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Herbs & herbal products should be a part of a normal healthy lifestyle & not some quick money making scheme.
We've been in business for over 14 years as herbalists & over 28 years combined with our other services. The Herbal Cupboard is both a FREE learning site as well as income producing with "The PaperLess Catalog". We enjoy teaching people to use fruiting & vegetable producing plants in landscape design. We produce food for our home & donation uses as well as gain added benefits from oxygenated air by plant respiration.

You are looking at a commercial website with a conscience.

We try to maintain our homes, plant, use our well water to add landscape features wisely in order to conserve clean fresh air & maintain wildlife sanctuaries within our own neighborhood. While we don't yet have an electric car to pick up & mail products; we've bought a car that can be converted to another energy source when one becomes available. We "bin ship" whenever possible to save energy. Since my website was one of the first ones developed for the world wide web; We've been "grandmothered" into pricing & search engine levels.

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A Brief History of The Herbal Cupboard.com

The Herbal Cupboard has been online for over 14 years now. The year 2009 leading into 2010 has been a real eye opener for many reasons. If you had told me, this time last year, that I was going to lose BOTH of my major providers in less than a year's time; I would have though that you were out of your mind. If you had bet me, you would also have been rich.

An Divine Wind of changes in sourcing & education.

I have been going to college via an online & hardcopy program that integrated books & degree together. In the time that I've been taking the degree; the college has grown exponentially & they've sought accreditation & gotten it. Doing that takes time. I. myself have RETIRED two advisors & I've gone through 4 more in the new policy changes. At the same time that they'd started the college, Dr. Clayton's company began offering their formulations wholesale to retail for their "students". Then the Internet was born. Dr. Claytons asked multiple questions as we plankholders of the internet struggled with our sites & then they put up their own site & immediately became our competition. In the beginning of 2009 with the economy looking grim; Dr. Clayton's decided that trying to run two seperate businesses was simply too difficult; so out of the blue, with no particular warning except for a reluctance to ship orders out as fast as normal,in May they announced that "they were cleaning off their shelves & closing up wholesale shop; we'd have to go elsewhere to find our products! I was wholesaler #16. I know that they had "at least" 2800 confirmed wholesale to retail vendors who were in the same boat I was. Just after tax season, having to scramble in one of the worst economies to come up with enough money to buy enough stock in the items that were left; to cover my "regular" customers & hope like hell that I could find a replacement as good, green, organic & with no dyes, fillers, preservatives and/or "issues".

To make matters worse, just as I was recovering from that & trying to find alternative bottlers for the products that I knew & loved; My mentor Merlin Bolin turned 60 in late November 2009. He never planned to live longer than his 60th birthday & basically didn't plan a will, or set up any of his kids or grandkids to take over his business or do any contracts to save his selling sites; should something go wrong with him, nothing. Most of his family lived in Missouri. Many of his vendors or most of the ones I was in contact with; thought that he would go home to live with one of his daughters. That didn't work. Some of us helped clean out his store, we got together to get the rest of it only to find it gone, because someone else had cleaned it out. His orders were now in a box in a garage...somewhere....That meant that most of the blend teas that I bought in bulk & repackaged were gone, except for the listings on my sites, so were the recipes because Merlin never wrote any of them down {another time, another story}
In the meantime, in March 2010; I was lucky enough to pick up a job as a Census Field Operations Supervisor, a position that I'd held once before in Pennsylvania in 1988. I have been working non-stop around the machinations of these businesses to make sure that my FOSD got the best of my abilities & that we counted almost 98% of the some 15,000 addresses that didn't turn in their census forms this decade start.

You are reading the 2010 Summer Offerings of TheHerbalCupboard.com.

We Offer: Single/ combination: Herbs, Spices, Salves, Essential Oils, Herbal andlor Homeopathic Tinctures which can be between 3 & 4 times as Potent as their original ingredients, depending on the base- either glycerin or alcohol by volume. We Have: Herbal blend teas for Helath, Green, Fermented, Black, Flower or Berry Teas. {All Teas & Spices come with a FREE Re-Useable Muslin Tea Bag} Massage/Null oils for topical use as well as some for Salad use! & Base Creams to make your own herbal topical cream. For a UNIQUE GIFT, Think Herbal! Take a good look at our Soy Based Aromatherapy Wax Scents as well as our Ceramic Leaf TealLight TartWarmers, or our Herbal Tea & Teapot Combinations. We have: Semi precious Stone, Arthritis Healing Copper & Magnetic jewelry, one of a kind collectable Artisian created ExoticTrinket Boxes, complete with Crystals & Enamel.

Herbs, Spices & Elsewise:

Alton Brown & Emeril Lagasse among other Food Channel hosts suggest that you renew your spices every SIX MONTHS!!

