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Who We Are - What We Believe In

We believe:

Herbs and herbal products should be a part of a normal healthy lifestyle and not some quick money making scheme.

We've been in business for over 20 years as herbalists and over 28 years combined with our other services. The Herbal Cupboard is both a FREE learning site as well as income producing with "The PaperLess Catalog". We enjoy teaching people to use fruiting and vegetable producing plants in landscape design. We produce food for our home and donation uses as well as gain added benefits from oxygenated air by plant respiration.

You are looking at a commercial website with a conscience.

We try to maintain our homes, plant, use our well water to add landscape features wisely in order to conserve clean fresh air and maintain wildlife sanctuaries within our own neighborhood. We "bin ship" whenever possible to save energy. Please feel welcome to browse, shop, ask questions and learn.

Herbs, Spices and Elsewise

Alton Brown and Emeril Lagasse among other Food Channel hosts suggest that you renew your spices every SIX MONTHS!!

THC'S VOLUME PACKED Spices and Herb bags fill up to THREE SPICE JARS each, so Economically Update Your SPICES with us!

Many of our products are currently manufactured or procured for us and packaged from either Sustainably Grown/Harvested, Responsibly Wildcrafted, Vegetarian and/or Vegan and will be marked as such and/or Organic and will be certified if so, and/or Kosher/Parve. Our products are Certified by specific Rabbinical groups from both the East and West Coasts. Please email us for the specific Rabbinal organization and certification/name will be forwarded for your review. Order Lead times may be longer than 10 days due to supply. many products are grown and/or processed, tinctured or made into salves by American Indian Tribes during seasonal or moon phases that might not make much sense to us, but mean a great deal to them. Most tinctures/Salves & Essential Oils can take up to a month to Brew. Please have Patience!! Especially if we tell you that we are in the middle of brewing your product!!!

The Paperless Catalog

We Offer: Single/ combination: Herbs, Spices, Salves, Essential Oils, Herbal andlor Homeopathic Tinctures which can be between 3 and 4 times as Potent as their original ingredients, depending on the base- either glycerin or alcohol by volume.

We have Herbal blend teas for Helath, Green, Fermented, Black, Flower or Berry Teas. All Teas and Spices come with a FREE Re-Useable Muslin Tea Bag. Massage/Null oils for topical use as well as some for Salad use and Base Creams to make your own herbal topical cream.

For a UNIQUE GIFT, Think Herbal!

Take a good look at our Soy Based Aromatherapy Wax Scents as well as our Ceramic Leaf TealLight TartWarmers, or our Herbal Tea and Teapot Combinations. We have Semi precious Stone, Arthritis Healing Copper and Magnetic jewelry, one of a kind collectable Artisian created ExoticTrinket Boxes, complete with Crystals and Enamel.

Other Things

We've had an eBay store called The-Herbal-Cupboard that has an expanded item showcase for both small Florida businesses plus my own sourced green vendors. Lastly, we continue to support various not-for-profit agencies with small offerings of items added to their gift shops and we constantly look for ways to generate donate-able income without sacrificing our green philosphies or creating more pollution in the process.

STETSON UNIVERSITY GRADUATES and DeLand Florida History BUFFS! we have signed prints of DeLand florida Historic Public buildings, Stetson University - the President's House and others, The Athens Theatre and the "Old Courthouse". It is still possible you can still have a double signing by the artist with a dedication to anyone you wish.

Our Best COLD/FLU Therapy

CFAY the Ancient Cure

OUR BEST COLD/FLU Anti Yeast/ Reduce Coughing therapy, {that also, oh by the way, tends to help get couples pregnant on occasions!} is called CFAY. CFAY is also instrumemtal in reducing Pet and Human night time itchy skin. We'll send you a list of where you can buy local to you honey when you buy the CFAY recipe from us, along with COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS AND we'll also DONATE $$ to help repopulate healthy queen bees to your area.

Boost your immune system by taking our Immune, Echinacea, Lemon Balm/Melissa or Astragalus herb/tea/tinctures. Use our Rose Hip derived powder to boost your Vitamin C levels by adding the powder to vinnaigrettes and shakes, as well as stirring it into gravies just before serving, don't reboil or you'll LOSE the benefits!! If you've already caught a bad bug, make sure to see your doctor to rule out Flu or Pneumonia which can KILL you. {How to tell when to go to the doctor...when you blow your nose and the stuff that comes out isn't clear or white...if it is a real color, green, yellow or worse, with little brown pieces, get you to your doctor to get help, this is not an HERBALIST FIX right away}. You can continue to take the CFAY and boost your immune system with the other helper teas, tinctures et al, but you need pharmaceutical help if you are blowing colors. Post doctors visit; try our Pleurish Root, Lung or Breath Free Teas and Tincturs.

Enhancing Your Health

THREE FREE Suggestions for Enhancing Your Health.

I call these three the I "CAN" DO THAT trilogy. We would like you to email us with your results as it will help to fill out my continuing masters' and doctoral research in these areas. These 3 suggestions are the main focus of my dissertation on herbal formulations used as therapies; instead of relying on artificially derived pharmaceutical panaceas. To do that, I need the results of your use of them, emailled over the course of several weeks, months or years. Finding out how well the ideas, formulas and recipes have worked, why they worked and if they didn't work on some people, why that might have happened; helps to refine the ideas and makes them more useful for the greater good. I've always strived to do more for the greater good.

  • CFAY to resist Colds, Flu, Coughs, URI and/or Yeast Infections.
  • Eliminate Arthritis Flare Foods and reduce your Painkiller Dependance.
  • Try "NightHerbs." When is the "Right" Time To Take Supplements?

These ideas have been tested locally and long distance; time and time again until people say to me "you ought to be making lots of money with these ideas that work". I wish that that were the case. Especially in light of the new "flu" that might be a pandemic in the making. However, I'd rather give away the formula to save lives and ask for a donation to help continue my studies and my work, than try to make a lot of money in a short amount of fear struck time.

Please be a part of a growing legion of healthier, happier humans and pets and help me to put some numbers in front of these proposals for my studies.