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This is Jack

My favorite "under construction" guy

The fingers need rest. Just now a squirrel glanced into the window of the herbal office... & screamed... I think its time for some coffee, a hair brushing & a slight nap.

Contruction Jack

New Website Launch

A total remodel of the old Website

We have waited a long time (and promising for a long time) for a full scale updating of the Herbal Cupboard site. The old pages had changed little since they were first written. So a new approach was needed from top to bottom. So we took our time to make them as easy to read and follow as possible. We hope that they are more functional and serve our customers better than before.

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We are always listening to suggestions

We want our Website to serve our customers as much as possible. If you have any ideas to improve its design, please feel free to send me an email. I would be happy to hear from you.

Thank You,

The Herbalist