THC'S VOLUME PACKED Spices & Herb bags fill up to THREE SPICE JARS each, so Economically Update Your SPICES with us!.
STETSON UNIVERSITY GRADUATES & DeLand Florida History BUFFS! we have signed prints of DeLand flrida Historic Public buildings, Stetson University - the President's House & others, The Athens Theatre & the "Old Courthouse". It is still possible you can still have a double signing by the artist with a dedication to anyone you wish.
Many of our products are currently manufactured or procured for us & packaged from either Sustainably Grown/Harvested, Responsibly Wildcrafted, Vegetarian and/or Vegan & will be marked as such and/or Organic & will be certified if so, and/or Kosher/Parve. Our products are Certified by specific Rabbinical groups from both the East & West Coasts. Please email us for the specific Rabbinal organization & certification/name will be forwarded for your review.
Order Lead times may be longer than 10 days due to supply. many products are grown and/or processed, tinctured or made into salves by American Indian Tribes during seasonal or moon phases that might not make much sense to us, but mean a great deal to them. Most tinctures/Salves & Essential Oils can take up to a month to Brew. Please have Patience!! Especially if we tell you that we are in the middle of brewing your product!!!

WE ARE PENN STATE. This is the Herbal Cupboard.com

We give FREE Herbal Advice to help with illness or conditional ALREADY Diagnosed by a Board Certified M.D., D.O. , and/or other AMA approved Physician. By the Laws of the United States Supreme Court & the American Medical Association, We, as Herbalists & students of Naturopathic Medicine CANNOT Diagnose, Prescribe, Treat or CURE any Disease or Condition. We, as Herbalists cannot do more than SUGGEST that you consult with your Primary Care doctor before taking any of our products. We Ask that you read our section on Drug/Herb Interactions & Possible side effects for Surgery, as well as the Pregnancy No Use List before using any of our products. Product useablitiy is going to change person by person & THERAPEUTIC Level can also change based on the other products and/or pharmaceuticals and/or your DIET. Please use all of our products sparingly & use the directions as a guidepoint. Overdosage of any product- be it food, pharaceutical or phyto pharmaceutical- most OTC herbals} is not wise & can, as in anything, be fatal if used by the wrong person.

U.S. Postal Rates have Increased. If your shipping & handling doesn't seem correct, please EMAIL us.

Give us an idea of what you want to order and a FULL MAILING ADDRESS, including postal code & province/state/ region if necessary so taht we can give you a more adequete postage quote on your order & an idea of what will fit in the box we'll need to ship it in.

Shipping & Handling:

Every sale included $1.00 handling fee per item, plus item cost, plus the weight of that item adds into the total postage cost. The handling fee covers our REQUIRED Tracking number- domestic or International, so both of us can track the package, plus the packaging, any overhead {fuel, international requirements: extra copies of the customs forms, etc.} The item's shipping weight will add to the total package weight & is figured based on the lightest, but most sturdy way to get your package to you in a fast but economical fashion. We ship either 1st class {domestic or international}, Priority Mail-Flat or otherwise, Parcel Post or UPS {Most glass shipments are sent UPS so you GET them in the same condition that I SENT them.
Packaging material is completely recyclable. Shipping Refunds: If your shipment posts at more than 75 cents less than what you paid, I will refund the difference in the postage part of the shipping and handling after your package ships out of the post office! Loyalty Discount: From your 2nd order onwards, if you remind me in the note section of the order form; I will give you a 10% discount on the order. Order with a friend & split the shipping as well.
SALE SPECIFIC QUOTES: Email me your name with a full address, including province, county, region if necessary plus postal codes, apt. #'s et al plus an idea of how many & what you want to order & I'll be able to give you several quotes based on various ways to ship the package to you & tell you how much room you have left in the packaging for each item.
Multipe Item Shipping: No matter where you're shopping from, most shopping carts aren't the best when coming up with a mutiple item order. If the shipping doesn't look "right" to you, most likely it ISNT right. Don't go there. Simply ask for a pre-order shipping quote as above. **There is no 3 Day AIR shipping allowed for Dried herbs!!**

In Light of the Epidemic that wasn't or could be or might be: NOTE: OUR BEST COLD/FLU Anti Yeast/ Reduce Coughing therapy,

{that also, oh by the way, tends to help get couples pregnant on occasions!} is called CFAY. CFAY is also instrumemtal in reducing Pet & Human night time itchy skin. We'll send you a list of where you can buy local to you honey when you buy the CFAY recipe from us, along with COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS AND we'll also DONATE $$ to help repopulate healthy queen bees to your area.

