemonia. Stimulates circulation.

Ossawattamie - { Avena sativa} American Indian Medicinal herb. Young Green Tops & shoots of Oatstraw before it is dried. Good for women's complaints, skin & calming Stress.

Oxknee -{Achyranthes bidentata} (alt. Niu Xi) Principle TCM or Chinese herbal ingredient. Drains dampness. Nourishes kidneys & liver. Promotes circulation & kidney/bladder function. Used to treat weakness in legs or feet or trauma to the lower back regions.

Oxknee, Sichuan - {Cyathula officianalis}(alt. Chuan Niu Xi) Regional TCM or Chinese herbal ingredient. Clears atrophy of lower extremities & treats pain due to wind dampness. Nourishes kidneys & liver. Promotes circulation & kidney/bladder function. Used to treat weakness in legs or feet or trauma to the lower back regions.



Palmarosa - {Cymbopogon martinii motia} Indian Auyervedic oil for lumbago & skin problems as well as a base for mosquito repellants.

Papaya -{Carica papaya} Aids in digestion of proteins, enzymes, heartburn preventative

Pansy - {Viola cornuta} (Alt. Heartsease) Bronchial coughs & asthmatic complaints

Parsley -{Petroselinum} Appetite stimulant, Breath purifyer, Diuretic, blood builder, kidney cleanser.

Passion Flower -{Passiflora incarnata} (Alt. Maypop) Very safe, even for children. Found in many herbal combinations for: Sedative, Eye infections, tension, stress, nervous disorders, sleep, alcoholism. Tea, tablet, tincture formats available.

Pasque Flower -{Anemone pulsatilla} Helps to correct membrane disorders of the respiratory & digestive tracts.

Patchuli - {Pogostemon patchouli} Appetite inducer, sleep aid

Pathenium - Lymph nodes, infections, tonsillitis

Pau' D'Arco -{Tabebuia impetiginosa} Bark is used. Helps treat or reduce: Cancer, leukemia, tumors, fungus,, blood builder, candida sans

Peanuts -{Arachis hypogaea} In china, when a woman cannot breastfeed, physicians give her peanuts. Peanuts contain estrogenic compounds that encourage milk production. Contains proteins.

Pellitory -{Parietaria judaica (P. Officinalis)} Whole flowering plant is used. Diuretic & anti-inflammatory. Used to treat kidney stones, cystitis, bladder & chronic urinary tract diseases.

Pennyroyal -{Mentha pulegium} Gentle Stimulant, Eases headache Diuretic, Relieves nervous stomach, Aids in contractions during menstrual cycle, Cleans lungs & chest of congestion. Not to be used by pregnant women.

Peppermint - {Mentha x piperata piperata} Anti-oxidant. Helps prevent cancer, heart disease and other diseases related to aging. Digestive aid, Indigestion reducer. Tea works to settle timpanny tummy or effects of sea sickness/ morning sickness.

Peony Root - Antispasmodic, convulsions

Periwinkle -{Vinca minor} Astringent & Sedative. Staunches bleeding, settles nerves

Physic Nut -{Jatropha curcas}Seeds & leaves used. External use only. skin parasites, venereal disease, herpes & wound dressing.

Pigs Ears -{Cotyledon spp} (Alt. Plakkies) Wart remedy. Works on pets. Thick fleshy grey green leaves are sliced lengthwise & placed on the wart for up to 12 hours daily. Warts soften & drop or rub off.

Pig Weed -{Amaranthus, various species} High in Calcium. Helps prevent Osteoporosis and ankolysing spondylitis. Best plant source of calcium.

Pimpernel - {Anagalis arvensis} (Alt. Weatherglass) Hot flashes, skin disorders, arthritis, depression, mental distress.

Pineapple- {Ananas comosus} Contains a proteolytic enzyme called Bromelain which digests protein. Anti-inflammatory, Anti-arthritis & anti-ankylosing spondylitis. .

Pipsissewa- {Chimaphila umbellata} Native American Indian tea to help reduce kidney and bladder ailments. .

Plantain - {Plantago majore} Extringent, Diuretic, Expectorant. Soothing to the lungs & urinary tract, poultice for bee stings breaks down toxins that cause pain, contains papain, which breaks down protiens. Excellent as a disgestive stimulant.

