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Night Herbs -

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What is the BEST time for OPTIMUM Uptake of Supplements for My Body?

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Night Herbs? Just when is the optimum time for taking vitamins, minerals & other supplements anyway? What kind of dose is a "good" dose? What is the best time for me to take something that is going to help me to: build strong bones, teeth, hair, skin and or help me to remember things & maybe even give me some added "umph" during the day.

What are you actually putting into your body on a daily basis? What are all those added nutrients in the processed foods that you eat? How many vitamins & minerals are you already ingesting simply by eating & just what kinds of supplements can help you to maintain or even encourage the growth of healthy cells; be they skin, hair and/or pertinent organ tissue?

Some companies maintain that taking smaller doses of their product throughout the day is the answer to an even absorbtion rate. Some companies suggest that a maximum or huge amount of supplement is needed per dose to maintain a "therapeutic level" in your bloodstream.

Night Time may be the Right Time for you to take your supplements.

Many herbalists believe that we are wasting a huge amount of time when our bodies are relaxed & recharging. This time can be used to slowly absorb a greater percentage of supplements into your system. Your dose of these supplements; washed down with a goodly amount of water or CFAY and water; can go a long way to helping you to maintain those therapeutic levels that I've mentioned; without having to resort to either mega doses or multiple pill popping throughout the day.

If you think about it; your day tends to go in spurts of activity. You also tend to "eliminate" more during the day. When you do that; in essense; you are flushing out your system from what you ate either last night or earlier in the day. Any type of supplement that you have taken prior to the last "movement" will also be flushed out of your system; carried along with the foods eaten after it. So all the absorbtion that your body can do to a particular pill MUST be done before you flush your next facility.

Normally you are taking a supplement to aid in the uptake of vitamins & minerals that you don't seem to be getting in your diet. You want the largest percentage of what you put into your mouth to actually be absorbed by your body. Biochemists estimate that most daily timeframes only allow a rate of up to 20% of the supplement to be absorbed between the time that you first ingest it & the time that you expell it from your body in the form of wastes. That is the daytime estimate.

Many supplements offer a low doseage of certain vitamins & minerals based on an outmoded nutritional standard. If it is low to begin with for your nutritional needs & you are only absorbing a small percentage of it are you ever going to see results from taking the product?

Which leads us to the perfect time to take most supplements. Since your body isn't moving materials through at the same rate that it is when you are being active & eating during your normal daytime activities; your body can absorb from 20% to a little over 75% in some instances of each type of supplement that you take.

Why not look at the ingredients on your supplement bottles & add up all of the "like" ingredients to see how much you are truely putting into yourself on a daily basis. Then gather up all the ones that you are not taking for "instant" energy & take them, one hour before bedtime with at least one, if not two glasses of water. Do this for a month. See if you can tell a difference. I certainly did.

I also found that taking 1,000mg of Vitamin C along with 1,000mg of Calcium, magnesium & Zinc {a combination supplement that I sell} plus a product called Hair & Nails which also aids in the uptake of Calcium; has improved my sleep cycles & helped me to grow long nails that are all my own. My hair is fuller & grows at a rate of almost an inch & a half a month. I also take a children's multi-vitamin at night- since I absorb more of what I'm taking; I don't have to take as large a dose as when I was taking them in the daytime.

I have been suggesting this change of dose cycle for over 5 years & for most people it seems to be successful. Why not try it & see if it works for you? And if it does? EMAIL ME! Thank you.

A CAVEAT to Supplementing Yourself:

Taking supplements to aid in your health. This is a good thing. It can also be a bad thing. How many times have you known someone to say..."I was anemic 10 years ago & the doctor put me on iron pills - & I'm still taking them".? Nine times out of 10 the anemia went away years ago & the extra iron has been building up in the body of your friend. It can show itself in a variety of disturbing symptoms that would take a great deal of effort to figure out by their doctor. Look at what you are taking.

How long have you been taking it? Why did you start taking it? Are the conditions the same?
Was it initially a suggestion by your current doctor? Or from one who is now maybe retired?

I always suggest taking whatever you are currently injesting to your current doctor who prescribes ANYTHING for you right now. She/he needs to know what you are supplementing yourself WITH. Many products can interact in weird ways in your body when you least expect it. It is always worth a visit to make sure that what you THINK is a good thing for you - wont somehow Hurt you in the process.

Why is this Important?

There are a growing amount of people who are finding themselves poisoned by their own supplements; simply because they are unaware of just how many nutrients that they are injesting in any given day.
An example: Too much iron in your system will cause you to have symptoms eerily like those of a heart attack or a ulcer. Iron doesn't readily wash out of the body & once your therapeutic level has been satisfied; more doesn't automatically leave you.

This MUST include your vitamin, mineral & supplements. Many products use the same types of slippery & binding substances to make it easier for you to take their products. These substances add up in your system until you possibly can build up a sensitivity to them which can take years to figure out.

How to Identify Possible Food/Ingredient Sensitivities:

If you think that you are sensitive to something in your supplements; stop all supplements for a week. Drink & eat as many unprocessed foods as possible. Stay away from commercially prepared items such as fast or convenience foods as much as you can. Use fresh fruits & vegetables & cook them as little as possible. Drop your consumption of meats as far down as you can. Reduce your dependancy on potatoes, eggplants, peppers of all kinds & Tomatoes. I know that this sounds restrictive but it is the safest way to find out if it is a food, an additive or a supplement that is causing you difficulty

After one week; start adding your supplements back to your diet; one or two days for each one at a time. When you find one that for any reason makes you feel strange... write down the ingredients in it. Continue to add back your supplements until you have located any that have given you some kind of reaction. Stop taking those & read the ingredients to see if there are any "like" ones...the most common will be the inert ones or the fillers, dyes, preservatives or bulking agents.

At that point you can start adding back the other types of foods. Treat the foods with the same caution as you do with the supplements. There are several foods out there; not just the convenience foods that can cause you trouble. Many people develope food allergies late in their lives.

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