Boost your immune system by taking our Immune, Echinacea, Lemon Balm/Melissa or Astragalus herb/tea/tinctures. Use our Rose Hip derived powder to boost your Vitamin C levels by adding the powder to vinnaigrettes & shakes, as well as stirring it into gravies just before serving, don't reboil or you'll LOSE the benefits!!
I f you've already caught a bad bug, make sure to see your doctor to rule out Flu or Pneumonia which can KILL you.
{How to tell when to go to the doctor...when you blow your nose & the stuff that comes out isn't clear or white...if it is a real color, green, yellow or worse, with little brown pieces, get you to your doctor to get help, this is not an HERBALIST FIX right away}. You can continue to take the CFAY & boost your immune system with the other helper teas, tinctures et al, but you need pharmaceutical help if you are blowing colors. Post doctors visit; try our Pleurish Root, Lung or Breath Free Teas & Tincturs.

STEVIA - Beneficial WholeHerb product or Medically Useless Extract- Your choice. Don't let a massive co-op fool you or your state Senator or Congressman.

Stevia is a natural & historically known & documented sweet herb with hundreds of clinical studies done on it in both America & in Europe for at least 100 years. Safely used for thousands of years by people looking for alternatives to sugar, honey, licorice and other products that sweeten but can leave either a bitter aftertaste or not be good for people on diets or who were diabetic; Stevia has been shown to HEAL certain portions of the PANCREAS that deal with diabetics & the production & regulation of insulin. This, OF COURSE, has beome of great concern to both the medical & big pharmaceutical companies who don't want simple home grown herbal products like this to take the place of any regulated, & costly pharmaceutical. Many studies have been done. the German Commission "E: Reports state that STEVIA is a SAFE herb for use by diabetics & others interested in non-glycemic boosting sweeteniers.
But of course, Stevia is an herb & you can't patent an herb, right?And to use Stevia correctly & to get the full benefit of it, you have to take the herb & brew it like a tea & then use the liquid to sweeten things, which is such a hassle right?
In 2008, a "new small company" actually a front company for the GIANT CO-OP Conglomerate Car-gill (R)} brought out a product called "Tru-Via" which is an EXTRACT of the STEVIA plant, once more proving that large companies can & WILL extract anything to be able to patent it. This way, all the people thinking that they are going to get healing benefits from this form of STEVIA will get NOTHING of the sort, only the sweetening side. Car-gill won't come out & tell you about the healing part & frankly the extract doesn't include the whole herb benefits which makes it useless to those people wanting to use it to HEAL their bodies while helping to sweeten their lives. It OF COURSE, was speedily approved by the FDA{!!!???!!!}. In 2009, several states SUDDENLY moved to BAN sales of the Stevia Herb by herbalist & natural food stores, based on the RUMORS {that no one could qualify or find} that Teenagers MIGHT be using the herb to try to get high!!! Let's face it, as long as there have BEEN Teenagers, there have been teenagers who've tried common household herbs to try to get high. WRITE TO YOUR Congressman & Senator as well as your Local Mayor to make sure that they know the difference between Rumors & FACTS. Let them know that no giant CO-OP should try to restric the use of a well documented herbal healing aide & a non glycemic sweetener for diabetics; simply so that they can be the only ones making a profit from that herb!

New Sources, Mentors & Background Data:

My sources- My NEW sources & I have been registered businesses with over 100 years of combined experience, studies & the backup of clinical research done by qualified doctors, phytopharmaceutical practitioners, natural growers & we base our expertise on a number of books, reports & several highly public forces in the natural supplement field. One of them is called The German Commission E Report, which is available, translated in either book or CD format AT Amazon.com I'm completely saddened to say that my mentor Merlin Bolin {1949-2010} has passed on after being sent to a Florida Hospital facility by mistake. His heart {with a pacemaker defibrillator which did not work THREE times} could not handle all of the tests that they put him through & with little ado & no one there, he passed on while watching his favrotie Star Trek show on video. I also count as my most trusted mentor Dr. James Duke, author of "The Green Pharmacy" Our products are shipped in multi-week/multi-month amounts, making them Less Expensive than many discount OTC products which may look cheaper at first glance. Even Wal-Mart (R) charges higher prices for Organic products!

Recently our privately developed payment processor for over 10 years has revamped their own site to become an international portal outlet. So now we have a "store" at Kagi.com which will be able to showcase our products & translate them initially in four languages: English, German, French and Japanese to with more languages to follow. Since 2000; We've had an eBay store called The-Herbal-Cupboard It has been reduced to our best sellers due to a pricing increase that seems to be focussed on losing their smaller businesses & keeping only larger stores & independant auctioners. I & several thousand other small business owners happen to think that that's a bad deal but I've reduced the store down to the bare minimums & will see how it goes.
In December of 2008 we launched a selling site at Bonanzle.com-TheHerbalCupboard Lastly, we continue to support various not-for-profit agencies with small offerings of items added to their gift shops & we constantly look for ways to generate donate-able income without sacrificing our green philosphies or creating more pollution in the process.