Plantain, Chinese - {Pantago asiatica} (Alt. Che quian) Promotes urination. Clears Heat. Corrects eye problems caused by dificient liver/ kidneys or excessive heat in the liver channel. Reduces diarrhea & helps with obstetrical pre-delivery problems.

Plantain, Ribgrass - {Plantago lanceolata} (alt English Plantain) Cough suppressants. Anti-bacterial action- used as poultice; breaks down toxins that cause infections in wounds. Leaf juice used. Extringent, Diuretic, Expectorant. Blood cleaner. Strengthen respiratory immunity. Antibiotic. Soothing to the lungs & urinary tract.

Pleurisy Root - {Asclepias tuberosa} (Alt. Butterfly Weed) Anti-Inflammatory, Expectorant. Reduces pain/ effects of all upper respiratory complaints.

Pokeroot - {Phytolacca americana} (Alt. Pokeweed) Anti-Inflammatory, Expectorant. Treats cancerous ulcers, arthritis and reduces pain/ effects of all upper respiratory complaints. Used also as a snake bite or spider bite remedy. * the herbalist has used this tincture for over 4 months to combat brown recluse spider bite venom.

Poplar - {Also known as balm of Gilead} Buds gathered in springtime Coughs, Asthma complaints

Poppy, California - {Eschscholzia californica} Mildly narcotic form of poppy. coulouless juice was used by Calfornia Indians to treat toothache.

Prairie Clover - {Petalosternum candidum} American Indian panacea & Stomachic. Life medicine. Pawnee & Navajo remedy for abdominal pain, diarrhea/ fever.

Primrose - Hot flashes, skin disorders, hot flashes, arthritis

Prince's Feather - {Polygonum orientale} (Alt. Shui Hong) Antibacterial, Anti-biotic. Removes heat, fights infection. Asian cancer figher for infections of lower intestines.

Privet, Chinese - {Ligustrum lucidum} (Alt. Napal Privet, Nu-Zhen-Zi) Post Cancer treatment for invorgating white blood cells, kidneys & liver. Treats tinnittus, blurred vision, dizziness.

Psyllium, Indian - {Plantago ovata} (Alt. blond Psyllium, Isphagula) Contains tiny seeds which burst & become mucilage which absorbs a great deal of liquid in the gut. The seeds swell & act as tiny brooms to sweep old digested food from all the nooks & crannies in your intestines. German Commission E approves taking three to ten tablespooons a day to relieve chronic constipation. You MUST take it with at least a glass of water per tablespoon for best results. Best fiber, diverticulitis, colon blockage, treats diarrhea & IBS. *Warning: If you suffer from asthma DO NOT take Psyllium in any form as it may trigger an attack from inhaled seed dust.

Pumpkin, Styrian- {Cucurbita pepo styriaca} Juice/seeds used. Central Eurpoean hull-less seed oil treats inflammations, Prostate & arteriosclerosis. High in vitamin E.

Purselane- {Portulaca oleracea} High in anti-oxidants. Vitamins A, C, E and glutathione an immune system booster.



Quassia- {Picrasma excelsa} West Indian folk remedy for fever, malaria, snakebite, spiderbite, dysentery, 7 some carcinomas.

Quebracho- {Aspidosperma quebracho-blanco} South American Aphrodisiac which is approved by the FDA. Contains Yohimbe- an erection raising compound. Can cause anxiety, elevated blood pressure, flushing, hallucination & headache. High in anti-oxidants. Vitamins A, C, E and glutathione an immune system booster.

Queen Anne's Lace -{Daucus carota} (Alt. Wild Carrot) Infusion used to reduce swelling in ankles, edema, bladder infections, kidney problems. Poultice used to reduce ulcerated skin & outside sores when mixed with honey.

Quinine, Wild - {Parthenium integrifolium} Native American prairie herb used as Diuretic. Reduces kidney & bladder infections. Immune enhancer. Reduces restless leg syndrome, quiets & stops "charlie horses" in legs, feet, reduces spasming of the lower extremities.