We offer approximately a 10% discount off of retail priced products from proven Natural or Green vendors who believe in naturally grown or certfied organic products. We maintain contact with practitioners of American Indian tribal medicine in order not to lose their specifically formulated traditional healing therapies that can be bottled or dried & shipped. When we have products that we think would help people to either lose weight or to help them with other health goals but those items aren't exactly herbal based, we will do our best to contract to offer them at a decent price within our own guidelines but with the full knowledge that these products may not be totally herbal.

The PaperLess Catalog has metamorphasized overthe years. It was originally created to save trees by reducing the amount of paper stock sent out, plus reduce the carbon footprint, before we even knew what a carbon footprint WAS. Our sites also have managed to give back to the community by donating small amounts of money to several wildlife & tree conservation funds, societies & agencies as well as creating & maintaining several herbal & fruiting tree areas in multiple states. We continually mentor western medical doctors & practitioners to convince them to take up their own herbal studies & to incorporate some forms of herbal therapeutics within their current field of expertise. Our resident herbalist writes many emails & calls many a congressman/woman & senator on a regular basis to make sure that her representatives actually represent her greener outlook as well as those of the bigger companies in our community; which our vendors also do


Wholesale No Longer Offered ISH:

We won't be offering wholesale opportunities any more. One of our main natural sources are not able to guarantee that they can be IN STOCK for us, much less try to upgrade their very specialized manufacturing & production techniques to comply with stock for larger markets. This is most true for our source for dried herbs/teas & tinctures who works with the American Indian tribes. Since much of these products are produced on a Lunar/ Planting cycle, it is difficult to require them to stick to a delivery schedule that matches normal supply and demand. So instead of demanding that my source grow larger than he's comfortable with; we'll just sell what we can retail & hope for the best on the rest!This is subject to change on the new providers that we contract with. I will keep in touch with news.

Please take a look at our FREE WorldHerbs® Reference Pages at:

The Formulary

We continually are on the look out for new & interesting herbs & herbal formulations to add to the Formulary from every ethnic background. If you have something that we should add, please email us & let us know.

Help us to Save Trees with our:

PaperLess Catalog

Carrot & Stick

: We like to report the good & the bad on the "splash page" so that you know that we're keeping up with what's happening out side of the farm. We don't keep our heads in our well worked soil, we are currently between the group of my family & friends working on anything from a basic IT AA degree to my Master/Doc combination to a friend's Juris doctorate & we keep in touch. To that end I bring you "Carrot & Stick" We've seen a strong & welcome upsurge in the useage & accepatability of herbal supplementation as well as, unfortunately a lot of Johnny come Lately get rich quick schemes based on herbal supplements {Noni, Pomegranate, Acai & others} & the quick to condemn American Medical Association who's members will totally "forget" to remember that there are clinical studies being done all over the world INCLUDING the United States for way over 60 years & available for FREE to laypeople as well as doctors, lawyers & Indian chiefs for that matter. Most ofthe herbal supplements that we suggest here on this site & on other sites on the internet have been suggested & used successfully & been documented for far longer than some of the most widely prescribed pharmaceuticals which can contain extracts that we are not totally sure how it works {I've actually SEEN advertisements on the television that says..."not totally understood process} (!) for which we don't have the best of knowledge on either how they work in the body or what ANY long range effects ARE.
What we ARE seeing unfortunately for those who have been prescribed some of these products; is that once the amount of negative feedback {that probably existed but somehow didn't make it to the original FDA regulating committee function} actually starts coming in from patients inputting directly either onto other websites or collected by the firms that watch the internet for such comments; or actually from the doctors who prescribed it {many of whom who belong to "studies" which don't pay if you send in too many negative comments} all over the country for a period of time. When either the amount of negative feedback overwhelms the good, then the FDA has no choice but to pull that particular drug off the market, by using reportage or other devices that will get the message out to the most people in the fastest & most economical fashion. That's when you start seeing the adds for class action suits that advertise "if anyone or anyone's family member tookk such & such drug & it caused...up to a whole list of problems, please contact this number}" to spread the news that these pharmaceuticals that were supposedly safe & effective against the particular problem when first put out on the market, are, for whatever reason now being found to be not only NOT effective against the original problem but can cause UP TO DEATH as a "side effect"

Here Are THREE FREE Suggestions for Enhancing Your Health.
We would like you to email us with your results as it will help to fill out my continuing masters' & doctoral research in these areas. I have the longest Master's & Doctoral degree programs that I've seen; I'm closing on almost 9 years of revamping, re-writing & re-wording my thesis & you are looking at the very vivid results!

Every physician/herbalist/scientist worth her "salt" as it were, has her/his studies to fall back on.

These ideas have been tested locally & long distance; time & time again until people say to me "you ought to be making lots of money with these ideas that work". I wish that that were the case. Especially in light of the new "flu" that might be a pandemic in the making. However, I'd rather give away the formula to save lives & ask for a donation to help continue my studies & my work, than try to make a lot of money in a short amount of fear struck time.

These 3 suggestions are the main focus of my dissertation on herbal formulations used as therapies; instead of relying on artificially derived pharmaceutical panaceas. To do that, I need the results of your use of them, emailled over the course of several weeks, months or years. Finding out how well the ideas, formulas & recipes have worked, why they worked & if they didn't work on some people, why that might have happened; helps to refine the ideas & makes them more useful for the greater good. I've always strived to do more for the greater good.
Please be a part of a growing legion of healthier, happier humans and pets & help me to put some numbers in front of these proposals for my studies with the Clayton College of Holistic Health.

I call these three the I "CAN" DO THAT trilogy.

Retailers, Restauranteurs, Medical, Childcare, Teachers, Police & Fire, Moms/Dads:

Colds, Flu
Coughs, URI and/or Yeast Infections
have you Down?


The Anti Cold/Flu & Anti Yeast Infection fighter!
It can be made/ used anywhere.
NO CITRUS juice used.
Florida is going to HATE me.
However, CFAY WORKS.
You can safely take either the recipe or the supplemental form with antibiotics, Chemo therapy and/or other medicinal therapies. {CFAY reduces post antibiotic yeast infections}. Please Read the suggestions on when to self medicate & when to go to the doctor. It has reduced my incidence of sinus & inner ear infections, allergies, hay fevers, colds, flu & pneumonia down to less than 2 a year. A HUGE difference in down time, pharmaceutical & medical costs.
Email me when you see a reduction in colds/flu/ sinus/ allergies/yeast infections.


Do You have it
or know someone who does?

Eliminate These Arthritis Flare Foods
& reduce your Painkiller Dependance.
This is a tough one to ask but it also Works for most people who try it.

Remove these 4 veggies in ALL FORMS from your diet for 1 month; 2 months, then 3. There is a common substance in all of them which seems to ignite the "flare" cycle for people who have arthritis. It takes about 2 weeks to acclimate to not eating any of them & another 2 weeks to realize you aren't taking as many pain relievers any more. The longer you are off of them; the better you'll feel. You'll be surprised at how much of these vegetables actually are in your normal pattern of eating, not to mention used as side fillers on restaurant plates. It has freed me from over 90% of pain killers that I took previous to starting this regimen; even with mryiad broken bones.
It has freed others from the spectre of surgery for a variety of complaints like plantar warts, carpel tunnel & other complaints. Email me when you feel a difference.

Night Herbs,

When is the "Right" Time To Take Supplements?

"Are those YOUR nails?."
"Gee, Your hair grows so fast!"
Try "NightHerbs."

People are always asking about how to take supplements for optimum benefits. I have been studying the options & testing the theories out on myself and my family/friends.
There DOES seem to be a better time to take specific vitamins, minerals & herbs.
Therapeutic Levels: The amounts of actual supplements needed to maintain health may surprise you. It can stretch your supplement costs over a more affordable period of time. Night Herbs works for people of all ages: from children to the ancient ones {over 86}. You should be able to notice a difference in your hair & skin; as well as a change in your sleeping patterns.
Email me at monthly intervals.

Liked One or more of these suggestions? EMAIL ME or Bookmark us or write down the instructions.
The only thing that can hurt you here is that you looked at the idea, thought it had merit
& then forgot about it while surfing.

Please Bookmark this page so you won't forget!

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Check out The Alternative Therapies section which describes "Ologies" in understandable & explainable terms:

Alternate Therapies/ "ologies"

We welcome International/ Military Retail/Wholesale Product Orders.

LLD,UnLimited/The Herbal Cupboard is listed with the SBA as a small business sucess story over 12 years old. We are also listed with the PASS/Pro-Net electronic bidding gateway as a government contractor for official small/medium/large wholesale orders. Pre-Payment is required for all orders. We bin ship product to insure ultimate freshness. There may be a delay if our vendors are awaiting shipment of organic source materials but we will let you know immediately if there is an issue.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover & all mileage based credit cards. You can check with kagi.com and paypal to see if other forms of payment can be used. I prefer paypal above all else & even kagi.com accepts them.
We also accept commercial /business checks within the electronic payment system currently in place for our retail orders. All funds must be in U.S. currency.

We gladly sell to retailers at our wholesale cost so that these products can become more readily available to everyone. This is NOT an MLM. To order directly from our bottler you must have THC's wholesale #.