Red Clover -{Trifolium pratense} Stimulant, Anti- Cancer, Anti- tumor, Calmative. Reduces skin problems, relaxes nerves. Reduces nerve spasms. Reduces coughs from bronchial problems, reduces pain from gastric troubles & ulcers.

Red Raspberry leaves - {Rubus idaeus} Diuretic, Stimulant, nausea, diarrhea, gastritis, menstrual pain

Reishi- {Ganoderma lucidum} Asian Mushroom. Blood thinner. Used as Altitude Sickness preventative. Usually chewed or used in soup.

Rhatany - {Krameria triandra} German Commission E approves of using hrhatany bark to treat gingivitis. Rich in Astringents, Antiseptics & Tannin. Use as a tea or a mouthwash.

Rose, Apothecary - {Rosa gallica Officinalis} Insomnia, stomachache, headache & toothache relief.

Rose Hips - {Rosa canina } Rosehips are 20 times richer in vitamin C than oranges. Vitamin C complex, Inflammation, clarity of mind, colds, infections, blood purifyer

Rhubarb - {Rheum officinale} Constipation fighter. Last ditch relief recipe from Parade Magazine & Dr. Ronald Hoffman, M.D.: Puree three stalks of rhubarb without the leaves. Add one cup of apple juice, a quarter of a peeled lemon and one tablespoon of honey. It will make a thick, tart drink that WORKS. Drink using little tiny sips until finished. Do the same with a glass of water while in the bathroom. This will initiate peristaltic action & move the roughage out of the colon & out of YOU too. If you have not gone in awhile, do yourself one other favor & wipe vaseline in and around the opening to your anus for easier slippage of roughage. Rhubarb also enhances gallbladder function, used as a vermifuge {anti-worm}

Rhubarb, Chinese -{ Rheum palmatum } (alt. Da Huang, Turkey Rhubarb.) Purgative. Chinese medicinal herb. 5000 year old remedy. Anti Tumor properties. Anti Cancer ingredient in Essaic Tea®.

Rosemary - {rosmarinus officinalis} High percentage of Anti-oxidants including rosamarine acid which aids in preventing the breakdown of acetylcholine; which is a neurotransmitter in the fight against Alzheimer's disease. Aromatherapists suggest using Rosemary to fight Alzheimers; they call the essential oil the remembrance herb. Herb may be able to cross the blood/brain barrier. Using tincture of rosemary in your shampoo may give you the benefit of the herb. Headaches, tonic for stomach disorders, Antiseptic, Stimulant for bath water.



Safflower -{Carthamus tinctorius} Vasodilator, opens blood vessels, reduces blood pressure. In Chinese medicine, physicians believe that nutrients can get to your scalp via Safflower oils or powders. Added to your shampoo, you should see a benefit. Gout, aids in hydrochloric acid for digestion, reduces cholesterol

Saffron - {Crocus sativus} Gas

Sage - {Salvia officianlis} High in Anti-oxidants. Inhibits the enzyme that can break down acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter who's dificiency can lead to Alzheimer's disease. Flatulence & indigestion relief. Hair growth & rinse, memory, sore gums, throat, nerves

Sage, African Blue- {Salvia auretia} Southern Africa. Used for coughs, colds, flu, chest ailments & to relieve menstrual cramps/ heavy flow.

Sage, Lyre Leaf - {Salvia lyrata} (alt. Cancerweed) American Folk remedy. Anti-Cancer properties. Nervine. Used for coughs, colds, flu, chest ailments.

Sage, Red- {Salvia miltiorrhiza} (alt. Tan Shen, Chinese Sage, Red-Rooted Sage.) Nervine. Chinese medicinal herb. Used to stablize the heart & calm nerves. Roots are effective against angina, phlebitis & intravasular clotting. May have some effect against atherosclerosis.

Sage, Spanish-{ Salvia lavandulifolia} Spanish medicinal herb. Lowers blood sugars without effecting insulin production.

Sage, White -{ Salvia apiana} American Indian Sacred Herb, whole as incense/ smudge. Used in Sweatlodges to cure colds, much as we use herbs heated in water in steam baths..

Sagebrush-{ Artemisia cana} (alt. Blue Sage) Ranges from Sierra Nevada area to northwest Canada. Montana Indian medicinal. General tonic. Hair restoratant, reduces skin inflammations.

Samphire -{Crithmum maritimum}. (alt. Sea Fennel) Leaves used. Boiled or pickled. Tonic. Digestive. Diruetic. European/ British additive in treatment of obesity.

Santonica- {Artemisia chamaemelifolia, A. maritima} (alt. Sea Wormwood, Levant wormseed) Vermifuge, especially good for children.

Sarsaparilla -{ Aralia nudicaulis} Testosterone, body builder, impotency, hair growth

Saw Pametto -{ Serenoa repens} Tonic. Prostate health, Cancer preventative supplement. Also good for relief from cold/ flu symptoms, bronchial ailments.

Savory - {Satureja} Regulates menstrual cycles, stomac disorders

Schisandra (Chinese) - {Schisandra chinesis} ( alt. Wu-wei-zi.) Chinese medicinal herb. Has cough suppressant/ calming properties. Nervine. Given to people with stress disorders, chronic coughs, asthma, thirst, incontinence, diarrhea & IBS. Immune system enhancer.

Scullcap, Baikal - {Scutellaria baicalensis} (alt. Huang-Qi ni.) Feverfuge. Chinese medicinal herb. Used to reduce fevers, colds, hypertension, insomnia, headaches, hepatitis, diptheria & to provide relief from shingles.

Scurfy Peas- {Psoralea corylifolia} Asian anti-aging medicinal food. Aphrodisiac. Contains large amounts of genistein - an Anti-clotting chemical which also may lower the chance of breast & uterine cancers in women.

Senna - {Cassia marilandica, Colutea arborescens.} Pergative on the lower bowels, anti constipational. Vermifuge. {anti-worm}

Senna (Chinese) - {Cassia tora} ( alt. Jue-Ming-Zi.) Laxative. Chinese medicinal herb. Promotes clearer vision. Relieves swelling caused by liver inflammation. Used to combat high blood pressure, headaches & dizziness.

Sesame Seed- {Sesamum indicum} High in protein. Good for prevention of hair loss. Dose is eaten or oil can be added to shampoo or conditioner as it may pass through the blood-brain barrier.

Sha Yuan -{ Astragalus chinensis} (alt. Chinese Milkvetch.) Seeds used. Chinese medicinal herb. Tones liver & kidney. Restores poor vision. Relieves yang dificient symptoms for lower back pain, tinnitis, & urinary problems.

Sheep Sorrel - {Rumex acetosella} Fever coolant, catarrhs, hemorrhages & urinary tract disorders. Ingredient in Essaic® for anti cancer tea.

Shepherds Purse - {Capsella bursa-pastoris} Stimulant, stops hemorrhages of all types

Shittake Mushroom -{Lentinus edodes} Contain Lentinan. Lentinan has cholesterol reducing capabilities (in studies, animals given a low dose of lentinan had their cholesterol levels drop 25%} . Also Anti-Tumor, Anti-Viral & Immune Stimulating.

Slippery Elm - {Ulmus rubra, Ulmus fluva} Throat scratchiness, ulcers, colitis, hiatel hernia, diaper rash, Stomach aches

Soapwort - {Saponaria officinalis} German Commission E suggests that the root of this plant is used as an Expectorant to be used to treat respiratory infections. Natural shampoo

Solomons Seal - {Polygonatum biflorum} Roots used. Laxative. American Indian remedy used to reduce upset stomach, general debility, cough, constipation, skin irritations.

Spearmint -{Mentha spicata} Anit-viral, Anti-herpes. Serrated leaves, pinkish flowers. All parts of plant used. Oil is used for flavorings, ointments. Used to relieve Colds, Gas, Cramps, Intestinal distress, Nausea, Digestive, Coughing, depression, used as a feberfuge{fever reducer}, Traditional gall stone reliever.

Spirulina - 70% protein, Reduces appetite & urge to snack

Skullcap - {Scutellaria lateriflora} Sleep aid, heart, improves cirulation

Sneezewort - {Achillea Ptarmica} Powder of dried plant used. Old time snuff ingredient to rid a person of "old dried phlem".

Speedwell -{Veronica officinalis} Infusion used to reduce coughs. Lotion made from decoction clears slow healing wounds & skin eruptions.