At the present time we ask that you email us with your retail sales # {county, state & country} and/or your occupational license number} so that we can directly input the information into our system. We will then send you the link for the full online wholesale catalog.
The wholesale catalog is available on the order pages for qualified buyers with our secured on line ordering. Or you can print out the form from our order pages & mail in your order with a company check if you feel more comfortable. We also have local to Florida wholesale sales {please include your updated Sales & Use tax form # so that we do not charge FL sales tax}. All shipments of product will be held until clearance of payment option. Turn-around on an order is approximately 1-2 weeks. {It can be less but we like to make sure}.

Shipments go out with the wording; "critical medical shipment" on the packaging materials to expedite delivery. Credit card payments & receipts of payment will be sent electronically.

The company that has guided me towards my avocation of a healing career is called:

Dr. Clayton's American Herbal Science, Inc.

This Fine organization also maintains an SCC Certified
College of Naturopathic & Herbal Medicine called:
The Clayton College of Natural Health.

Lloyd E. Clayton, Jr., N.D. & his company have been studying & compounding herbal & homeopathic formulae for over 4 decades. Many of the newest attempts at creating standards of strength, potency & excellence keep referring back to the same products/ ideals that have kept this company in business. While the basis of Dr. Clayton's learnings stem from The German E commission herbal approval system which is in its 7th decade of indepth studies, testing & papers; there has been a huge amount of work done since then here in the states. Their herbal formulations have kept small farmers & herbal cultivators in business growing the best quality product without having to deal with inorganic pesticides & other harmful substances that make their way into most of our other supplements. In fact, in an effort to only offer natural ingredients; Dr. Clayton's company went through an herbal reorganization in order to revamp the products so that ONLY natural ingredients & for the most part, vegetarian products are sold. Tinctures are available in both glycerin & alcohol bases as a result of thorough thinking & a respect for children & people who cannot take alcohol based products. This expands the used of herbal products to many people who normally would not have had the opportunity to use them. Kosher certification on request.

Visit The PaperLess Catalog to see our continuously expanding natural product line.

Herbs by Merlin Ltd.

Specialized Single & Combination Formulae Herbal Teas, Tinctures, Essential oils & singular herbs for Your Health & Well Being

Many of you know me; this golden red haired herbalist & webmistress; by my last name which is Emrys...also known as Ambrosius. {Or why did she become a "Roman" anthropologist?} Look for a link with the last name of a Welch mage/ healer/ prophet from a few hundred years ago in Great Britain; not to mention a healing college; as well as that college's abbot from a piece of historical literature called the Deryni Chronicles. I believe that there was a mountain range & a city of mages by that name also to be found in literature. The mere fact that in 2003 I ended up with a lightening shaped scar on my forehead, didn't hurt matters either...

Therefore it was with complete surprise & good fortune that I came upon a current living Merlin; a real life fellow with a traceable family line from Wales; who is also a registered & practicing herbalist. Although born in Missouri & with family who produces copious quantities of herbs on an organic farm in that state; he now makes his home & maintains his thriving herbal business from the Daytona Beach, FL area. Many small stores in the surrounding counties now also carry his lines but The Herbal Cupboard was the first website up to carry his products online & we now boast pretty much one of the best discounts that Merlin has available; even from his own site.

I have learned a huge amount of practical herbal lore from Merlin & consider him to be one of my "Masters" of herbal knowledge.

See the new Herbal Tea, tincture, essential oil & singular herb pages at: Merlin's Blended Tea Catalog

Through out all of our pages you will find advertisements for a select group of businesses that can help you to build a small business, finance your herbal gardening ideas & help you to find & grow many of the herbs listed in the Formulary & in the various formulas for both of the vendors listed above. Please click on these links to check out the pages for these fine merchants. We've worked together since the internet came into being & I hope to be working with them well into the next 50 years.

You will also see them listed in: The PaperLess Catalog.

Use Our Links To Access some of our fine advertisers & Support our Site by doing so!

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Sierra Club

Herbs, Teas, & Ideas.

What this herbalist uses on her own self: Why would this interest browsers?
There is an old but true adage: "Put yer money where your mouth is!"...
Well, I'll go one step further than that.

I've used Dr. Clayton's products for 20 years.

I take them because I'm very sensitive to dyes, preservatives & certain fillers.
It is an added benefit that most of what I take are now certified organic as well.