Spikenard -{Aralia racemosa} Detoxifyer. Reduces swelling from asthma, arthritis, & aids in reducing skin eruptions & dryness.

Stevia - {Stevia rebaudiana} Herbal sweetener. Not sugar substitute. Use of Stevia has shown to lower blood sugar levels. Stimulates pancreatic action. Good for diabetics & to fight obesity.

St. John's Wort - {Hypericum perforatum} Diuretic, Stimulant, depression, anxiety, immune system, skin disorders, repairs nerve endings. Mood controller. Once used to help combat bed wetting. Liniment used to aid in reducing pain from swollen joints.

Squaw Vine - {Mitchella repens} (alt. Patridgeberry, Checkerberry.) American Indian tea for late pregnancy Pelvic pain & childbirth preparation

Suma - Anemia, stress, fatigue

Sumac, Sweet - {Rhus aromatica} (alt. Anise root. Calmative.) American Indian remedy for indigestion, gas, flu, colds, pneumonia & bronchial troubles.

Sundew- {Drosera, various species} Folk reputation for treating corns, bunions & warts. Has proteolytic activity - it breaks down proteins. To use, crush fresh plant & tape it to corn, wart or bunion once or twice a day for up to a week.

Sweet Grass - {Hierochloe odorata} American Indian Cermonial grass used in peace and healing rituals.

SweetRoot - {Osmorhiza occidentalis} American Indian Calmative, diaphorectic & a diuretic, tonic for liver & heart, soothing to stomach

Sweet Rocket - {Hesperis matronalis} Aphrodisiac. Sweet Scented Night Flowering herb. Gland Stimulant. Salad ingredient for amorous adventurists. Tea ingredient for love potion makers.

Sweet Woodruff - {Galium oderatum} Calmative, diaphorectic & a diuretic, tonic for liver & heart, soothing to stomach



Tamarind - { Tarmarindus Indica} Ayurvedic Indian medicinal. Laxative. Digestive. Feverfuge. Leaves used. In tea form: Cools fevers, reduces effects of disentery & morning sickness. Poultice made of leaves used to reduce pain from swelling & to bring boils to a head.

Tansy - {Tanacetum} Astringent. Cosmetic aid in sunless tanning products. Insect repellant especially useful for cockroaches.

Tarragon - {Artemesia} Digestive. Appetite inducer, medinical flavoring in alcohol products, good for gastric disorders

Tea - {Carmelia sinesis- Thea sinesis} Astringent. Diruetic & Astringent. Anticancer, Antioxidant high floride content is a preventative for tooth decay. Anti-Canker sore aid. place a spent tea bag on the canker sores for relief.

Tea Tree - {Melaleuca alternifolia or Malaleuca leucadendron var minor or var. cajeput} (alt. Cajeput, Oil of, Original Name of Tea Tree for Tea Tree Oil, White Tea Tree, or Swamp Tea Tree) Antiseptic, Antifungal & antiviral. Oil gathered from leaves. Although can be used on gums & lips for antibiotic purposes, NOT to be taken internally. May cause blistering of delicate skin. Use with caution. Australian & Far East origin. One of the most powerful plant based antiseptics or germ killers in the world. Volatile oil distilled from runoff of leaves. A few drops on the tongue of a person who has fainted will bring him/her around. Used full strength to rid oneself of insect bites, snake bite, & as an emergency rub for frostbite. Mixed with cream or oil to reduce chance of irritating the skin when applying to scratches, burns, scrapes, itches, open wounds & abrasions. Rubbed on the outer areas of the forehead & temple; it will reduce headache.

Thistle, Blessed - {Cnicus benedictus} Historically important Benedictine herbal medicinal plant. Digestive. Tonic. Good for ciculation & blood cleanser. Strengthens heart, brain & memory. Appetite inducer, medinical flavoring in alcohol products, good for gastric disorders

Thyme - {Thymus vulgaris} Top of the growing herb is used. Great astringent; good for headaches, gas, fevers, respiration, cholesterol control. Helps sooth back spasms. Great anti-aging compounds. Excellent strewing herb for Soaking baths.

Toothache Plant - {Spilanthes oleracea} Antibiotic. Australian. Eaten in salads. Watercress like plant. Relieves Toothaches, Antibiotic against candida.

Toronjil Morado - {Agastache mexicana} Mexican herb. Digestif. Feverfuge. Relieves flatulence, indigestion, anorexia, colic & improves appetite. Is recommended for children. Can help with weight loss, anorexia, & central nervous system disorders. Anti-malarial properties.

Tribulus - {Tribulus terrestris} (alt. Goatshead, Puncture vine, Caltrop.) Diuretic herb in Ayurvedic & Chinese medicine. Reduces kidney, lower back pain & urinary problems. May be an aphrodisiac. Clinical research shows that it improves male erection & increases sperm counts.

Tumeric - {Curcuma domestica} Traditional Chinese & Indian doctors prescribe Tumeric as an aid to restarting menses or periods in women too young to have menopause. Anti-inflammatory. Protects liver from toxins, lowers cholesterol

Turtlehead - {Chelone galabra} (alt. Balmony) Stimulates a poor appetite. Vermifuge, Reduces effects of hemmorhoids, constipation, IBS. Digestive.



Umkcaloabo - {Pelargonium sidiodes} (alt. Wild Geranium) South African Antibacterial. Root used for treatments of chronic infections of the throat, nose & ears. Especially good for sinusitis & acute bronchitus. Root powder is used to combat tuberculosis.

Unicorn, False- {Chamaelirium luteum} (alt. Fairywand, Devilsbit) Leaves used. Diuretic. Normalizer for uterus & gynecological ailments. Root acts as a hormone regulator for the ovaries. Reduces effects of cystitis, menopause, ovarian cysts, uterine infections, morning sickness, endometriosis & to help prevent miscarriage.

Uva Ursi - {Arctostaphylos uva-ursi} (alt. Bearberry) Leaves used. Diuretic. Used to control spleen, bladder & kidney infections,



Valerian, Anthos- {Valeriana officialis} Leaves & flowers used. Sedative, Stimulant, Nervine. Sleep aid, reduces insomnia, pain, chest complaints, muscle spasms.

Vanilla Grass- {Anthoxanthum oderatum} (Sweet Verna Grass) Homeopathic, A tincture of flowers is said to aid in reducing hay fever in part caused by its own pollen.

Vap Ca - {Houttuynia cordata} Vietnamese culinary & medicinal herb.

Vervain- {Verbana officinalis, Verbena hastata} Aphrodisiac. Bitter. Disgestive. Nervine. Good for insomnia. Also used in Chinese medicine.

Velvet Bean -{Macuna, various species} {alt. Oxe eye bean, ojo de buey) Panamanian Aphrodisiac. Contains as much or more L-Dopa as Fava Beans. May be found as tincture in Botanicas or Spanish markets.

Vetiver Grass -{Vetiveria zizanioides} (alt. Khus-khus) Oil repels lice, bedbugs, flies & cockroaches.

Vicks Plant -{Plectranthus pupuratus} Smells like commercial product. Used via tincture in cream base to reduce chest cold symptoms.

Virgin's Bower- {Clematis virginiana} Tea of leaves & flowers relieves headaches, tincture added to cream base can help to heal sores, skin ulcers and/or itchy skin. May cause rash in some people.

Violet -{Viola odorata} Best plant source Vitamin A. Can be used as a Tonic as well as a Relaxant. Roots used to stop diarrhea & sooth stomach ache.Often seen candied for decorative use on cakes.

Visnaga - {Ammi visnaga} (alt. Honey plant) Ayurvedic/ Indian herb. Leaves & seeds used. Seeds contain khellin & visnadin. Reduces painful menses, Angina, heart spasms, cramp, colic, bronchial complaints. Nervine.

Vitex -{Vitex negundo heterophylla} (Alt. honey plant) Bee pollinator plant. Gives flavor to "wildflower" & other honeys throughout the world. Used for headache, dizziness, coughs & mental irritability.



Wahoo -{Euonymous atropurpurea} Dried Leaves used. Once used as a diruetic, laxative, tonic & expectorant. Has digitalis-like effect on the cardial muscles & must not be used without a licensed doctor or herbalist attending..