At night I take:

I take a Basic One multi-vitamin, plus Hair N Nails to boost my calcium intake from both the product itself & Calcium, Magnesium & Boron 1,000mg which feeds bones, cartilage & aids in metabolism/ immunity.
As an added bonus; these two plus Vitamin C 1,000mg with rosehips help me to sleep. Vitamin C has long been touted as an immunity booster which also works as a partial LAXATIVE.
This is especially good to know for people who take pain killers that might constipate them.
Even with a thrice daily dose of painkillers you shouldn't have to go up much beyond 3,000mg of Vitamin C to gain the, erm, mobile benefits.
And; since Vitamin C is a water soluable vitamin; any excess is simply removed by your system.
I usually flush my nightherbs down with a good 20 ounces of the CFAY/ water mixture which means that I'm going to get up in the middle of the night. I hit the bathroom & then drink at least 8 more ounces of the CFAY /water mixture so that my body can flush all bad germs/ yeasties out of my system & finish digesting anything I ate the night before.

In the morning I take:

Energy & Endurance-
{I take the first of 3 that I will take at 4 hour intervals throughout the day to stay energy efficient but not jittery.}
Alfalfa leaves in caplet form- This product adds silicates, fiber, potassium & other green benefits into my daytime functions. Alfalfa caplets plus my multi-vitamin plus a banana in my VitaMixed fruit & slimfast shake keeps me from the "dizzies". Potassium, electrolytes & water are a MUST in the both the summer when almost every day is over 90 degrees & the winter with its dry heat systems.
Hawthorne Berries- Hawthorne {like the insides of banana skins} helps me to reduce bruising from everyday farming events to finding the desk in the dark & other little accidents. I believe that it will also keep me from developing varicose veins.
Diur-Ease- I take this particular water pill because it contains potassium & other natural additives to keep me from being dizzy & reduces my bloat from certain times of the month as well as helps me to maintain proper fluid levels in my body at ALL times of the month.

I brew a batch of Merlin's teas almost every day & especially when I have to be outside mowing. This helps me to both libate myself so that I can sweat all the toxins out of my system without dehydrating myself in the process. I drink it "cool" not iced so that it absorbs into my system in the most efficient manner.

I use a plastic percolator to make the stuff into a 10 cup iced tea base to which I add either maple syrup {grade a or b} or dried leaf Stevia which is an herbal sweetener {depending on who is going to share it with me. I also tend to cheat & just use my favorite "pink" stuff if its just going to be me drinking the whole pot in one day.

I use the Trim tea plus Green tea for anti-oxidants; plus some of Merlin's tea blend plus some Energy tea along with some Witch Hazel bark, red clover tops & Dandelion for clearing & for the most part maintaining my acne prone skin. I also tend to drop in some high caffeine English or Irish breakfast tea for a little color & ooomph!

I mention what I use because I feel that it is important that you know that I'm not some kind of commerical webmistress with no interest in the products that I am showcasing. I'm a real person with a real wish to help you to maintain good health without having to resort to more & more prescription medicines without knowing the full background & health hazards as well as benefits of such.

A Quick Note to Diabetics: Dried Leaf Stevia or Leaf Stevia or the extraction of Stevia is a very potent sweet with no caloric or sugar boosting insulin mongering bad things. You can get it at your favorite herbalist's & brew the liquid to use as a sweetener, or get the extract to use sparingly in baking, cooking & as a quick sweetener. It frees you from doubtful combinations of chemicals & other "artificial" products that may be bad "down the road" for you.

Email me with your favorite combinations: theherbalist.

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SkyMall, Inc.

aka the gimpy herbalist

On March 26th, 2003: Your herbalist; after carefully looking both ways-
Stepped off a curb on Rt. 436 in Seminole County,
& was struck by a car traveling around 50 mph.

It was definately a case of Car = 1, Jacqueline = 0.
For a long while there, I was not expected to live.

I broke my neck, back, left shoulder, left arm, left leg in 5 places between my ankle & knee, left foot, ribs on both sides, broke teeth & cracked most of the remaining fillings, lacerated my liver, shattered both wrists & scalped the right side of my hair from under my right eyebrow; across my forehead, up & over the back of my head; gaining over 300 stitch/ staple scars & drain holes. I also gained a 7 inch long blood clot in my left thigh & ended up on Cumiden for 6 months. I had huge amounts of road burn & pieces of asphalt & headlight glass stayed embedded in me until almost the end of May. The emergency techs helpfully wrote .71 on my right wrist which then scarred permanently to remind me of my near miss.
I did not, however, lose weight. {grumphle}

I've grown stronger & wiser with the use of my own herbs.
Except for the first awful 15 days of drug/ operation filled coma & altogether 34 days in ORMC Trauma; I never stopped taking several herbal combinations to help heal broken bones, ripped skin, tendons, grow hair & heal my inner/ outer self. I've still got to "replace" my left shoulder balljoint & remove most of the connective hardware in my left arm later this year. The folk at the VA are still chuckling over the fact that the pole in my leg has a SCREW LOOSE. To help myself heal; I required both zen quietness & days with visitors. I insisted on massage of my shoulders which helped immensely, not to mention connection to the internet via a friend's laptop, small amounts of gloriously flavored ice cream, chocolate & cups of very strong coffee.