Watercress - Cleans the kidneys. High in Vitamin C plus minerals such as iron, calcium, sulfur, copper & maganese. Blood Strengthener.

Waterleaf - {Talinium triangulare} (Leaf Ginseng, Surinam Spinach) Leaves & stems used. Tonic. Indonesian cooking herb used like ginseng.

Waterpepper- { Polygonum hydropiper} (alt. Azabu-tade, Cultivated smartweed) Japanese herb used in sushi. Good for raising internal temperaure of muscles.

White Oak Bark - tincture in cream aids in reducing hemorrhoids, bleeding, varicose veins, tea made of bark acts as a vermifuge- repels pinworms

Wild Lettuce - {Lactuca virosa} Sap called lettuce opium. Induces sleep & reduces nervous disorder. Nervine. Considered a natural morphine.

Wild Yams* - {Discorea villosa} Whole Tuber used. Treated by the body as though it is estrogen. Digestive. Nervine. Bronchial complaints, labor pains, as well as asthma.

Willow Herb - {Epilobium parviflorum} Herb used. An original source for Swedish bitters. Prostate, bladder & kidneys.

Willow, White - {Salix alba, various} Leaves, bark used. Original source of Aspirin. Relieves headache, toothache, arthritis. helps prevent heart attack, stroke and colorectal cancers. An original source for aspirin base (salysillic acid). Digestive. Stimulant. Tonic. Possible stomach irritant. Reduces kidney pain, headaches, arthritis. High in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus & zinc.

Wintergreen - {Gaultheria procumbens} Leaves, bark used. Digestive. Stimulant. Tonic. Headaches, arthritis. Anti-inflammatory. Used as flavouring for mouthwashes.

Witch Hazel - {Hamamelis virginiana} Leaves, bark used. Useful in treatments for varicose veins & hemorrhoids. Astringent. Blood clotter. Cleanser. Blemish reducer.

Woad, Chinese - {Isatis indigotica} (alt. Da Qing, Qiug Dai) Source ingredients for indigo/blue dye. Treats obstruction in the gall bladder & liver. Effective against flu, hepatitius & measles. Antibacterial, antiviral & anti-inflamatory.

Wolfberry, Chinese - {Lycium barbarum} (alt. Gou-gi-zi, Matrimony Vine) Chinese Medicina herb. Used to restore vital essences. Aphrodisiac. Anti-Aging. Improves vision, increases bone/liver function, white cell production & stimulates tissue renewal. wound healer. Strengthens muscles & bone connectors. Berries eaten raw or cooked, leaves & shoots are also used.

WoollyGrass- {Imperata cilindrica} ( alt. Bai-mao-gen) Chinese herb used for heat excess. Blood stuancher, suppresses bruises. Diuretic, Antibacterial.

Wood Betony -{Stachys officinalis} Caffeine Free substitute for black tea. Nerves, liver & spleen. Acts as a sedative for the nervous system but as a heart Stimulant, muscle relaxer. Rich in calcium. Also contains maganese, phosphorus & potassium.

WoodRuff, Sweet -{Galium Odoratum} Helpful for migraine, nervous conditions and/or stomach pain..

WoodSage - {Teucrium scarodonia} Hops substitute in beer, Used to reduce flatulence and/or indigestion.

Wormwood - {Artemisia absinthium, A. arborescens or A. ludoviciana} Leaves used. Breaks fevers, used to combat malaria, bronchial diseases, cough, colds, gout. American Indian Ceremonial Smudge. Digestive, vermifuge, parasite chaser. External wash clears up skin infections.

Wormwood, African - {Artemisia afra} Native of south & eastern continent of Africa. Feverfuge, anti-malarial. relieves symptoms of bronchial ailments: coughs, colds, indigestion, gout and/or constipation or IBS. Tincture in cream used to clear skin rashes.

Wormwood, Chinese - {Artemisia apiacea} Feverfuge. Malaria fighter. Cooling effect. Detoxificant for the bloodstream. Antibiotic. Blood Stauncher, herbs used against nose will stop nose bleeds.

Wormwood, Roman - {Artemisia pontica} Relieves stomache pains, indigestion. Used in Italian vermouths as a medinical flavoring.

Wormwood, Sweet - {Artemisia annua} (alt. Qing-guo, Sweet Annie) Asian Feverfuge. Malaria fighter. Cooling effect. Detoxificant for the bloodstream. Antibiotic.

*Caution*While sweet potatos may induce inflammation in arthritis sufferers; true yam varieties should not. Substitutions are rampant due to misidentifications at the grocery & herb shops.



I know that there is a plant with an X name out there SOMEWHERE, I just haven't found it yet!



Yam* - {Dioscorea villosa} Whole Tuber used. Important Native American medicinal. Treated by the body as though it is estrogen. May reduce labor pains. Used in treatment of bronchial complains as well as asthma. Also important as a contraceptive ingredient.

Yam, Cinnamon*- {Dioscorea batatas} (alt. Chinese Yam, Shan Yao) Phillipino medicinal herb. TCM medicinal herb.

Yarrow - {Achillea millfolium} Whole herb or flower is used. Kitchen garden or pot herb. Salicylates {aspirin derivatives}. Antiseptic. Reduces fever, nosebleeds, obstructed perspiration & chicken pox. Roots can be used in elixars to combat blood disorders. Mosquito repellant. High in Postassium, phosphorus & B-complex.

Yellow Dock - {Rumex crispus} Balances body chemistry with high mineral content. Used to treat vaginitis. Used to make a tea or to crush & put in capsules. Take 3 cups of tea per day or up to 4 capsules of crushed herb. High in Vitamin A, C, iron & maganese. Blood cleanser, age enhancer, slows appetite. Rich in Vitamins & Minerals.

Yellow Root - {Xanthorrhiza simplicsima} (alt. "yallerroot" - Tommie Bass, herbalist) Alabaman Tonic Herb. Good for relieving symptoms of hiatial hernia or heartburn. Great for helping to quit smoking. Root or barkwood used. Stimulant. Balances body chemistry with high mineral content. High in Vitamin A, C, iron & maganese.

Yerba Buena - { Satureja douglasi} (alt. The Good herb, Spanish). Provides a tea that aids digestion. Yerba Mansa - { Anemopsis californica} (alt. Swamp Root) American Indian medicinal herb. Root infusion used. Good as a headache or pain reliever, reduces congestion/pain in colds & bronchial complaints.

Yerba Mate - {Ilex paraguariensis} Whole herb or flower used. Stimulant. Blood cleanser, age enhancer, slows appetite. Rich in Vitamins & Minerals.

Yerba Sante - {Eriodictyon californicum} Leaves used. Expectorant. Stimulant, whole body tonic, stimulates heart, digestion, relieves bronchial congestion, good for circulation.

Yohimbe - {Pausinystalia yohimbe} Native to Africa, used in Europe & now America. Pharmacists have isolated the drug Yohimbine from the whole plant which has buffers to keep it from being overused. Causes a tingling sensation in the genitals. Hormone stimulant, libido, blood flow to erectile tissue

Yomogi - {Artemesia princeps} (Alt. Japanese mugwort, Kui hao.) Leaves & seedlings used. Utilized as a flavoring, color & scent. Reduces heavy menstrual flow & is also used as a wash for eczema/ itchy skin in Chinese / Japanese medicines.

Yucca - {Yucca glauca} Root used. May be used as a shampoo. Blood, digestion, arthritis, gout, bursitis. Contains steriod saponins -a natural blood cleanser & cortisone. Reduces joint inflammation. Contains Calcium, sodium, zinc & B-vitamins.

*Caution*While sweet potatos may induce inflammation in arthritis sufferers; true yam varieties should not. Substitutions are rampant due to misidentifications at the grocery & herb shops.



Zuta Levana - {Micromeria fruticosa} (alt. Little Mint, Tea hyssop) Israeli & Middle Eastern Tea & Spice. Used as a flavoring for olive oil as a dip with pita. Also used medicinally to treat stomach ulcers. Should not be used by pregnant women.

Zhi Mu - {Anemarrhena asphodeloides} Roots used. Anti-diabetic & antibacterial herb in ancient Chinese medicine. Reduces effects of pneumonia & bronchitis. May aid in reducing insomnia.


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