This is almost October 2008 & if I'm not careful, although I don't need the cane;
there are times that I walk like an arthritic duck.

My herbal & old ways spiritual background has kept me from losing faith in myself.
I could not have healed like I did without the dedicated staffs at ORMC Trauma of Orlando & the VA Nursing/ Rehab Home & Clinic in Winter Park, Florida, not to mention the FHP helicopter trauma team who's quick action probably saved my life. Combining a winning combination of both naturopathic & allopathic medicine; along with constant physical, occupational & recreational therapies; I have been able to almost completely recover both physically & mentally from my ordeal. I have been & still fight feelings of being: defeated, scared, frightened, frustrated, unable to do "simple" things & hopeless. I'm told that this is normal.

What happened to me could happen to you. Review all of your insurance, often.
Due to job problems; I had no major medical insurance at the time of the accident. Personal Injury Protection is often coupled with Uninsured Motorist/ Underinsured Coverage & is often expensive; BUT PIP is what pays for YOU when you are in an accident even if you weren't driving. I had an old car & basic insurance. MY company paid both on the PIP & the underinsured coverage since the driver of the car who hit me also had minimum coverages for his car & would only have to to pay $10,000. Since Florida is a No-Fault state; the some $240,000 in emergency hospital/doctor bills ARE NOT covered by his GEICO insurance; nor will I be employable for a while longer. Honor & duty are ingrained from my own 23 years of Naval military service. I will pay back the bills owed. Somehow. But not by gouging my current & future customers. Since I was unable to be granted any kind of additional financial aid from Social Security due to my singleness, home ownership, not being a single parent, having a college education, & a white collar job background & considering that I didn't die within a year of the accident {who makes up these requirements anyway?} I've had to take on some freelance work but for the most part; I'm kind-of on enforced at home recuperation/ therapy plan

Some things found, others lost...
Good things do occur in the face of such trauma; miraculously, the hospital's security people found my Penn State College ring in the personal belongings safe. However, my Owl Pendant; the Icon of my herbal site & a focus for my beliefs: {about 3" tall, made of distaff ivory, framed in heavy oval silver & hung on a dark brown leather thong}... is gone. Then again, I've gained more service with My bottlers & vendors, who assure me that the herbal products are fresh & in quantities to ship at all times. Note: I will do my best to update the site.
If you will: Remember that when crossing the street:  look both ways...


Wayside Gardens Roses

The Herbal Cupboard's Herbalist & the Early Years

A Great Deal of Wonderful People helped me to see that there was a need for a Commercial Site versus the one that used to only be on my personal site http://www.ladygray.com Now it doesn't matter. The ONLY cupboard is this one. There are just way too many pages to keep updated with the newest herbs from Dr. Clayton's & Merlin's new potions; not to mention all of the side articles & research links. We have The Formulary which is headed for 1,500 WorldHerbs© plus all of the links to taxonomic names, alternate names, alternative therapies, recipes for good health, all of the thesis material, all of the combined ideas & new formulations of my very own & there was absolutely NO WAY to have two separate cupboards.

The history of all of my businesses are located at the above link & it is an interesting read. You will also find the history of our newest addition: IL Cuore del Mele- the herbal farm.
When I started this site; my thought was that I would update it as I kept up with my studies in Naturopathic Medicine. I figured that just updating the site would keep me on my toes long enough to remind me to continue learning. In 1999; I finally matriculated in two universities to try to finish off & legitamize my degrees. Since 1973 & my high school studies in genetics & botany through my university studies in Anthropology & Archeaology & then beyond: I've enjoyed being a reader of medical treatises & monographs on various herbs, formulae & tinctures that can help people manage their health.

However, I'm too much of a "mother hen" to listen to people complain about their health after visiting the regular medical {or allopathic} profession.Since I like to help people; this is one way that I can do so... at least in a few forward thinking States. {Or, why DID she move to Florida, anyway?} Check back often to this site as I prepare my pre-requisites & continue to work on the "official" Master's Degree in Natural Health & then go through the advanced steps for my Doctoral work in Naturopathic Medicine - emphasis Herbal Supplements.

I have to say this: a lot of people stepped up to the friendship table during my recuperation & helped me immensely during the time when I couldn't walk, then couldn't motivate without a walker, wheelchair or cane. Thanks to all & to all good health. For better or worse... & with the help of My Florida & Missouri master herbalist & mentor- Merlin, my degree advisors at Dr. Clayton's College & Penn State, my amazing friends & family from all over the world including: Nik Scott & his awesome/ slightly wicked cartoons; the loving support of my significant other, along with the friendship of a "wonderful strange" 24/7 Lion; we will complete this journey together.

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